Adam Sender Educates Novice Art Collectors

The education of the next generation is an essential component of Adam
Sender’s flourishing career. Formerly the hedge fund manager of his renowned
company, Exis Capital Management Incorporation, this prominent
executive seeks to spread the knowledge of his acquired business
skills with members of the art community in the United States.
Essentially, his extensive background in finance and investments has greatly influenced his success as an expert art collector. As a distinguished great work
enthusiast, he has the opportunity to merge his seemingly diverse
professional talents with his current extracurricular fine painting
pursuits. Most importantly, he understands the imperativeness of
frequent collaborations among art aficionados and strongly believes
that educating inexperienced collectors will produce the most
rewarding and sustaining results.

Adam Sender, written about by, has a primary objective is to deliver exceptionally sound advice to promising art
collectors as the tangible knowledge will help with the acquisition of
relatively inexpensive great works. Nearly every novice consumer will
need additional guidance in their fine painting quest, therefore, he
works closely with these individuals to ensure appropriate purchases
are accomplished. In many ways, selecting reasonably priced artwork is
similar to choosing promising equities because both require logical
decision skills.

Seasoned art collectors often purchase fine prints which complement
their existing décor and ornate furnishings. Yet, sometimes an individual’s
personality may also play an integral role in a connoisseur’s
meticulous selection. In either approach, art typically sets the
ambiance of a house or office. In addition, acquiring quality great
works may also quickly begin to define a consumer’s life.

For many art enthusiasts, collecting distinguished paintings started
innocently as a fun hobby or extracurricular activity. However, as
time progressed, the enjoyment of discovering a new piece was
gradually replace with the challenge of accumulating thousands of
interesting great works. According to Sender, he amassed an extensive
portfolio of contemporary art over the course of two decades.
Moreover, he often emphasizes this reasonable time frame when he
guides individuals in their collection journey.

Unlike his peers, Sender, written about by, strongly believes in sharing his holdings
with a diverse group of art aficionados across the United States. In
fact, just recently, he invited his admirers and supporters to his
North Miami Beach residence where the annual Art Basel Miami Beach
exhibit was held. During this event, enthusiasts from around the world
viewed his elaborate portfolio while simultaneously engaging in
inspiring conversations. In addition, select scholars were escorted to
a private brunch reception where individuals were offered an exclusive
one-on-one discussion with Mr. Sender. Throughout their engagement, he
often stressed the importance of logical decision skills which most
often results in sensible artwork investments. This sound advice
greatly influences Sender’s recognition as America’s leading art

Alexei Beltyukov: An Advocate For Education

Alexei Beltyukov is no stranger to education. He himself started his career in medicine before tackling the business world. He has had many successful business adventures. One of his latest business adventure is the creation of an interactive math software designed for both educators and students.

Beltyukov understands that math is a weakness for many students, especially those students in the United States. His goal is to make this interactive software will be found in every household that has a high school student. What students will find when they go to is a homework space in which educators have created for a certain set of parameters. This is not another site in which students will answer a bunch of multiple choice questions. Instead, students will be required to input actual answers and will need to show their though process. Beltyukov believes that progressive thinking is what is important and by allowing students to make mistakes and then learn from these mistakes will better prepare them for the future.

Beltyukov hopes that SOLVY will be the educational tool that teachers will use to help to understand and manage their students. Educators will be able to offer feedback outside of the walls of the classroom as well as monitor progress within the class. SOLVY can also interact with the students. It can offer hunts and feedback which is something a simple online math textbook cannot do.

SOLVY is what students need, according to Beltyukov, to gain that academic edge that is needed across this country. Teachers can see first hand where students are struggling and can adjust their curriculum to reflect the needs of the student. This will help students to become more competent in the area of math, which will make them more competitive as well.

QNet Marketing

Qnet is a network marketing company that uses the direct selling model to teach members who have no business knowledge, the skills that are necessary for promoting and marketing their products. And Independent sales representatives are paid commissions for their efforts.

Many network marketing businesses often hype up to their prospects, making promises of huge income. Before joining a networking marketing company, it is important to consider their executive leadership. Qnet’s executive team has a solid track record of running and creating a successful network marketing and direct sales business. They have a have strong experience, and they know how to execute a successful blueprint in helping their distributors, also known as independent sales representatives, reach their goal. Qnet has been in existence for many years, and their executive leadership team has a history or track record of success.

When it comes to field leadership, Qnet has strong mentorship and personal development. These elements are critical for success in the network marketing industry. Majority of people quit where there is lack of strong leadership. Qnet provides training designed to ensure their sales representatives are well equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to operate successfully. The company provides a platform that encourages members to have beneficial with their mentors. And sponsors are encouraged to be committed to the success of their recruits.

Qnet, written about by BusinessForHome, makes it convenient for members to learn as much as possible about the industry, the company itself, and the products they offer. The company also encourages new recruits to talk to experienced distributors, and listen to their stories. This helps to get better understanding of what’s involved, and what to expect as you work with the company.

Don’t just join any network marketing company out there. Always look for a company that offers you a long term business opportunity that provides residual or sustainable income. Whether you join immediately or later it shouldn’t make a difference. Qnet’s products are in high demand, even during the recession. These are evergreen products, and people need then no matter the state of the economy. Their product line includes health and wellness, education, Vacation and Holiday packages, Telecommunication services, Collectible items like rare coins, watches, and Gold and Silver numismatics. These types of products will continue to be in high demand, and will generate income for those that promote the products.

When you examine the Compensation Plan, you will notice that they are easy to understand and are designed with the success of team members in mind. Unlike many companies out there that have extremely complex Compensation Plan, Qnet has Compensation Plan that is simple and you will know how much effort you will be required to reach a certain level of success.

Fashionable Luxury Men’s Dress Shoes

Luxury fashion for men has long since been traditionally aimed at the higher income man and has been listed at a price point that the traditional man couldn’t really afford. There have been some major moves in the men’s fashion world with new designers and CEO’s being appointed to positions at the top fashion companies in men’s fashion to make major changes and come up with new fashions as they take men’s fashion more seriously and become more competitive. The designers also want to expand their brand into other areas besides just basic men’s fashion. The problem with this is that the prices are still way more expensive than the everyday man can afford. These designers are not worried about their prices or who can afford them, they don’t have a problem with pricing a luxury pair of men’s dress shoes for $1000 a pair. Men’s clothing is expanding and doing more to meet the demand for men’s clothing. They are taking men’s clothing more seriously, but really not addressing the price issue. There is a market out there for men that want to dress in luxury clothing and shoes without having to pay an arm and a leg to look nice that has not been addressed. Well now there is someone who is filling that market.

Paul Evans is a luxury line of Italian leather shoes started by two men in New York City who wanted to create an elite line of luxury shoes that men could really enjoy. They were not impressed with what was being offered in the retail line of shoes, so they went to Italy to research what was involved in making a quality pair of luxury shoes. They knew they wanted their shoes to look good, be stylish yet comfortable and they wanted them to be made from the best quality material out there. They also wanted their business to be set up to have shoes sent straight to the customer with no retail interference, and that’s what they have done. They are able to offer a line of men’s luxury shoes and keep them at an affordable price because they have cut out the high expense of the overhead cost of running a store and cut out the middle man. Their shoes are made in Naples, Italy from the finest in calfskin leather made in Italy. They are still able to offer a good quality shoe that can compete with what the designers are selling but at a much better and realistic price. They now have a website where you can order their shoes directly from them and have them shipped directly to your home or office.

The Spiritual Dynamism of Marketing Leader Joseph Bismark

Many people find the field of marketing to be an off-putting, alienating world full of materialistic, workaholic people and aggressive, morally questionable content. To be honest I find myself among that camp a lot of the time. But recently the blog Please Dont Ask Alice introduced me to a dynamic figure in the marketing industry who is working to change all that. Joseph Bismark, from his vantage point as an industry leader in marketing, is bringing a new spiritual quality to his work in the field.

Today Bismark is a subsidiary of the QI Group and has gained renown as the founder of QNet. I was surprised to find that his origins are not at all what people usually associate with the formative years of a marketing mogul. He spent nearly half of his childhood and adolescent years as a monk in a monastery in the Phillipines, where he lived from age nine to seventeen. He remained true to his youthful idealism and his early, deep commitment to spirituality has informed everything that followed in his illustrious career.

Bismark’s approach to doing business is centered in an idea common to many spiritual traditions around the world: respect for and kindness to all people. As an executive he endeavors to include all of his colleagues and subordinates in the decision-making process and to make them feel thoroughly supported and valued. He understands that a team of people working together in unity is more than the sum of its parts and that fostering a spirit of community will both make the employees happier and yield dramatically superior results. But he doesn’t go to the extreme of trying to cultivate a hive mind type of environment. Instead he focuses on the individuals as well, reminding them often to be assertive and to “take charge of your success.”

Joseph Bismark is forging a new path as a compassionate, spiritually inspired marketing executive. It is a path that others can follow as well. There is a stereotype out there that marketing executives must be egocentric cutthroats to succeed. But being an enlightened leader who encourages and supports his team can be even more successful.

Brian Bonar: Talented, Versatile, Businessman And Entrepreneur

Brian Bonar is a very busy man. He has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University, has founded several companies, and used his talents and energy to help other companies for which he has worked find success. During that time he has developed an impressive set of skills which have made him very much in demand. Those skills include the development of innovative sales and marketing strategy, process improvement and lead generation. He’s also highly skilled in Mergers & Acquisitions, new business development, and finding venture capital.

Bonar became involved in the world of work while still studying at Stafford. During those years he worked for IBM as a procurement manager outsourcing motherboards for many of the personal computers produced and sold by IBM. After leaving IBM, Bonar next took a position as Director of Engineering for QMS. During his 4 years there he was able to successfully manage a team of about 100 engineers involved in software and hardware development.

In June 1989, Bonar left his position at QMS and became Vice President Sales and Marketing for the Rastek Corporation. At Rastek, where he remained for just over 4 years, his job was to help with the marketing and sales of printing technology to customers all over the world. After his stint with Rastek, Boner got more deeply involved in the printing industry. He took the position as sales manager for Adaptec. His job called for him to work closely with major Korean and Japanese companies that manufactured printers.

One year later, Brian Bonar (MG2) decided to strike out on his own. In September 1994 he became founder and CEO of Bezier Systems. Drawing on his experience in the printing industry, Bonar’s company became the first to create and market an SCSI based printer. A year after creating his company, Bonar again found himself working with printer manufacturers in Japan and Korea as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for itec imaging technologies. He held the post for more than 4 years. By 2008 Bonar was looking for a new challenge. He found it at Allegiant Professional Business Services where he was hired as president and helped improve their sales and marketing.

While working with first itec imaging technologies and then Allegiant, Brian Boner founded and helped manage AMS Outsourcing, a San Diego, California based company. This is in addition to acting as Chairman and CEO for Dalrada Financial Services, a company he founded in 1999. At Dalarada Bonar’s focus was on creating and improving management strategy and direct sales. In 2011 Bonar took on even more responsibility when he became Chairman and CEO of Trucept. Trucept provides insurance products and temporary staff for companies in San Diego.

Sugar Industry Swayed Government Not to Mention Sugar in Connection with Cavities

Growing up during the 1950’s, Susan McGalla and every kid knew that plenty of soda pop and candy were the reason for getting cavities. But for the subsequent 50 years to follow, the United States government still insists that there is no connection between dental cavities and sugar.

In a recent study, published in the journal PLOS Medicine, researchers from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) investigated the inner workings of the beat and cane sugar industry, by reviewing documents dated from 1959 to 1971. Their assessment revealed that that the manufacturers of sugar products successfully influenced the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to plan research centering around dental caries that would ultimately shield the sugar sector’s financial interests.

A decade later, in 1966, President Johnson launched a nationwide campaign, declaring an assault on cavities. A department of the National Institutes of Health, the U.S. National Institute of Dental Research established a ten-year fast track research program, recognized as the National Caries Program.

Most individuals would think that eliminating sugar would be a first step towards the eradication of cavities, but to the contrary, a review of the sugar documents indicated that the sugar industry influenced the National Institutes of Health to steer away from suggestions of lessening sugar consumption, and instead concentrate on a “cure” for tooth decay that didn’t involve kids consuming less sugar.


Beneful, A Dog Food You Can Be Proud Of

As you search for something to feed you pet, you might appear to have several options. As you read the label you might come to the conclusion that not all dog foods are created equally. As posted in, this is one of the many reasons why many of the pickiest dog owners pick Beneful for their dogs.

When it comes to items for your four legged friend, Beneful has it all. This brand might be best known for their dry dog food, however, their name has so much more to offer. Beneful also has wet dog food and a variety of dog snacks worthy of the Purina brand name. Dogs play hard and the company who develops this line of pet food understands their need for high quality pet food and pet snacks. The Beneful name is reinventing dog food because of the high quality ingredients in the food and the high quality nutrition. Mix these qualities with the highest standards of the parent company and you have a line of products dogs love and dog owners can feel good about feeding their pets.

Things like carrots, rice, barley and beans make the food wholesome. Also in the food is the meat life beef, chicken, lamb and pork. Mix all of this together in a variety of textures and sizes that are convenient and you have it made. A happy pet makes a happy pet owner. Pets are happy when they tastes this pet food that is so good even the owner could feel good about serving up twenty varieties. Another thing about this brand of pet food that pet owner love is, how easy it is to get. You can buy this brand of food in so many locations. There is a formula for every type of dog too. Adult dogs have a special type of food, you can get to go type meals for dogs on the go and even a playful life dog for the active pup. It all depends on what your dog needs.

Regardless of what you want to feed your dog, you can find it in this amazing line of dog food. You can feel great about feeding this food to your pet regardless of their age, size, activity level or any other factor. Because of the way the food is designed they have all of your dogs special needs covered. Why not get some today and let your dog have a feast? You and your dog are going to love it.

Visionary Proves That the New Jersey Real Estate Market is On the Upswing

An article that in appeared in Realty Today reports that while the nation’s real estate industry continues to soar since its 2006 slump, New Jersey has not caught up.

It goes on to acknowledge that people won’t list their homes or buy properties in the Garden State because they fear they that overextended mortgages will cause them to lose money.

Other factors that contribute to New Jersey’s real estate slump is a foreclosure rate of 8.12 percent and population growth that’s half the national average.

The lull in this market could be good news for those looking to buy property near New York City. While taxes in New Jersey are notoriously high, properties in that state are much less expensive than in The Big Apple.

The article goes on to explain that there are people who envision the recovery of the new Jersey real estate market. There are 4 reasons. 

First, dropping interest rates and down payments will eventually attract buyers. Second, relatively new technology ― especially social media ― facilitates aggressive ad campaigns.

Third, though families traditionally constitute the largest segment of home-buyers, more and more single people are investing in homes. Fourth, buyers are attracted to the convenience of meeting with an agent via the Internet, regardless of the client’s location. 

Omar Boraie is one of the visionaries, banking on the resurgence he helped to initiate.

Boraie serves as president of Boraie Development LLC. His company began work in New Brunswick, then a distressed city in New Jersey, about forty years ago.

He remembers, “When we started here in 1972, it was awful. You couldn’t walk on the streets after 4 p.m. Everyone had left the city. But I thought, ‘This is an area where we could do something.’”

The development company’s first completed building, Albany Street Plaza Tower One, provided New Brunswick with 250,000 square feet of Class A office space. A few years later in 2003, Tower Two was built and offered more Class A office space. 

That building started an upswing to the real estate market in New Brunswick. Though Boraie Development LLC can claim a substantial part of the credit, Boraie is quick to point out that Johnson & Johnson’s resolve to remain in New Brunswick played an integral part in the city’s rebirth.

“If Johnson & Johnson didn’t decide to stay in New Brunswick, none of this would have happened.”

The mayor’s office, and several private firms, have noted the development company’s success. This recognition, which follows years of naysaying, encourages Boraie Development LLC to undertake new projects that will continue to bolster the real estate market in New Jersey.

Thirty-Six Believed Dead When Philippine Boat Capsizes

A boat in the Philippines has overturned today (Thursday) only one kilometer from shore. The ship was leaving port from the coast of Ormoc City when it was hit by high waves. Some passengers attempted to keep the boat upright by rushing to the side adding their weight, but the boat turned over too quickly and went over anyway. Click here for full story.

Eyewitness Mary Ann Drake said, “There was no time to jump.” She, her husband, and mother were able to swim from underneath and were later picked up by rescuers. Other eyewitnesses spoke to AP by phone describing how the boat just suddenly overturned. The cause is believed to be high winds.

The boat, the M/V Nirvana was headed to Camotes Island some 47 kilometers (27 miles). Crystal Hunt said that some 118 people have been rescued including the captain and some of the crew, according to Coastguard spokesperson Armand Balilo when speaking to AP. The captain and crew members are being held due to an investigation into the capsizing.

At this time, it is believed that 36 persons have perished and that 19 are still unaccounted for at this time. Seven rescue boats arrived shortly after the incident. They began picking up survivors that clung desperately to the hull of the vessel stated Ormac Disaster Risk Reduction and Management spokesperson Ariaco Tolebao told the AFP.