Serial Entrepreneur Danilo Diaz Granados’ Business Ventures And Career

Danilo Diaz Granados is an investor and entrepreneur. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in both entrepreneurship and economics from Babson College. Presently, he works as an associate at Fireman Capital Partners. It is a company that identifies and makes investments in established firms. Fireman Capital Partners propels growth by unlocking value through its approach of strategic vision, disciplined focus, and intellectual agility. He started working in the company in 2015.

Before Danilo’s time at Fireman Capital, he was based in Miami. Danilo worked for private equity investing as an account advisor. He handled different duties that comprises of researching on global investment to return relationships. That is in innovative startups, real estate, and merchandising industries. Other fields that he handled include energy efficiency, hedge funds, and fine arts. Danilo also analyzed demographic, social, along with innovative qualities in relation to investment opportunities.

Apart from his work experience, Danilo is the co-founder as well as the director of Toys for Boys. It is a luxury boutique situated in Miami that integrates exotic timepieces, contemporary art, and cars. Toys for Boys provides rare items. It offers wealthy Miami Men an exclusive place where they can find unique and the most extravagant items. It features one-of-kind cars such as the Spyker Spyder.

Danilo’s Toys for Boys was launched with a party that was hosted by him and Rafael Gill the other co-founder of the co-founder of the boutique. Guests at the party included Alexis Sarkissian, Jorn Werdelin, Pilar Tarrau, Tomas Regalado, and Juwan Howard of Miami HEAT. The visitors had a rare opportunity to view unique products like TF Tourbillon cufflinks as well as a Tourbillon pen. Additionally, they had a chance to experience Guy Le Baube’s photo art as well as the painting works of Claude Charlier.

Additionally, CrunchBase shows he is the co-founder and the producer of Miami based film company, Edge of Glory Films. The firm was incorporated in February 1, 2012. His influence at the film company ranges from the fields of production, editing, to promotion. He also influences the distribution of communications content. Danilo carries out these responsibilities with the objective of launching new media in the United States that mainly specializes on the Hispanic interests.  Be sure to follow Danilo on Twitter @DaniloDiaz_G1.

Bernardo Chua: Making a Vision a Success

The Philippines was home to Bernardo Chua, who started his career as a businessman and rose into a global entrepreneur. He now runs a company entitled Organo Gold, founded in 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a hard worker that loves to bring people to the top with him. Chua started this company with only three employees, and over the years has grown into a multi-million dollar industry; it runs in over 35 countries.

Since he grew up in the Philippines, he became familiar with the herb “Ganoderma lucidium”; he dreamed of using it in coffee and tea which can better the lives of those consuming it. It would improve consumers wellness, balance, and prosperity. Because of this work, he received 5 people’s choice awards. These awards recognize Filipino products and businessmen who help other’s succeed in business, which is one of Bernardo’s top priorities. His company was also awarded two People’s Choice Awards for Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee as well as the Number One Global Network Marketing Company.

Chua also talks about enriching the lives of young people by helping them become better leaders. He realized that with hard work, a good grip on business, and determination, young people can accomplish anything. This is how he started his original business that grew from a few people to thousands. He actively teaches this concept to today’s generation. He is very close with the younger generation, and can be found on Twitter under his common nickname Bernie.

George Soros Returns To Trading And Makes Large Investments On Gold

Leading investor George Soros has lately directed a series of massive and bearish investments according to the Wall Street Journal. That follows a long hiatus from trading. Soros Fund Management purchased gold as well as shares in gold miners after selling stock. The fund that manages about $30 billion did this amid a dark market outlook along with a potential for big market moves.

Soros noted in an interview via mail with WSJ of particular issues over capital flight from China. Additionally, George Soros pointed out how the mainland’s political situation may prevent long-term reform. He was also concerned that the Greek challenge, migration crisis, and the likeliness of the U.K.’s exit from the European Union may lead to a collapse of the union.

About George Soros
In the last few years, the billionaire has majorly focused on philanthropy and public policy. Additionally, he is a big donor to the super PAC that is supporting tentative Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. He has also donated to multiple groups backing Democrats. George Soros earned fame in 1992 when he bet against the British Pound making $ 1 billion in profits.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

He has constantly and closely monitored investments made by his firm. However, in the last couple of years, George Soros has not made a lot of investing of his own. Therefore, the move to invest marks a big shift by the investor. The situation changed in the beginning of this year when he started directing trades. He also started spending more time in the office. Additionally, as of recent, he has been continuously in contact with the top management of the firm.

George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest. In 1947, the founder of Soros Fund Management fled Hungary to England following the Nazi Occupation. He joined the London School of Economics and settled in the U.S. after graduating. In the U.S., George Soros accumulated a big fortune via Soros Fund Management. Additionally, he is the founder and the chair of Open Society Foundation. His philanthropy activities started in 1979 when he provided funds to black students in Apertheid South Africa to help them go to Cape Town University.

His foundation presently has a presence in 100 countries. In 2011, the annual expenditure reached $835 million. Open Society Foundation endeavors to promote the values of transparency, human rights, and open society. Aside from the Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundation, George Soros is a well-respected author. He has written many books that discuss matters of society, economics, and politics.

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James Dondero Partners With Linda Owen To Manage The Dallas Foundation

James Dondero has partnered with Linda Owen to diversify management of Highland Capital Investment. Owen is expected to serve as the manager for the Dallas Foundation, a charity based humanitarian organization. Owen is scheduled to expand the Highland’s philanthropic undertakings especially in the issuing of charity funds. Linda is the previous president of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Practicing in this position has helped Linda achieve a good reputation and chance at HCM. James announced that it was an excellent opportunity for them to partner up and work towards a common objective.

James Dondero studied Business at the University of Virginia. It is here he specialized in Economics and Finance, which would later become his lifetime obsession. Soros graduated with high honors degree following a substantial mastery and know-how on the management of finances. He features almost 3decades of work experience in Equity and Credit Markets. James raised the economy of GIC’s Protective Life to approximately 2billion following his reputation.

The Dallas Foundation started in 1929. It is a nonprofit firm aimed at uniting donors in North Texas. Here, Linda is expected to work as the Charitable giving manager. The foundation has benefited many individuals and funded many agencies by winning. The organization features many fields including health and education. Here charitable funds are given to the few qualified organizations. Dondero is an important figure in undertaking these ventures due to his kind personality.

Highland Capital Management was founded in 1993 in New York. Based in Dallas, Highland Capital Management is an investment firm which has accumulated various diverse types of assets. Some of these assets include Healthcare based assets, Real estate investments, stocks trading, and Debt Management. HCM features many clients ranging from middle income to high-income customers. It has then accumulated over 20billion worth of assets. Highland Capital Management’s Information and technology sector rose by 18% in the recent years. The corporate also increased to 12% making the Firm increase its worth. HCM also has a debt management sector. This area is the pioneer of Collateral Loan Obligation (CLO).

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Keith Mann Is Creating Real Opportunities for Low Income Youth

It is one thing to agree with the idea that everyone with the ability should be able to attend college. It is quite another to back up the nice words with the cash that creating educational opportunities requires. Business Wire reports that businessman and philanthropist Keith Mann does exactly that. Last January, he announced the first Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This is a $5,000 scholarship that will be awarded each year to a graduating senior from the new Uncommon Schools high school in Brooklyn.

Uncommon Schools is a not-for-profit education management organization. It runs 42 charter schools in Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. The Brooklyn high school is a new addition to the Uncommon Schools family. Their stated goal is to close the achievement gap between low and higher income students, and to prepare young people from low income backgrounds to attend and graduate from college.

The scholarship initiated by Keith Mann reflects the Uncommon Schools mission. A student who wishes to apply for the award must submit a 1,000 word essay describing how getting a college degree will improve his or her ability to achieve career objectives. The scholarship also recognizes the innovation and achievements of the next generation of business leaders.

Keith Mann isn’t new to Uncommon Schools. He is founder and chief executive officer of Dynamics Search Partners, an executive search firm that specializes in helping hedge funds and other alternative investment firms with recruiting top level executives. It also offers a full range of staffing services. Mann has committed DSP to providing $10,000 annually to pay for AP and PSAT testing of students at the Uncommon School in Brooklyn. He has extended his philanthropic support even further. For example, in 2015 he sponsored a fundraiser that raised over $22,000 from fellow financial service professionals to benefit the school.

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Who Exactly Is Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is making big waves in the business world, but who exactly is he? In short, he is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and an author. Just a little background about Pulier’s roots: he started out in as a computer whiz in New Jersey. He was already programming computers in fourth grade and well into high school had his own database computer company. Eric Pulier went on to simultaneously study at Harvard University where he majored in English and American literature and MIT. He graduated from Harvard magna cum laude.

He used his tech skills and forward thinking to develop a company called People Doing Things (PDT) which addresses the issues of health care, education, etc. and its relation to technology. He later created an agency called Digital Evolution which ended up merging with US Interactive LLC. He also was behind Starbright World’s development which was a private social network for children who are chronically ill. The site would allow them to chat, blog, and share other content with others who can relate. Pulier was selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to create an exhibition titled “The Bridge to the 21st Century”. In addition to this exhibition, he was active with previous Vice President Al Gore’s forum on technology and health care. The forum addressed issues and initiatives to improve technology in health care. He also was a participant in the Clinton Global Initiative. Eric Pulier continues his entrepreneur ventures with being a founder of Deskstone, Akana, Media Platform, among others.

Pulier has co-authored a book about service-oriented architecture called Understanding Enterprise SOA. Pulier has also donated to many non-profit organizations. He is a board member of the X-Prize Foundation which aims at solving humanities greatest challenges. He is also behind The Painted Turtle where kids with chronic illnesses can have the “summer camp” experience.

It is evident that Eric Pulier has used his innovative ways and intelligence to better the world the best he can. All of his efforts, whether it be his book he co-authored, his philanthropy, or even his career, he has always had a larger purpose incorporating “service for others”.

John Goullet: Changing the Way We Do Business in the IT World

John Goullet is not afraid to take chances and make a stand. He is a man of high moral fiber. In his mind, there is only one way to do things and that is the right way. You don’t take the easy way out and you don’t settle. After all, he is an entrepreneur, and he has helped pave the way for many profitable ventures in the IT sector. With success, he has earned the respect of his peers. When you mention his name, people stand up and take notice. He has earned that with his work, as he is the first to enter in the morning and the last to leave. It is not just a cliche. It is the way that John Goullet works.

That is why he is so proud to work for a company like Diversant, a company that has employees like John. He is on the leadership and advisory board. One look at their website and you learn a lot about them. Their motto is “Empowered by Difference.” I don’t know about you, but too often in life, I see people trying to fit in as opposed to wanting to stand out. They are scared of what others might think or say if they take a stand, do something differently, or act differently. At Diversant, that is encouraged. They want you to be yourself, feel comfortable, take chances, make mistakes, learn from them, but most of all, be different.

John Goullet has always prided himself on being different. It means he is a self-made man that has worked his way up to the position that he is and he is working for a company he is proud of and a company that does things just a little bit differently. That is how they staff IT companies as well. They look for people that have different qualities. They aren’t interested in yes-men and yes-women. They want people that will be challenging but in a good way. What I mean is they will say something if something doesn’t seem right and they aren’t afraid to think outside the box.

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Las Vegas Return Excites Goettl Owner Ken Goodrich

It was a happy day for myself when I read on the 12NewsNow website that the Goettl Brand Returns to Las Vegas under the leadership of owner Ken Goodrich. Much like Ken Goodrich I grew up with the Goettl brand that was a major part of the Las Vegas culture, and formed a major part of my own personal history along with that of Ken Goodrich.

Established in 1939, the Goettl brand has always been a family backed business, which is an area I am happy Ken Goodrich is continuing to push forward as the latest owner of this historic brand. I have distinct memories of Goettl technicians maintaining and repairing air conditioning products in my own home and work places; the range of services offered by the company has been expanded over the course of the years to include extensive maintenance contracts that make sure every HVAC system is ready for the upcoming season, Goettl reports.

Over the last few months I have read much about the work Ken Goodrich has been completing with the Goettl brand as he brings the company back to its former home of Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only has Goodrich looked to make sure the best possible service is available, but he has also made a commitment to the people of Las Vegas as he looks to employ the best quality technicians for the comapny we are all pleased to see back in its Las Vegas home. A number of programs have been developed by Ken Goodrich and the University of Southern Nevada to make sure as many people interested in joining the ranks of the HVAC industry have the chance to do so with around 250 new jobs expected to be created by Goettl over the next three years.

Brian Bonar, Named Cambridge, Who’s Who Executive of the Year

Brian Bonar, the chairman and the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, was named Cambridge, Who’s Who Executive of the year. Only four members in each year are named as executives of the years, thus being named Cambridge in Who’s Who Registry is a great honor. The special honorees are chosen by Cambridge, Who’s Who independent selection committee based on academic accomplishments, leadership skills, and notable professional achievement.

Mr. Bonar features more than three decades of professional management experience in the financial industry. As the chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Mr. Brian Bonar is responsible for overseeing employee selection, aftermarkets products, and employee benefits sectors. Dalrada Financial Corporation is a market liaison company, and it supplies its clients with a wide variety of employees programs geared toward improving business efficiency. The programs cover employees’ benefits, financial management, and business management and promotion services. Besides, the company offers risks management insurance that covers business liability and workers compensation.

Dalrada Financial Corporation employs unique approach; they get the capital required by the business and then help the business to protect that capital from risk exposure. The company serves its clients by creating a specific plan of action, which is used to achieve professional goals.

Mr. Bonar has set reputable record regarding leadership and transformative strategies. His unique abilities have seen him serve as the CEO and Chairman of Smart-Te Automated Services Inc. He also serves as the president of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc.

Since August 1995, Mr. Bonar has been the director of Dalrada Financial Corporation. In 1999, he was chosen by the board to be the Chairman. Prior joining the Board, Mr. Bonar was serving as the Company Director of Technology sales since 1992 to 1994. In 1994, he was promoted to Executive Vice President Position where he served until 1997, and in 1998, Mr. Bonar was appointed as the Dalrada Financial Corporation CEO and president.
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The New Frontier

Prior joining Dalrada Financial Corporation, Mr. Bonar had also worked as Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Bazier System, a laser printer manufacturing firm based in California. Besides, he has held other positions with different companies such as Adapter Inc, QMS Inc, and IBM U.K.

Despite the fact that Mr. Bonar is highly interested in entrepreneurship, his success can be attributed to technical skills background and understanding. For example, he is very competent in building and setting up business structures that will work in real life.

Mr. Bonar studied at James Watt Technical College where he graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering. He earned his Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. Mover, he holds a Ph.D. from Staffordshire University and has a professional affiliation with American Finance Association.

Apart from a successful professional career, Mr.Bonar is a family man and enjoys spending his time with his family. He also spends his leisure time on boats trips.

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Makari Skin Care Company Introduces Makari Toning Cream In The Market

Makari is a top-notch skin care product that is manufactured to meet customers’ beauty needs. Makari Skin lightening cream has been in the market for more than 12 years. The primary aim of Makari Beauty Company is providing quality skin lightening products to meet clients’ demands. Makari Company is one of the best-selling companies in the market.

Makari Skincare products are used by a large number of clients at an international level. This company was originally established in Switzerland. With time, Makari Company has developed other selling points all over the world. Makari Skincare is manufactured by researched ingredients which do not have any side effects. Makari Company has maintained an excellent reputation with their esteemed clients since the company was established. This product keeps a soft and healthy skin all day long. Open for more detailed information.

Having stayed in the market for more than ten years, Makari Beauty Company has gained clients trust that uses the skin care product on a daily basis. Makari Skin care plays some roles in the skin which include bleaching, lightening, and skin moisture maintenance. Clients who have used Makari skin whitening cream in their lifetime keeps going for more.

Makari Company has also been widely embracing the presence of social media platforms in the market. This company has been using a Twitter platform to educate and create awareness of the recent forms of Makari bleaching and lightening product. Makari Company has been operating in the main cities such as New York City, USA, and Paris, France. In Twitter, the company goes by the name @Makari. The company has more than 1,100 followers and 2,000 tweets. A large number of fans have been due to the satisfaction of skin care products offered by Makari Company.

This Company has been selling their products in the form of creams, which is more efficient and easy to use. Makari cream also helps in the removal of dark spots in the face. Customers using Makari cream always depicts of having a beautiful skin in the long run. Recently, Makari Company produced a new toning cream which features carrot oil for the realization of advanced lightening and intense. For more information on the participation of Makari Beauty Company in the social media arena, open the following link