Dr. Rod Rohrich: Changing the Field of Changing Lives


Plenty of my friends have received plastic surgery and you need to go to a top medical professional. It takes a lot to be named a leader in the field of medicine: a strong, reliable background in the sciences, constant innovation with new techniques, and the compassion to treat each and every case that walks into one’s office with the dignity and care they deserve. Dr. Rod Rohrich, M.D., F.A.C.S., exemplifies this in both his practice and in education, and over the decades of his practice, he has shown that, to him, each patient has value and beauty throughout the process of plastic surgery.
Dr Rohrich’s background in medicine begins at the Baylor College of Medicine. He completed residency at the University of Michigan’s Medical Center, and pursued further training in pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford University. Dr. Rohrich helped to found the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern, before being appointed Chairman in 1991. His academic work has been published as a standard of modern medicine, featuring in textbooks, journals, and hundreds of symposia. He currently serves as editor-in-chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the foremost academic journal of reconstructive medicine, and as co-chair of the Dallas Rhinoplasty and Cosmetic Surgery Symposia, an annual conference attended by leading physicians from around the world.
Beyond his academic achievements, Dr. Rohrich is also recognized as a local leader and professional. He has earned repeated recognition in local D Magazine from his peers as a trusted and respected practitioner among hundreds in Dallas, been featured in national news media from the New York Times to the Today Show, and has twice received one of his profession’s most prestigious awards, the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation Distinguished Service Award. These recognitions and more serve as continuing testimony to his efforts.
The various achievements Dr. Rohrich has attained are also accompanied by his lengthy record of service to the human community. During his practice, Dr. Rohrich has traveled around the world, treating burn victims and conducting other forms of reconstructive surgery to aid those in need. His work developing programs worldwide has helped to strengthen the global community of medicine for years. His belief that his surgeries restore the normal, in reconstruction, and the natural, in cosmetics, has helped to shape his practice, touching the lives of thousands. In the future, his intent to continue to innovate and elevate the field of plastic surgery will continue to shine through in every aspect of his work.

Keith Mann and the Uncommon School

I took a new position  with a talent management software company here in New York and so have recently become really interested in learning more on the state of the workforce, college-readiness, and the skills gap. As part of my research I took a field trip to just right across town to visit Uncommon Schools, a non-profit education initiative that manages urban charter school projects that focus on closing the opportunities gap within low income communities.

Uncommon Schools relies on federal funding and the State of New York’s charter allocations for funding its program. However, sometimes there happens upon us rare occasions, presenting rare opportunities, inspired by rare individuals, like a certain New York businessman, Keith Mann.

The reason I wanted to visit Uncommon Schools in particular is because of the article I stumbled across on prnewswire.com that announced that Uncommon Schools had recently received a $10,000 donation funded by Dynamic Search Partners, an assets management and human resources firm that specializes in hedge fund investment opportunities.

The understanding that all students have the ability to go to college is what inspired Keith Mann to initiate the new partnership between Uncommon Schools and Dynamics Search Partners It is their commitment to these students that helps drive them to something larger and greater. Through intellectual curiosity and grit, the school has been able to increase their successful rate of educating their students, which is also what makes it one of the most difficult charger schools to gain access to in the entire region, not only just the state.

Keith Mann sees the importance of the school system and exactly what it is able to do not only for the students but also for the local community, as the more top tier students that come out of the region, the more that are likely to stay and the better off the students are going to be. With the partnership between Keith Mann and the school system, it is going to help keep many of the students in the area after college.

Blizzard Juno Underwhelms New York, Hits New England Hard


The purported monstrous winter snow storm known on social media as #blizzardJuno that resulted in over 5,000 cancelled flights and practically shutdown New York City in anticipation of it’s arrival turned out to be rather underwhelming, for Manhattan, at least. Juno swept upwards towards the north east where it barraged New England states with powerful winds that averaged around 70 miles per hour, as well as up to 3 feet of snow in some parts of the region.

The massive blizzard was predicted to strike a 250-mile long stretch of coast that ranged from New Jersey to Maine, and New York City was on high alert early Sunday, as Juno’s arrival was estimated to be Monday and carry on into Tuesday night. Ultimately, the city was sparred the brunt of the storm as it moved “further east than expected”, according to the National Weather Service.  Lins Andrade reported that Massachusetts received the heaviest amount of snowfall, with Worcester receiving 33.5 inches, the most in the city’s history.

As much as 100 feet of Seawall collapsed in Marshfield, Massachusetts, which resulted in the flooding and damaging of nearby homes and properties. Floods also filled the streets in Scituate, Massachusetts. The National Guard spent Tuesday rescuing public safety personnel and residents from their inundated homes, according to the Boston Globe.

Although the worst of Juno is over, New England will be dealing with the massive snowfall and it’s repercussions for weeks. Schools and work places are expected to remain closed as streets are plowed and citizen safety is ensured.

Jonathan Veitch, the President of Occidental College

Jonathan Veitch, born in 1959, became president of Occidental College,located in Los Angeles,California,in July 2009.He is a native Callifornian from Los Angeles and was a student at Loyola High School before becoming a student at Stanford University where he earned his B.A. degree.He earned his M.A.and Ph.D at Harvard University.His doctorate was in History of American Civilization. Jonathan Veitch was an English professor at University of Wisconsin, before becoming dean of New School’s Eugene Lang College in New York City.

He was so impressive that he was asked to take over for Robert Skotheim as president of Occidental College. Since his appointment as president of Oxy, he has worked to make the college the leader in liberal arts education.Occidental college is Los Angeles’only liberal college so far.Many new things have been added to the college because of President Veitch’s initiatives.

Nearly 100-year-old Swan Hall,home to many of the school’s faculty,has been renovated. Johnson Hall and Johnson Student Center will shortly be renovated.Johnson hall will house the the new McKinnon Family Center for Politics and Global Affairs.It is Veitch’s commitment to teach students how to effectively do business in different areas from literature to business and more with foreign countries. He also hopes that it will create a more cohesive relationship between departments in the school, which have been disconnected. In fact, Veitch, in the 5 years he has been president has improved relations been the college and the surrounding community, including various culture centers in the area.

President Jonathan Veitch is the author of “American Surrealism,” and American Surrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s.Both books,which are about art, were written when he was a college professor.

Jonathan Veitch lives on the Occidental College Campus with his wife Sarah and their 3 children in the Wallis Annenberg House. He is the first president the college has ever had that is a native Los Angeles resident, the step-grandson of actor, Alan Ladd, grandson of Sue Carol, and the son of John Veitch whose production company was associated with Columbia Pictures.

Christopher Cowdray’s Unique Road to Luxury Hotel Success

CEO, Christopher Cowdray who believes that the people who grace their hotels are the focus on the success of this luxury hotel, runs the Dorchester Collection of Hotels. The Dorchester Collection of Hotels holds awards for the honor of being the most beautiful hotels in the world. From Paris, to London, to California, all of these hotels are high-end luxury.

The Dorchester Collection shows a consistent pattern of being in the top of the list of luxury hotels in Elite Traveler’s Top Suites list. As CEO, Christopher Cowdray puts it, “We are never going to grow fast; we are never going to have 40, 50, 60 hotels. We are trying to operate in a small number of key cities.” This CEO believes that other hotel CEO’s look for a brand that is going to increase the sales and amount of luxury hotels on a rapid basis.

This small chain has nine luxury hotels in Europe and the United States. This enables them to stay on top in the field of luxury travel. This hotel chain believes that by offering the traveler the very best in service and experience keeps them easily on top. One of the ways that Christopher Cowdray does this is to design each hotel differently. No one hotel is like another such as found in other hotel chains. Each hotel offers the diversity and design of the area the hotel represents, keeping the luxury in all hotels.

Another way Cowdray stays on top of the luxury hotel list is to take seriously, what guests say about their stay at the hotel collection. Reviews mean everything to remaining the best in the world. It is important to meet and go beyond what guests expect when staying at one of these hotels. Cowdry says that it is of utmost importance that the staff at each hotel likes coming to work, and come with the highest possible motivation. This CEO believes that it is important to the hotel’s success to have an exceptionally high rate of satisfaction in all employees and guests.

CEO, Cowdray feels that compliments to the staff are important. Staff needs to know that what they do is noticed and appreciated and that the company understands their needs as well as understanding the needs of each guest. What Cowdray has found is that people, whether they are a valuable employee or a treasured guest, everyone offers a wealth of constructive feedback and this in turn enables us improvements.

Guests who stay in any hotel want a flawless and successful stay. Guests want everything and everyone perfect and this is what the Dorchester Collection strives for as a luxury hotel. Most of them will check out the company’s LinkedIn page first before visiting. Each guest has a different venue and each guest falls into various age groups with each group looking for different goals. This hotel strives to meet each individual venue with enthusiasm and perfectionism, whether the guest has a busy business agenda to meet or the guest wants rest and relaxation during their stay.

Cowdray is meeting needs of guests through keeping up with the changing technologies in today’s electronic world and guest rooms electronically updated to meet our ongoing high tech world. It was found through guest surveys that technology continues to drive the hotel forward with a few old traditional values thrown in, such as, meeting each guest with their name. The other side of this scenario is that other people do not want their name used or known and the hotel staff must adjust to the guest’s desires.

Cowdray feels that the guests recognize rewards and benefits of staying at the Dorchester Collection and increase stays. Benefits such as loyalty cards and points were unattractive to these special guests. While some luxury hotels offer 500, rooms or more people are enjoying smaller hotels of 300 or less rooms. More information can also be found right at this link.

What is keeping this exquisite hotel on top is the luxury that guests find outside and inside the hotel and the extraordinary personalized service offered to each guest, due to the leadership qualities of Christopher Cowdray a Lifetime Achievement Award holder.

Knicks Win


The New York Knicks  were widely considered a shoe in for the worst team that has ever played professional basketball heading into the 2014-2015 season. However, they have surpassed expectations and have actually won eight games heading into the midpoint of the season. The biggest shocker has been the play that has gone down every single night by the New York Knicks. The Knicks have taken the spotlight and very may well be the worst NBA team to ever take the court. This year has been a terrible year for the team and I was absolutely shocked when I was watching them beat the Pelicans at my friend Dr. Rod Rohrich’s house.
Head coach Derek Fisher has looked absolutely embarrassed, as the Knicks have only won five games in the entirety of the season. This is pretty baffling due to the fact that Derek Fisher was handpicked by hall of fame coach Phil Jackson. Jackson has won five titles with Fisher and completely trusts him, which is likely the factor that led to him getting hired by the Knicks. Although this season has been horrendous, the Knicks pulled off the unthinkable on Monday night, as they actually won a game. Yes, the flailing New York Knicks took down the Pelicans by a score of 99-92. This must be a huge sigh of relief in New York, as the players do not have to walk off the court as losers today. Although the play in New York has been ridiculous, it is likely due to the injury to superstar Carmelo Anthony who is due back fairly soon.

Bruce Levenson: Owner Of The Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson is, at once, the chairman of UCG and owner of the Atlanta Hawks. He serves on the NBA Board of Governors, and he has been offering information about the oil industry for years.

He company in UCG has been offering information on the oil industry and pricing for a long time. He started the company with his friend in his apartment, and they began with just one newsletter. That newsletter grew to become a company that stores and compiles pricing information for the oil industry. They provide sensitive information on the industry to people who do research and invest in the industry. The company got so grand that they were able to invest their money in the Atlanta Spirit Group.

The Spirit Group was able to purchase the Hawks, Thrasher and Philips Arena. The Thrashers were sold to a business team in Winnipeg a few years ago to recreate the Winnipeg Jets, but the group held on to their rights to Philips Arena and the Hawks. They grew the Hawks by hiring Danny Ferry and Mike Budenholzer, and Bruce Levenson has been commended several times. Both of these men were with the San Antonio Spur for some time, and Ferry is a basketball hall of famer from Duke University.

Coach Budenholzer has the Hawks playing the best basketball in the league as of the writing of this article, and the Hawks are poised to make a deep run in the playoffs. Bruce Levenson just put the team up for sale, and he will rightly make a great deal of money from this sale. The experience at a Hawks game is amazing, and he has put together a group of people will be able to carry the Hawks into the future under new ownership. His vision alone has made the Hawks one of the most enviable franchises in sports.

BRL Trust: Not Just Another Investment Company

Finding a good investment firm is never an easy feat, however, BRL Trust has stood the test of time. As a powerhouse in the Brazilian market, they are dedicated to their customers and their success. They began back in 2005, already outlasting most similar companies that enter the market. Many have come and gone since they stepped on the scene, but they remain a pillar for their community.


BRL Trust is not just another investment group; they strive for excellence in all areas of business they provide. Because this company is built on integrity, they have a lengthy list of customers who they have helped since their inception. With a diversified portfolio, they are able to help both individuals and businesses with all their investment needs. Some companies start great, and they were such an establishment. With 100 counts within the first calendar year, they were destined for great things from the beginning.


Their three main areas of business are Capitol Marketing, Investment Funding and Mergers and Acquisitions, though they are not limited to just these areas. Build with a solid foundation in financial history, their founder came to the table with an impressive portfolio of offerings. To be able to succeed at any company, one must have knowledge behind them, which is exactly what BRL Investments is funded upon. Known as a force to be reckoned with in the Brazilian community, they Anbima rating is and has always been excellent. When a company is founded upon customer satisfaction and ensuring to build a business that is trustworthy, honest and transparent, great things are bound to happen.


One of the reasons why BRL Trust has been so successful is their transparent nature. By allowing customers to view transactions and ask questions, it creates a relationship that is open and honest. When dealing with money, there is no other way to be. Because of so many bad scenarios that have happened with other companies, people are leery of investment firms. However, there is no reason to be leery of a company that does everything to ensure the trust and relationship with their customers is unbroken.


Another thing that sets BRL Trust aside from their competitive market is their development processes. Using internally developed products and structures, they are able to stay ahead of their rivals. Building within not only gives the company great control over their accounting practices, but it also ensures security measures are in place that supersede the expectant levels. With a high ethical and moral integrity and a respect for the laws of the Brazilian Nation, they are committed to success.


What can a person expect from BRL Trust? Well, they can help with the settlement of assets and guardianship too. They work with banks for settling assets. They handle disbursements and trade proceedings. They can distribute reimbursements and control the loan process with securities. They can help with cost-effectiveness and division control. They focus within the laws, which mean they are capable of handling tax disbursements and filings. They keep precise bookkeeping of all assets and report to governing agencies on behalf of their customers. They produce accurate reports with data pertinent to what the customer’s needs are.


With their transparent nature, determination to succeed and great customer service skill, BRL Trust is a power house that should be utilized for financial investments.

When Back Problems Ail You, North American Spine’s Cutting Edge Technology Can Help

I’ve suffered from back pain in the past, and finding something that actually worked was difficult.  Until I properly researched and found out that I really wasn’t alone.

A friend turned me on to North American Spine, and I’ve been sleeping well, and living a healthy active life ever since.

Back problems are the leading cause of employees calling out from work. Back problems are also the second reason why many become hospitalized at one point, or another in their life. It’s obvious that back problems today are an epidemic, and the problems are suffered by anyone, no matter what type of person they may be. Those who do jobs that require them to do a lot of back work, using their back at any given time, are more likely to suffer a back injury. Sometimes back pain can come from something as simple as sleeping in the wrong position at night.

Simple back pain, such as pain that comes from sleeping badly, is not necessarily something that needs to be checked by a doctor. When back pain constantly comes back, or doesn’t go away for weeks or months at a time, then it’s time to see a back specialist. North American Spine specializes in the care of the back, neck, and spine; giving the patients the best types of treatment. Certain back problems can be managed through spinal adjustments, and chiropractic work, but others may need medicine, and some may require surgery. If you need surgery, North American Spine is the best place to receive it.

They have a minimally invasive surgery that only requires a small incision in the back, which allows the surgeon to diagnose, and possibly fix the back problems that ail you. There are many different reasons why your back may be bothering you, but the determination is based on where the pain is located. Lumbar problems, which is lower back pain, is suffered by many Americans, especially if they do a lot of bending over. Sometimes the pain does not stay in the lower back alone, but it will be felt throughout the lower part of the body, including the legs.

This type of pain is even worse, because you’re not only feeling back pain, your legs may hurt, your hips may hurt, and your buttocks area may also hurt. It’s like having two or three different pains in one, and it may last for a long period of time. There is no need to suffer from pain such as this, for an extended period of time. When the pain does not go away for a week or more, it’s best to seek out help as quickly as possible, before it gets to a point where it can no longer be managed, and then needs surgery.

Although surgery can help to cure back problems, you want to try your best to manage or get rid of the back pain, prior to choosing surgery. Surgery should always be the last resort when you have back pain. If the back pain does qualify you for surgery, They will first conduct an MRI, to determine if you are a candidate for the minimally invasive surgery. If They determine that your back problems can be solved by getting the procedure done, They can go ahead and schedule you to come in for the procedure, as soon as possible.

The success rate of this procedure is extremely high, and over 80% of patients see their back problems improve, or go away. You’ll also have to take less medication over a five-year period, or you may be able to quit taking medication for your back, for good. Visit North American Spine today.

Smart Entrepreneurship of Andrew Heiberger

As an accomplished entrepreneur, Andrew Heiberger has established himself as a force to reckon with in the real estate industry in New York. He has co-founded, owned and brokered major property development businesses in the New York, establishing a large network for the real estate industry. Andrew is the CEO, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of TOWN Residential, Manhattans leading full-service luxury real estate firm.

At a young age of 16, Andrew had begun practicing trade and sale of property alongside his family in Long Island. This grew into his great passion for real estate. Despite graduating from the University of Michigan with a bachelors degree and a law degree from the University of Miami, School of Law, in 1994, at the age 26, Andrew founded Citi- Habitats. Citi- Habitats was his first real estate brokerage firm. Since its inception, Citi- Habitats grew to be one of the biggest residential companies. In 2004, Andrew sold the firm to NRT Incorporated.

A year later, in 2005, Andrew founded Buttonwood Development, a firm aimed at real estate development, investment and syndication in New York City. With his great experience and vast knowledge in his field of work, Andrew championed with great wisdom the growth of the firm. Greenwich Club Residences, a 452-unit condominium conversion located at 88 Greenwich Street, was developed by Buttonwood development under the leadership of Andrew Heiberger. This turned out to be the most successful condominium development. A complete sellout was made then, generating $340 million dollars in residential sales. Assemblage, planning and sale of Sundari Lofts and Tower, and the gut renovation, re-positioning and marketing of One Rector Park, a 174-unit condominium development in Battery Park City are among the many property development projects that Buttonwood development is engaged in.

As a co-founder of Town Residential, a luxury residential real estate firm, in December 2010, Andrew has played a pivotal role in its businessstrategy and vision. This has seen the business grow fast, opening 10 offices and has almost 570 licensed representatives and staff. Within one year since its inception, the firm was ranked in The Real Deal’s list of top 10 largest residential brokerages in Manhattan.

Andrews long career as a real estate entrepreneur has seen him receive various accolades. He was a finalist for the Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the year in 2001, named Entrepreneur of the Year in the same year and in 1998, Andrew listed in Crains New York Business 40 under 40. Moreover, Andrew has had various positions in the industry due to his prowess in management, critical thinking and vast experience. He is a member of the Real Estate Board of New York serving on its board of governors also a member of the World Presidents’ Organization and the New York State Bar Organization.

He’s also written extensively about real estate, and what makes the business tick.  Definitely worthwhile reading if you’re in the industry, or plan to be.