NY Has Had Enough Snow and It’s Only November!

Get out the shovels and sleds; Old Man Winter has officially arrived in the Mid-West and Northeastern states. With nearly six feet of snow on the ground in Buffalo, it appears that this winter is going to be a recording breaking on as well. Snow fell from Missouri all the way up into the New England states. Some got a dusting while others had feet piled on them like what Sam Tabar had to deal with at his house.

The only way to get away from the wrath of winter is to move, move out of its way and perhaps down South. The Farmer’s Almanac predicted this one would be extra cold with lots of precipitation, and it looks as if the good book is very accurate thus far. What’s even sadder is there has been seven deaths in this monster storm in the NY state area. With more snow expected soon and temperatures that are well below the freezing mark, it appears that it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Lake Effects are also make the snow situation worse. While Buffalo was one area hard hit, Cleveland, Ohio and others were not left out. With more than 50% of the states having some sort of snow coverage, residents are struggling to cope. Safety workers are working double shifts and a state of emergency has been declared in many areas. 230 truckloads of snow were removed from Buffalo. If this is just the beginning, what will the end look like?

Deadly Snowfall Hits New York

Winter is finally upon us, but some states have been suffering a much harder blow than most of the country.

The latest reports coming from the east coast show that at least five people have succumbed to injuries sustained in incidents involving a massive snowfall that took place in New York. Buffalo residents have been especially impacted by the radical weather shift. Friend of the site Susan McGalla is there and she says it’s unbelievable.

Throughout the day, news sources have been urging local residents to avoid the streets and make sure they are in a safe place at least until the end of the day.

According to weather reports, more inches of snow are expected to fall in the next couple of days.

One of the groups in New York most harshly affected by the snowfall was the Niagara University’s women’s basketball team. According to the official reports, the group had to be rescued after their bus got stranded due to the heavy snow pour.

The lake-effect snow pour has reportedly caught many unprepared, stranding people in Buffalo and the surrounding regions as well as claiming the lives of at least five people. Many areas were affected by at least 76 inches of snow.

While this story is currently under development, make sure to tune in to the National Weather service website for more details.

Taylor Swift’s Team Has A Response For Spotify

After Taylor Swift had decided to pull her album “1989” from the Spotify website recently, the company went into an uproar. The CEO of Spotify wrote an impassioned letter asking her to come back to their company. Taylor Swift & Spotify. The CEO let her know that she could stand to make about $6 million within a year, and it would more than likely double after that. Those in Taylor Swift’s camp say that this is not true, and the numbers are way off.

By their estimations, Taylor would only stand to make about half a million, as opposed to the $6 million that Spotify is projecting. The numbers are mostly based on her projected income, her popularity, the fact that she has a great album to release. Brad Reifler feels like those numbers are pretty accurate. Her past income from the company had totaled $2 million in the last year.

Even though the CEO of Spotify can prove with numbers, the potential amount of money that Taylor Swift will make, it may not be likely that she will put her new album back on the website. To date, there are still no plans in the works to have the album 1989 put back onto Spotify. The CEO had also explained that the users on the website had grown 50% in the last year alone. With this growth, it’s projected that artist and labels who work with the company, will stand to make a lot of money in the future.

United States: A Safe Haven For LGBT

In the United States, the LGBT community is fighting for equality in the form of gay marriage rights. Their lives are not threatened plus they are able to feel safe at night. In fact, many cities have a gay district that allows people of all walks of life to express themselves in non-traditional ways. There are a variety of movie stars and TV shows with openly gay individuals. The United States is very accepting of the LGBT community.

Outside our country being gay, or even just different, than the standard gender roles causes outrage. A boy in Mexico was repeatedly beaten and his life threatened several times because of his preference to wear women’s clothing. His family did not support his individuality either, so he made the choice to come to America. According to new resident Alexei Beltyukov, this story is becoming more and more common. LGBT individuals facing persecution in other countries believe the United States to be a safe haven. Maybe right now gay marriage is primarily illegal yet these people just want to be safe like anyone else, they aren’t concerned with politics.

Toy Story 4 Coming

So I’m really glad I just saw on Skout the “Toy Story 4″ franchise has been one of the biggest moneymakers for Pixar. The 3rd installment of the movie made more than 1 billion. A movie of this magnitude was bound to be followed by another film.

The first 3 installments of the movie have done quite well. The story line has always been well written, and the film has pleased both fans and critics. That is why few people should be surprised to see some hype associated with “Toy Story 4.”

The whole franchise has made more than $1.9 billion worldwide at the box office. All of the hype surrounding the 2017 release has gotten fans excited. The great thing about the movie is that it has expanded over the course of multiple generations. The first movie was released in 1995 and the brand is still going strong.

Lots of the strength in the Toy Story franchise comes from the Toy Story shorts and the excellent writing team at Pixar. The Toy Story products sell well, and there are Internet shorts that keep people engaged in the happenings of main characters like Buzz Light Year and Woody. There has been no guarantee on whether the voices of these main characters – Tim Allen and Tom Hanks – will be replaced by new actors. Neither Allen nor Hanks have committed to the project yet. Few details are known about the new movie.

Beyoncé Releasing Platinum Edition Boxed Set with Lots of Goodies

There was a bit of confusion yesterday as rumors spread around the internet superstar singer Beyoncé was about to release a second volume of her self-titled album. Released in 2013, Beyoncé is the singer’s fifth studio album and, with more than five million copies sold so far, it is safe to say it has been a huge hit.

So much so, the album has contributed to Beyoncé latest success — being named the highest paid woman in music.

It seems, however, there will not be a second volume of the best-selling album coming out anytime soon. Instead, what fans can expect, and get excited about, is a Platinum Edition Box Set. A box set that will include a huge number of goodies. Exclusives like new songs, remixes, a calendar, a concert DVD, a book of photos and more.

The boxed set will be released at the end of November, just in time for the holiday season.

As for Beyoncé being named the highest paid woman in music, that’s because she made over $115 million in 2013, catapulting her to the top of the list above superstars like Taylor Swift, Pink and Rihanna. My buddy Ken Griffin and I have a bet that Taylor Swift might have Beyoncé beat next year, given the success of 1989.

With the upcoming release of her Platinum Edition Box Set, it looks like 2014 could be just as much of a lucrative year for Beyoncé as the last one has been.

The Love Lock Fight to the Death

Love locks are taking over Pont des Arts bridge in Paris. Couples from all over the world have attached locks engraved with their names onto the bridge only to throw the key out into the Seine.

The practice is supposed to represent an undying love, and there is no better place to do it than romantic Paris. The downside is that the locks have infested the bridge. They weigh too much, and the Pont des Arts is starting to become less secure as it struggles with the added tons.

Officials and Cornelsen have all started to remove the locks and replace the previous bars with Plexiglas and wooden boards. There was a campaign earlier this summer to end the locks with love movement by writing on the boards instead. However, this has not stopped people from placing their locks on the bridge and all around it. If the practice continues, then there is a chance the bridge could eventually collapse under the stress.

This would be horrifying as the Pont des Arts is one of the most famous bridges in the city. Instead, it is hoped that people respect the monument by leaving written traces of their love instead of heavy decorative locks.

Does Exercise Harm Teeth?

Have you ever noticed that many Olympic-level athletes have less than stunning smiles? Sugar consumption and poor brushing habits might not be the only things that harm your pearly whites. It appears that your workout could be damaging your teeth. A couple of peer-reviewed studies suggest that exercise can actually increase the likelihood of developing cavities from what Christian told me.

The saliva of runners was compared with that of sedentary individuals. It turns out that runners produce less saliva during their workouts. The dryness that develops in the mouth changes the saliva pH which could lead to increased incidence of dental caries. The increased pH level is corrosive to tooth enamel. The good news is that exercising doesn’t seem to harm teeth if it’s kept to less than 9 hours per week. If you’re the average weekend warrior, it appears that you have nothing to worry about. That doesn’t mean those sugary sports drinks are harmless, however.

The Secret Message Hidden On Taylor Swift’s “1989” Album

The seven-time Grammy award winner Taylor Swift is known for her unyielding dedication to her fans, in addition to her amazing music talents. With the release of her newest album on October 27, 2014, called 1989, Taylor sent a secret message to her fans. In order to find out what that message is, you’ll need to do a bit of detective work.

Open the 1989 album booklet. You’ll notice some of the letters in the song lyrics stand out because they are in lowercase print. Write the lowercase letters down, and you’ll soon notice that they spell out short phrases that are associated with each track. Put all the phrases together, and it reads like a short story about a girl and boy who loved each other deeply, but couldn’t make it work.

In addition to the secret messages, Taylor included adorable Polaroid pictures with comments written in her own handwriting, photos, and more for her fans to enjoy. Go ahead, cut the pictures out and hang them up in your room, or put them in your smash book. They are that good. I know I did it, shout out to Susan McGalla for giving me the idea!

In typical Taylor style, she thanks her fans, aptly nicknamed Swifties, for giving her the courage to change into her own and the chance to come alive. She no longer thinks of herself as the girl who would never move to New York or cut her hair. And she knows now that it is possible to be happy in a world where she isn’t in a romantic relationship.

Permanent Winter For Russia

Russia has set it clocks back for the winter for the very last time. Effective immediately, Vladimir Putin has ordered that Russia will adopt permanent winter time.

Putin’s predecessor in office, Dmitri Medvedev, had previously ordered that Russia observe permanent summer time. However, this move was seen as increasingly unpopular, with millions of people registering their complaints. It seems that Putin has decided to undo this controversial decision in order to shore up his base of popularity among the people of Russia.

Another development that has been in the works for a while now is the proposed return of all 11 former time zones. Previously, Medvedev had pushed through a strategic merger of two of these zones, a reform that angered many thousands of Russians in the Far East region. Of course, daylight savings time had first made its official appearance in 1981, during the time of the former Soviet Union.

The return to permanent winter time seems calculated to calm the sore emotions of many Russians, particularly those who live in the Polar and Far East regions. Many millions of people were experiencing the adverse effects of waking up to, and then spending several hours in, total darkness during the early morning hours. The return of winter time will remove some of this darkness.

Putin may also have adopted the move in order to bring Moscow, the capital of Russia, closer in line with the rest of Europe, particularly in the West. As things now stand, Moscow will only be three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. It is also noteworthy that Crimea, which was recently seized by Russian forces, has also adopted permanent winter time.

Although this is really something that the rest of the world should adopt as well. Fooling ourselves into thinking there’s more daylight in the winter is sort of an archaic practice in 2014. For godsake I have a FreedomPop LTE phone that can stream a podcast from the internet, while I’m doing 80 on the highway. Get with the times people.