Dealing With Unexpected Changes In the Financial Sector

Jim Hunt of VTA Publications is the guy to go to when you need market analysis; investors follow his weekly report to know how and when to invest and how their investments are doing. His reports are simple to understand even for newcomers, and he analyses the global market on The recent presidential election in the U.S where Donald Trump was declared the winner; unpredictability has been felt to the both local and foreign markets.

Investors have been scared of how the market will turn out mainly because Trump has said a lot about foreign trade and policy on and have even withdrawn approximately one billion dollars from the markets since January this year. Hunt, on the other hand, has decided to look at the bigger picture; he viewed the market since 1980, and there is consolation because currently, the market has not declined as much compared to 2008. However, Jim Hunk has pointed out that the banking sector will most likely flourish because investors have invested more after the win; the industry sector too will do well due to infrastructural changes proposed. As much as the market looks unpromising, some sectors are expected to boom.

VTA Publication was launched in 2012, and they aim at giving their customers first hand and accurate information in economics and finance. Their advisor Jim Hunt always has Aside from forecasting global markets gave advice to investors on when best to invest; he also offers training on the markets. Customers give very positive reviews on what they do; they acknowledge how helpful VTA Publications have been in their investments. Having the positive reviews help the company to be known and get more clients, and that means they get worldwide recognition.

VTA Publication offers digital and printed articles and course to their thousands of customers; who also anticipate their weekly reviews. They source their information from experts from the field they specialize in to make sure what the customer gets in the best and book seminars and events for investors to learn more. VTA Publication has the best team to make sure they satisfy their customers besides they would not want to disappoint them.

Troy McQaugge Carries Home the Most Coveted Award

Mr. Troy’s efforts in escalating USHealth Group, Inc.’s reputation could not go unrewarded. Being named the Gold Winner as the CEO of USHealth Group, Inc. was such a great honor as Troy confesses. One Planet Awards is a global program that awards professional merit in every industry from across the globe. Every organization, be it private, public, huge, small, profit-making or non-profit-making is eligible to submit their proposals.


Troy’s Efforts in Rebuilding USHealth Group’s Name


It has not been a walk in the park for him. On joining the organization in 2010, Troy began implementing such grand plans meant to accelerate its captive distribution agency. On portraying incredible skills, the top management could not help but elect him as the President and CEO. As it is, since 2014 the organization has been recording a tremendous victory and amazingly skyrocketing the profit margins.


Mr. Troy McQuagge exhibits so much humility to the point of dedicating the award to his teammates. He quotes that it has not been his efforts solely, but of USHealth Group corporately. He goes on to say that they are committed to improving their service every dawn so as to cater for all their ever-growing needs.


Background Information about USHealth Group, Inc.


Above named is a company in Ft. Worth, which deals with insurance products. Their central goal is to provide innovative health schemes for entrepreneurs, both small and large-scale. They are aggressive in the market, and this has enabled them to go a notch higher is dealing with the stiff competition. As it is, efficient customer service and quality products keep selling their brand. No wonder Mr. Tory appreciates that the accolades and compliments are for the entire USHealth Group members and not the CEO as an individual.




One Planet Awards equally deserves appreciation for such a fantastic move. It is pleasing also to mention that they confer their awards justifiably regardless of the size, reputation or the current fiscal standing of the organization. Considering that they cover the entire world, it means that they also work a lot toward enhancing fairness in merit-awarding. Meanwhile, the talk of the day remains USHealth Group for such unquestionable success.


EOS Lip Balm Increases Sales

Several years ago, buying lip balm meant that consumers had to scan the aisles of many drug stores and supermarkets looking for the small cylindrical tube containing Chapstick. This type of lip balm felt clinical, and it contained an active ingredient list in its packaging. Individuals who wanted something wild could skip the original tasteless flavor and get the spring cherry or mint.

However, things changed significantly when pastel colored lip balm known as EOS started popping up everywhere. This unique lip balm took over the shelves space at some of the prominent stores in the world such as Well(, Walgreens, Walmart, Target and even Amazon. Consumers couldn’t get enough of the lip balm, with flavors such as grapefruit, honeydew, summer fruit and many others. Some of the respected female celebrities in the world such as Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Aguilera were seen whipping the balls of the lipstick out of all their makeup bags

Evolution of Smooth, popularly known as EOS is an institution that has won the hearts of many in the last seven years. The EOS lip balm products are all over fashion and beauty magazines in the globe. However, the founders of the successful institution have been quite about their business strategies until recently. The founders recently told Fast Company in an interview how they had created a two hundred and fifty million dollar company. In a short duration, the company has grown to become the country’s’ second best-selling lip palm firm. Burt Bees currently hold the first position. Although Blistex and Chapstick have been in the market for a long time, they are not making huge sells like EOS lip balm.

Today, the company ( sells more than one million units in a week, and the prospects it has are promising. The company is planning to expand its products in the international market in the recent future.

John Goullet – Principal of DIVERSANT, LLC

Mr. John Goullet is the managing director and Principal at Diversant Company based in the United States to offer solutions in business and management capabilities. For the company, they are always delighted in the issuance of solutions through technology and information. For this reason, they are always ahead of the rest in this industry. While Mr. John Goullet is the leadership of the company, they will keep working to develop the most innovative solutions in information technology in the United States. For this reason, everyone is delighted with the achievements performed by the company through delightful situations. For over two decades of professional experience in the industry, Diversant Company has worked to attain better business through secure solutions to their clients.

Mr. John Goullet is the Chie Executive Officer of the company. For over two decades, he has attained enough experience to found and lead a company of this category. In this industry, he is also recognized for his numerous contributions to technology. For this reason, one might think about better business management capabilities through secure platforms in the industry. Mr. John Goullet started his career after graduation after the development of instructional capabilities. If you work to develop the company, Mr. John Goullet advises that better business is the only sure way to development. He worked as a Computer Consultant dealing in information Technology Staffing for other companies in the United States. Because of his experience, he has enough understanding of the many ways a person can develop fast working capital.

When he was asked about the idea of Diversant, he said that he wanted to develop a company that meets high-end needs of their clients. Or the sake of business continuity, he looked at the emerging trends in this industry. For this reason, he develops better business advancements in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. Therefore, you might consider working for better business management in this category of management. If you work to attain the better solutions in management, you will always get better working capabilities. For this reason, Diversant was the only company that met the IT staffing needs of other companies. for more.


Stock Market Providing an Alternative Form of Financial Capital

Financial and property investment has been changing with the rise in economic growth that has been experienced across the world. Investment firms have also sky rocketed from humble beginnings to become world leading entities. As such, it is very easy to point out some of the most successful investment firms that have brought impact in the lives of many people globally. Equities First Holdings is an investment and property management firm that has benefited from the increasing number of people requiring their services.

The firm was established in 2002 and since then, it has been providing alternative financing solution to many people of organizations in United States of America. Due to the increasing demand, the company has seen an increase in its stock trading reaching over 650 transaction since its inception worth over 1.4billion dollars. This is one of the successful ventures that has seen many people invest and prosper in life. The company has expanded its operations and has opened offices in other countries including Singapore and Australia.

Equities First Holdings has seen an increased potential in lending and as such, many people have used their stock as collateral in securing a capital. This has been termed as an alternative and friendly way people have accessed loans as compared to commercial loans that have tough conditions. This has also seen the growth in the number of people opening up other businesses from the stock loan received which was not initially intended to be the purpose. This is because Equities First Holdings has its priority pegged on how to repay the loan and not what you intend to do with the money borrowed. The loans are flexible and as such, many small business enterprises have benefited a big deal in the establishment of their firms. The loans are flexible and are not affected by the prevailing market conditions.


What Is Tempus And What Role Does Eric Lefkosky Play In It

What Is Tempus


Tempus is a relatively new and innovative health tech startup company that is helping to modernize the way cancer is treated. Tempus currently works to treat a variety of patients with lung cancer as well as breast cancer and pancreatic cancer. Tempus works by analyzing patients genetic codes so they can receive personalized individual care.


Tempus which is based out of Chicago helps give doctors and other health care workers a more personalised breakdown of each patient’s condition and illness. This allows healthcare workers to deliver better treatments. currently employs a variety of top medical and businessmen and women. The co-founder and CEO is Eric Lefkofsky who is known as one of the biggest entrepreneurs and philanthropist in the world.


Eric Lefkosky who is also the co-founder of the very popular website Groupon co founded Tempus as a way to change how cancer research and treatment is provided. Eric Lefkofsky has also co-founded and worked for many other top companies. He is the co-founder as well as the managing director of Lightban and is also the co-founder of Uptake Technologies which is a leading analytical platform for some of the biggest industries in the world.

See this


Aside from his many business ventures Eric Lefkofsky also works with a variety of different charities and organizations. He currently runs the Lefkofsky Family Foundation alongside his wife which helps to improve the lives of individuals all over the world. The foundation works to provide a variety of different medical benefits as well as cultural benefits and educational benefits. Lefkofsky is also involved in donating his time as well as his money and effort too many other charities and organizations including The Giving Pledge which has pledged to donate hundreds of millions of dollars to the less fortunate over at the upcoming years.  Click on for more info.

Jose Borghi’s How to Win in Brazil

It’s no secret that surviving Brazil’s up-and-down economy takes masterful understanding and planning. Many Brazilian business experts claim that they’ve figured out a way to thrive in the highly volatile market. And many entrepreneurs and investors believe them and end up losing everything. Jose Borghi, CEO of Mullen Lowe Brasil , is not saying he understands everything about Brazil’s complicated economy. He just knows how to capitalize when the markets are down.

In 2016, Brazil’s economy, like usual, had some difficult moments. What made 2016 more than usual was how high the inflation levels got. Brazil saw massive amounts of fluctuation. All the complications and effects caused by those complications directly affected the pricing of consumer-based products and services.

Overcoming such effects is the key to succeeding in a volatile market according to Borghi. If properly experienced, a marketing department could develop strategies that would mitigate the effects of economic instability. Most companies fail because they neglect the importance of advertising during hard times. When the economy is struggling, many people can find it easy to assume that companies have gone out business. Advertising reminds consumers that a company is still open and operating as usual.

Advertising is what keeps companies and the markets they operate in strong. Borghi repeatedly points out how crucial it is for companies to develop and maintain customer relationships. Businesses that welcome customer input and preferences have a higher chance of surviving through hard times. It’s not enough to have great products or services. Marketing departments are the lifeline of companies. If the marketing department is not taking advantage of the many avenues available, the company is sure to suffer. Research the best target audience and then focus resources on improving customers’ opinions.

The Giant Leaders behind InnovaCare Health

When it comes to redefining healthcare management, InnovaCare Health is one of the leading pacesetters. Geared towards formidable patient-provider relationships, InnovaCare and its subsidiaries continue to give quality and cost-effective medical services. Their driving force is enhancing the quality of life for its health and insurance clientele and meeting their corporate goals with integrity.

They go to great heights to ensure their customers are not only satisfied with their health services but feel most welcome and highly valued on At InnovaCare Health, patients come first.

InnovaCare’s success can highly be attributed to immense contribution from its leadership.

President and CEO

With Dr. Rick Shinto at its helm of leadership as President and CEO, InnovaCare Health has made great leaps that have seen it grow. Rick Shinto contributions have put a smile on Puerto Rican residents who now have access to cheaper, but quality health care options. This is thanks to Shinto’s wisdom.

Rick Shinto insists on the use of technology to simplify otherwise complex procedures, and this cuts down on expenditure. In the end, health care has become affordable to the average people. Now, more people are opting for InnovaCare Health plans over insurance.

Shinto’s Track Record

Rick Shinto’s performance is not just unique at InnovaCare Health. He has a streak of excellence in all the companies he worked at before. They include Aveta Inc. – where he was named CEO, NAMM – where Rick Shinto served as Chief Medical Officer, and Medical Pathways Management Company where he was Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer.

Chief Administrative Officer

Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer, is another of InnovaCare Health’s giant leaders. She is former Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Centerlight HealthCare.

Educational Background

Kokkinides is a Biological Sciences and Classical Languages bachelor’s degree holder from Binghamton University on She also has a master’s degree in Social Work from New York University, a postmaster’s program advanced degree in Alcohol and Substance Abuse, and a master’s degree in Public Health from Columbia University School of Public Health.

Career Background

Before she joined InnovaCare Health, Kokkinides was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Centerlight HealthCare, Chief Operating Officer of Touchstone Health, and Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice.

Vital Role

She joined InnovaCare Health in June 2015. InnovaCare Health is lucky to be tapping into Penelope’s wealth of over 20 years knowledge and expertise in healthcare processes management, and development of clinical programs. She has an impressive track record of developing and implementing health models. However, it is her forte in enhancing efficiency and organizational infrastructure that InnovaCare Health is currently reaping greatest benefits from.

InnovaCare Health’s Working Spirit

She, however, gives credit to the team at InnovaCare Health. In an interview with IdeaMenSch, Penelope says they help her bring ideas to life.

“I have such a great team that I work with, which is essential to not only developing ideas but also implementing them. I rely on them and vice versa. We have such a great synergy that allows us to be the best that we can and which allows our ideas to come to fruition.”

With such leaders and team, InnovaCare Health’s future and of those it caters for is very promising.

The Encounters of Doug Levitt on Greyhound Diaries

Doug Levitt is an American singer/song writer and a former foreign correspondent for NBC, ABC, and CNN. More than 10 years ago, Levitt begun riding on Greyhound buses across America in an effort to gather experiences, pictures, songs, and memories of Americans who commuted by bus. The following web page will review the reason Levitt decided to engage in this encounter and the lessons he learnt along the way.



What Was Levitt’s Motivation to Abandon His Career and Travel U.S. on Greyhound?



After returning to the U.S. from oversees, Doug Levitt looked at the number of people struggling with poverty and considered how this situation was not sufficiently publicized. In a bid to make a difference and drawing inspiration from the Works Progress Administration era projects, Levitt decided to travel to different parts of the U.S. on the greyhound and write stories and songs detailing the experiences of those struggling to make ends meet.



Levitt’s Thoughts on Recession in Washington DC



While many seem to think that Washington DC was immune to the recession, Levitt tends to disagree. According to Levitt, the great recession concerned the subprime or mortgage crisis. However, Levitt observes that there is also a sub-subprime, and a sub-sub-subprime. The interpretation here is that while there are others struggling to buy homes, there is another category of people who cannot even bear the thought of affording to buy a house. Therefore, Levitt finds that this situation is not even remotely addressed as it should have. While things have changed since the recession, Levitt found that those who commute through the Greyhound have one thing in common; they cannot afford to buy their own cars.



About Doug Levitt



Born in 1972,Levitt grew up in Washington D.C. He is the last born of Carol Schwartz, former D.C. Council member and David Schwartz. Levitt studied in D.C. public schools and graduated from Woodrow Wilson high school. At the age of 16, Levitt’s father ended his own life, an ordeal that motivated him to become an artist.



Levitt graduated from the Cornell University and later, through a scholarship, acquired a Masters in International Relations from the London School of Economics. Levitt has enjoyed a prosperous career being featured by news giants such as CNN, Fox News, Reuters, MSNBC, and the Wall Street Journal.


Laidlaw & Enterprise: Picking A Reliable Investment Banking Company

Are you seeking good information on investments or assets management? Wondering what makes Laidlaw & Company such a highly regarded company in the investment field? Every day lots of people all over the world go on the net seeking trusted sources of investment advice or financial management assistance. That’s where Laidlaw & Company can help.


Laidlaw & Company has an established history of providiing excellent programs to clients. This trusted financial services organization specializes in investment banking. Laidlaw & Company supplies a large range of investment banking support services to emerging growth establishments and wealth management products to individuals and institutions.


When it comes to deciding on an enterprise for financial or investment issues it’s very critical to do your research and opt for an organization that has a good reputation among clients and in the sector. For any matter pertaining to investments, especially investment banking, Laidlaw is your clear choice.


With so many investment company out there offering to insight or guide you on your quest for financial or investment success, it is not easy to know which organization delivers on their promise.


Over the years, I have done business with many different financial services and investment companies.


As an experienced investor, I have come across all kinds of situations and have always consulted with investment advisors and my encounter with Laidlaw was a pleasant experience for me.


Laidlaw & Company has a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Their professionals are highly dedicated and take the time to render the highest quality program to clients. Each time I consulted with them, they made it their top priority to meet my needs and assure complete customer and client satisfaction. Contact them to learn more about the company and the vast range of services they provide.