Vijay Eswaran Overseeing Expansion of Qi Group

It takes a lot of creativity and persistence to break into the direct sales market in Asia. Led by Vijay Eswaran, the Qi Group of Companies has, in a relatively short period of time, established itself as an innovative force to be reckoned with in this highly competitive market.

The Qi Group was founded in 1998. It’s flagship subsidiary, Q-Net, combines the traditional direct sales business with e-commerce technology. It’s lines of business include telecommunications, lifestyle and leisure, luxury and collectibles, hospitality and travel and education.

Born in Malaysia, Eswaran completed his higher education in England and the United Sates. After working a series of odd jobs, Eswaran worked in the corporate world in the United States for prestigious companies such as IBM. In the 1990s he returned to Asia to try his hand at entrepreneurship.

In 1998, Eswaran and his group obtained the rights to sell commemorative Gold Coins for the upcoming 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Although sales had already been going on for two years, by the time the Olympics came around Eswaran’s upstart company had secured a bronze medal of its own, being the third of forty two companies worldwide in sales revenue.

Since then, the Qi Group and Q-Net have diversified their offerings. Q-Net has expanded beyond collectibles and introduced a wide range of products in the field of health, wellness and lifestyle. The products work well for a direct selling models, as budding entrepreneurs can find a product that colleagues can purchase and, in turn, find other interested parties. It is therefore not surprising that Qi Group has seen exponential growth in less than 20 years with a growing independent sales force. Here’s a link to Vijay Eswaran’s Facebook page.

Qi Group is headquartered in Hong Kong, with regional corporate offices throughout Southeast Asia. Recently Qi Group has made an aggressive push into the Indian market. Eswaran, who is of Indian heritage, has long recognized that India is an untapped market for Qi Group’s products. One challenge that Eswaran and Qi Group have met head on is India’s laws concerning direct sales. As a result of bad experiences with Ponzi Scheme marketers India has laws which strictly oversee and even prohibit many forms of direct sales. Eswaran hopes that the Qi Group can bring not only its products, but its expertise to assist India with developing a robust regulatory regime that allows for entrepreneurship while outlawing scam artists. Under Eswaran’s leadership, Qi Group is also shifting many of its production centers to India. Here’s a link to Vijay Eswaran’s Twitter page.

As Qi Group’s success continues, Eswaran looks forward to expanding a business that was once seen as a small player in the niche market of collectibles to a regional leader in direct sales of a wide variety of products.

Success with many Layers

When we think of success, our minds automatically creates visions of cars, a big home,a large salary. Success can come with much more than the fancy cars and large salary. Success can also be described as having college degrees, being a philanthropist, and also founding successful businesses. Vijay Eswaran embodies the description of what successful really is.

He began his success by co-founding the QI group, a eCommerce business, that deals with retail, telecommunication,luxury, collectibles, and leisure. This business has now grown to have offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. To add to his many business ventures he has also worked for prestige companies such as IBM. The QI group business has generated over 750 million dollars. Like every great business his business had its ups and downs.

When he began his entrepreneurial journey he had no financial resources to help him start his business. So he had to depend on direct selling to invest in himself. He worked for many companies in the US,Australia, and also Canada.

Eswaran was also a well known philanthropist. He established the RYTHM Foundation, a group that is apart of the QI group and does philanthropist work all over the world. In Malaysia he has created organizations such as the Vijayaratnam Foundation where it was designed to work on projects for child mentoring, youth development, special education, and women empowerment. Check out Vijay Eswaran’s FB profile.

Among the many things on his list of accomplishments, he managed to write a best selling book, In the Sphere of Silence. His book gives advice on life management and is many different languages. He also produced three more great books that include On the Wings of Thought, In the thinking Zone, and 18 Stepping Stones. His Success is also seen throughout his personal life where he is married to his wife Umayal Eswaran who is the chairperson of the Vijayaratnam Foundation.

Looking over his early life and how he worked very hard to reach the heights of success that he has seen, we can see that success is measured differently in everyone’s lives. It’s not always the fancy cars and large salary that makes a person successful. But those material things are only the end result of the real success that it acquired.

The Role of Computer Sciences Corporation and Eric Pulier in the World of Technology

Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, Computer Services Corporation employs approximately 74,000 people in 70 countries around the world. The mission of Computer Services Corporation is to provide top-notch solutions and services to technology-enabled businesses, including the U.S. Federal Government.

Following the inclusion of Xerox under the Affiliated Computer Services umbrella, Computer Sciences Corporation became the last hardware vending entity with home office and base of operations located in the United States.

In 1963, Computer Sciences Corporation was the first software company to be listed with the American Stock Exchange and graduated to inclusion on the New York Stock Exchange in 1968. Today, this company occupies the eighth place for the “World’s Largest Software Services” providers as complied by “Software Magazine.”

In 2013, for a rumored $260 million, Computer Sciences Corporation acquired ServiceMesh, Inc., a provider of cloud management services for Global 2000 clients, co-founded by Frank Martinez and Eric Pulier in 2008.

Eric Pulier fell in love with computer programming while a fourth grade student and founded a database company before his high school graduation. Pulier entered Harvard in1984 to major in English and American Literature, graduating magma cum laude in 1988.

While at Harvard, Pulier served as an editor and columnist for “The Harvard Crimson.” His first article, appearing in a 1987 edition and entitled “Achieving the Divine Spark,” expressed his point of view relative to Oprah Winfrey’s famous line “We were sent to Planet Earth by The Almighty to….”. Eric Pulier maintains that at this point in time, the sum total of mankind’s knowledge only occupies a thumb space in the Universe. Pulier also believes that copyrighted random thoughts can open a vault filled with “nice crisp money.”

Transferring his residence from his childhood haunt of Teaneck, New Jersey, Pulier became a resident of the LA area in 1981 where his first endeavor was to form technology-oriented People Doing Things.

This father of four is credited with the creation of Star Bright World, a social network for children experiencing chronic health related issues. Star Bright World provides a kid-friendly chatroom, blog and posting site.

During his professional life, Pulier created and continues to oversee the workings of the Presidential Technology Exbition, dubbed “The Bridge to the 21st Century.” In this realm, he subsequently assisted Al Gore and the Clinton Global Initiative with healthcare improvement and reform. Eric Pulier is one of CSCs most popular and renowned CEOs.

Currently serving as Technology Chief for Santa Monica Media Corporation, Pulier’s philanthropic efforts include contributions to The Painted Turtle, a summer camp for chronically-ill children, and X-Prize Foundation dedicated to the development of innovative ideas for the benefit of mankind and his existence on Planet Earth.

BRL Trust: Its Beginnings, Diversity And Underwriting Services

BRL Trust Investment was founded in 2005, and it is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It’s home to a wide variety of services that are geared for basic financial practices, and they’re well equipped to handle complex investments and strategies. To put it mildly, BRL Trust Investment can do whatever a client wants or needs financially within the realm of Brazilian and international law. The company started out small and handled over 100 loans in the capacity of a trustee, but they gained the confidence in themselves and from the investment public by using a full throttle work ethic. Once it was established the BRL Trust Investment was more than dependable, then clients started coming to the firm with more money, and they had an increased number of requests that would often entail other areas of finance. That is when BRL Trust Investment decided to start diversifying their services. They have a huge staff now of highly experienced and qualified professionals, and that has made them the largest independent manager of investments in Brazil, and they are also considered one of the most ethical due to them keeping their variety of services segregated and well staffed.

One of their many areas of expertise is Asset Underwriting. Their website gives just a small blurb about it which makes it sound simple, but it’s actually pretty complex. According to their website at they underwrite securities services for capital markets, and they measure what they do based on the client’s risk factor, but they still always try and find the best avenue to travel. Again, their blurb is just making it look simple, and people may not appreciate just how complicated asset underwriting really is. Check out BRL Trust article on

Underwriting actually means a couple of different things, and both definitions can be applied to what BRL Trust Investments describes on its website. It can be investment bankers attempting to raise money from other investors for governments, corporations or people that are giving debt securities and equity securities. The other definition is one that most people that have ever owned a car will be able to connect to, and that is underwriting is just issuing insurance polices. BRL Trust Investments boasts the handling of securities, but they also handle insuring if they are measuring client’s risk factors which is a wonderful service.

BRL Trust Investments is the best in Brazil. Any foreign investors would be wise to align themselves with that firm. They have to align themselves with a firm or some sort of local representation anyways because that’s Brazilian law. The best advice and service is to hire this firm so why not go with the best right now to make the future safer and more profitable?

Today’s International E-commerce

The world we live in today is digitally driven. Just about everything we do in a given day, from making our morning coffee to watching the evening news, is done digitally. Modern coffee makers are tiny computers with several buttons, blinking lights, and a digital readout for instructions and progress updates. Television broadcasts are sent out on a digital signal or through coaxial cables and deciphered with a digital receiver box.

Since so much of our everyday life depends on digital information, it only makes sense that we shop and purchase items digitally, too. The digital age has created so many new opportunities for companies to begin and thrive through online business operations. Operating online broadens the pool of potential clients exponentially because of the World Wide Web. More people than ever before are connected to the Internet, and online businesses are ready and able to take advantage of this world marketplace. These businesses operate using e-commerce to conduct their affairs. E-commerce takes place when a company processes transactions electronically. Most online retailers or service providers do not have traditional brick and mortar shops but they are able to conduct their entire business online using e-commerce principles.

One great example of a company operating a successful e-commerce business in today’s digital world is QNet. QNet has a base of operations in Asia, but they are able to conduct business digitally across much of Asia, Australia and Europe. Since they don’t have to maintain physical storefronts, expanding territories doesn’t require the type of capital investment that a traditional store expansion would. Another advantage that QNet enjoys is their lack of overhead and the ability to operate with predictable fixed costs. Because most of what QNet sells via e-commerce is a service, they do not have to hold a large inventory or ship items globally. Here is QNet’s FB Page.

Companies like QNet have taken the best advantages of the digital age and made it work in their favor. These major e-commerce companies are able to cover a broad sales area in the physical world, all without a physical store and all on the Internet. Having customers shop your store electronically allows anyone with an Internet connection to view what you have available and browse your prices. E-commerce allows customers around the world to purchase an item or service and have it delivered to them on the other side of the world.

Andrew Wirth: Running with the Warriors


Andrew Wirth has a passion for the outdoors. Born July 25, 1963, in Nuebruck, West Germany, he received his degrees from both the Colorado State University and Edinburgh University. He worked as an intern while in college at the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation, accepting a marketing position with the company and remained employed for over two decades. The company was acquired by Intrawest in 2007, and Wirth was appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. After three years, he assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer and President of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and has been in the position since.

Wirth’s love of nature is evident with his involvement in conservation programs and winter sports (Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club). Other leadership and service roles include board membership in the following organizations: Yampa Valley Regional Airport Advisory Board, North Routt Fire Protection District, Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, Tahoe Fund, California Ski Industry Association, North Lake Tahoe Resort Association, Lake Tahoe Winter Olympics Committee, Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority, Colorado State University’s Master of Tourism Management Advisory Board.

Wirth’s philanthropy has a personal source of motivation as well. In October 2013, he suffered a severed right arm in a skydiving accident resulting in a broken fall. The arm was successfully reattached, and Wirth’s recovery since has been extraordinary. While in therapy, he developed a friendship with Navy SEALS, and later assembled an athletic team called the Special Warfare Warriors to compete in the 2015 Ironman Lake Tahoe, with proceeds from fundraising to be donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

The Navy SEAL Foundation provides support for the elite group of warriors and their families, including educational and emergency assistance, and financial services. A non-profit organization, the Navy SEAL Foundation operates on the financial donations and funds from many sources as well as fundraising events. Andrew Wirth has collaborated with Crowdrise and created a donation website, sharing his own personal story through a short video, and inspiring others to donate through private donations or by creating fundraising teams. Details of how to donate or volunteer may be found here. Show our unsung heroes that you care!

The Role Played by QNet in Provision of Health and General Well Being Products

In 1998, Joseph Bismark and Vijay Eswaran formed QNet. It is an e-commerce company that deals with direct selling of products and services. The company is a branch of the QI group, which is based in Hong Kong.

QNet sells a variety of products using representatives who recommend products to consumers and receive compensation according to the achieved sales volume. This system is called the bilateral pyramid unit system. Cosmetics, home care, nutrition, fashion accessories and energy products are among the products the company has been producing. In addition, the company offers services such as vacation packages and online learning courses. The growth of the company over the years has enabled it to expand its branches in Taiwan, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. The company has subsidiaries in India and Turkey. QNet is an exceptional marketing firm growing at a rapid pace.

QNet has over thirty diverse products, which sets it apart from other direct selling companies. Over the years, the company has made health and wellness their areas of focus and concentrated on manufacturing products that help them achieve this objective. All the consumable products of QNet are made using vegetarian products. QNet serves only organic and vegetarian meals in their company events. The company is dedicated towards fighting against obesity, diabetes, cancer and other lifestyle diseases.

QNet has manufactured energy and wellness products, which they have been selling under the Amezcua brand that is also the company’s subsidiary. The direct selling corporation has gone green by using Eco-friendly packaging for their products. This packaging system has enabled them to realize their environment conservation objectives. They have also been able to introduce air purification and water filtration products to the market.

The company would like to make India their base of production. The management of the organization believes that the shift in production will improve the economy of India and create more job opportunities for the Indians. In addition, this move will create many investment opportunities for Indians. The company will register massive profits and reduction of operational costs. Currently, a number of their products like energy drinks and watches are being produced in India. The company believes in the philosophy of empowering others and provision of services with humility. The leaders of QNet have embraced the aspect of giving back to the society through their RYTHM foundation.

QNet has been advocating for the ban of pyramid schemes. Such a noble move is aimed at saving people from the scams run by illegitimate companies. Some of these pyramid companies use direct selling companies as a cover up for their illegal businesses. The illegal activities carried out by these schemes have spoiled the credibility of direct selling companies. Their lack of legal structures in these companies has led to embezzlement of unsuspecting peoples funds. QNet remains focused to providing the best services and products for its clients.

Services Provided By The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

The City of Newark is expanding at a faster rate owing to immense development initiatives generated by the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC). Newark City enjoys a rich cultural heritage owing to the increased immigration. Languages like Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian can be heard in different neighborhoods within the Newark City. Newark CEDC was established in 2007. Over its existence, the firm has been involved in spurring the economic growth of the region through provision of incentives to different investors with the view of ensuring the development of the region.

The City is home to different sports, parks, museum facilities and performance venues. With the high number of investors in the region, the city has slowly transformed to a leading real estate hub. In order to realize their vision, the entity has been providing grants, advisory services, funds to develop real estates, discounts to advertisements as well as tax credits and exemption to different corporations and equipment. The organization has gained ground in attracting investors in the Newark City and its environs.

In order to attract investors, Newark CEDC has been assisting potential investors with location decisions in terms of demographic analysis, explanation of the City’s economic indicators and provision of information regarding the work force. Further, the entity makes available information about buildings and sites where investors can set up their businesses. In the real estate business, Newark CEDC aids developers to develop the region through provision of assistance on site selection, issuance of permits and making up for the financial gaps. Newark CEDC has focused on developing small business by expanding their outreach and acting as a clearinghouse for the small business entrepreneurs. Development of the neighborhood has seen Newark CEDC provide coordination and expertise in project management.

The current vice president and chief financial officer of Newark CEDC is Kevin Seawright. His immense success in leading different corporations makes him the right candidate for the job. He is a graduate of finance and accounting. He has built repute for himself as having strategic visions and the ability to realize business goals. Most people are conversant with Kevin Seawright in the East Coast owing to his immense contribution towards improving the lives of the people through his financial expertise. Seawright represents team inclusion, efficiency of outcome, business prudence as he has worked in both the private sector and government. He has been responsible for over $400 million in different government agencies and over $600 million in capital construction costs.

Eric Pulier Shares His SOA Knowledge With Promising Clients

Known for his effectiveness in deploying SOA in successful
corporations, Eric Pulier remains an extremely integral figure in the
business industry. At the young age of 8, he embarked on his
technology pursuit and during his high school years, he launched a
company specializing in computer databases. As the years progressed,
his profound technology passion led to the acquisition of many
renowned leadership positions most of which are detailed in his book,
“Understanding Enterprise SOA.” As a distinguished entrepreneur,
author, and speaker, he is often presented with the opportunity to
share his service-oriented architecture experiences with prominent
executives both locally and globally. Most importantly, he hopes to
inspire business professionals with his practical SOA applications
which will greatly contribute to a company’s growth.

In his efforts to propel corporations, Pulier’s teachings often stress
the importance of SOA implementation which is outlined in his book,
“Understanding Enterprise SOA.” Because service-oriented architecture
integration can drastically effect business process management, this
extremely experienced technologist strongly recommends an
individualized approach to the software deployment. Essentially,
Pulier and his coauthor Hugh Taylor, strive to portray SOA
implementation in a linear manner by detailing the process of
developing and securing the service on a reliable network. Most
prominently, these authors are uniquely focused on providing a
mentoring style guide to service-oriented architecture deployment.

SOA implementation play an extremely important role in many network processing
and almost all companies depend on this effective service to execute the
straightforward transfer of information. Unlike traditional and antiquated deployment
methods, service-oriented architecture is a more effective and
dependable approach to ensuring communication between components in
another network. Notably, during many of his speeches and conferences,
Pulier effectively describes the correlation of SOA integration and
company success. These service applications ultimately results in more
consistent and streamline communication, thus improving a
corporation’s productivity and bottom line.

Education is an extremely important component of Pulier’s career as
the knowledge builds trust among promising clients. Therefore, Pulier
and his team at SOA Software Incorporation strive to outsmart their
competition by informing consumers on potential EAI and B2B commerce
effects. In order to ensure an efficient and productive
implementation, disclosing relevant information before deployment will
eliminate unnecessary challenges and surprises. Remarkably, Pulier’s
sound practices support his mission to provide the best SOA
integration technology in the business industry.

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Brian Bonar success story

Brian Bonar is Chairman of the Board for Dalrada Financial Corporation. Mr. Bonar has worked in the service industry for a number of years. After starting in the service industry in Alabama, he moved to Virginia before settling with Dalrada Financial. While working in San Jose, Mr. Bonar worked his way up in his industry while achieving various accolades along the way.

Mr. Bonar has a Bachelors of Science degree in Hospitality Management. In the service industry and one that is in the heart of the Silicon Valley can be challenging at times given the coporate giants that are in the vacinity. Mr. Bonar is not one to stray from a challenge, he has made Dalrada the financial powerhouse that it is today. Most financial institutions have shut its doors when the economy took a turn for the worse. However, Mr. Bonar has managed to keep the doors oopen, serve as chairman of the board and produce a steady income for the investors. All businesses hit a bump or two in the road along the way and many will give up. Finding a Chairman such as Brian Bonar is hard to come by in the financial industry. Mr. Bonar has managed to make a name for himself and a reputation with his investors. Brian Bonar was also written about by the San Diego Magazine.

You have so many things to consider as you go through life and plan out your future. The biggest decison you or anyone will have to make in life is managing your money. In the days of technology, family, work and life, most of us do not have the time or the expertise to attempt to plan out our future so when we become of age to live comfortably we can. Mr. Bonar is one that has lead and turned companies around throughout his career. Mr. Bonar has successfully kept Dalrada Financial profitable.