A Look At Laidlaw & Company And Their Past Violations

Laidlaw & Company also known as Laidlaw & Company Ltd is an investment banking firm that is incorporated in the United Kingdom. The firm does business in the United States, primarily in the New York City metropolitan area. Laidlaw has wealth management services that includes portfolio management and financial planning.

It also offers traditional investment banking services such as initial public offerings of stock. The firm also has an alternative wealth management division. It is believed that Laidlaw has hundreds of millions of dollars of assets under management.

Laidlaw & Company is led by James P. Ahern who is the managing partner at Laidlaw. He is also the head of capital markets at the company. Mr. Ahern has a history of complaints while working in the financial sector. He has settled all cases where he was accused of breaking contracts, not fulfilling financial duties as an investment banker, fraud, planning to commit fraud, unauthorized trading on behalf of a client and churning his customers’ accounts.

It is also important to highlight that James P. Ahern has no college degree. He never completed any accredited college work in finance, business, accounting or economics. The fact that a financial company is led by someone with no undergraduate degree speaks volumes about Laidlaw & Company Ltd.

Laidlaw & Company has dozens of employees who have a history of committing fraud and being found to have committed violations on the state and federal level. One example is a Laidlaw broker named Leonard V. Gallick, Jr. In 2014, a past client of his sued him for over $8,000,000 for churning his account in violation of SEC rules. Another former client alleged that Leonard V. Gallick, Jr. made unsatisfactory trades while he was his broker. Laidlaw & Company settled for $350,000 in this case. Leonard V. Gallick, Jr. is just one of the many Laidlaw employees that also includes Mathew Eithner and James Ahern that have a history of fraud and securities violations.

Malini Saba An Inspiration To Many

If there is one thing that I find inspiring, it is the ability of one to overcome a lot of adversity. One example of this is one who is able to overcome her own poverty. This brings me hope. For one thing, I do not like completely hopeless circumstances. However, there are a lot of people who work very hard to create hopeless circumstances for a lot of reasons. The ones that succeed not only get to enjoy their success, but also bring hope to those that are working towards similar goals. There is one catch. A lot of people that are faced with these circumstances are going to be faced with some extra adversity.


Malini Saba is one of those that have been faced with a lot of adversity because there were some people who took it upon themselves to care whether or not she succeeded. They did not want her to succeed because of how threatened they felt at the idea of her success. However, she was very passionate about what she was doing. She was also very focused. As a result, she was able to put together something that was really powerful and successful.


Saba has not only worked so hard in the face of adversity towards her goals. She has also gained the support of others. Therefore, they have worked alongside her so that she can put together something that is successful. She has also had a lot of motivation. For one thing, she is a mother and she wants to not only provide a comfortable and peaceful upbringing for her daughter, but also teach her to continue providing that for herself.


One thing I find amazing about Malini Saba is that she represents something. What she represents is freedom. This is the freedom of one to make her own choices and pursue her own goals. However, there are tons of people that are against certain people experiencing this kind of freedom. Often times, this comes from people having their own agenda that they want to push on someone. There are also people that are threatened at the thought of someone else managing something that he himself couldn’t do.


How OrganoGold Has Transformed The Lives of Millions

Organo gold is a company that has been specializing in the production and distribution of all manner of wellness products since 2008. The company has its root in Canada, but has reached across all five continents with marketers and distributors making a living from the sale of their extraordinary coffee, tea and other wellness products. The products sold include:

  • Coffee products such as lattes, mochas and rodeo coffees
  • Personal care products such as soaps
  • Green tea
  • Supplements such as grape seed oil and mycelium

The business model that the company uses is the brainchild of Bernardo Chua. Chua was born in the Philippines but worked in Hong Kong for a while before moving to Canada. After many years of experience in the world of multi level marketing, which earned him the title of president at Gano USA, he decided to start a company which would sell one product he is a connoisseur of, coffee.

As a leader of health and wellness for over a decade, he has overseen the development of products whose aim is to improve the health and wellness of the masses while at the same time helping the people make a living. Bernardo had his company ranked as the 55th largest multi-level marketing business in the world.

There are many ways in which one can earn income at Organo Gold:

  1. Retail: when you become a merchandiser of their products you can earn between 50 percent and 500 percent of the profits.
  2. Getting a fast start bonus from the promotional packages
  3. Uni-level and dual team commissions. You earn the uni-level bonus of 20 percent of what the distributors you recruited are earning.
  4. Generational bonus from leaders that develop from your organization

Organo Gold has been transforming lives from around the world for close to a decade now. The fact that they are not only concerned with physical wellness but also with the overall good of the community makes them an exceptional MLM idea from Bernardo Chua.

John Bancroft: Rightly Given Honour Where Dued

Every so often, one may encounter a business entity that is just doing things right for everyone: its owners and management staff, its employees and the community in which it finds itself. Sometimes, it may even be an outstanding example to the industry to which it belongs and its native country. Such is the case with Badgemaster–the leading Nottinghamshire company that makes name badges.

The Badgemaster Community Effect

This former coal mining village in the region of Newstead, that suffered large scale unemployment during the 1980s, looked to Badgemaster for relief as one of its key employers. Growing in recognition and appreciation by the community it serviced, Badgemaster went on to receive the Nottinghamshire County Council’s first “Bridge to Work” Award in 1997 for its part in job creation during a crisis time of unemployment.

Subsequent Promotions And Awards

By the year of 2006, Badgemaster had accumulated enough recognition throughout the U.K. to secure works with the Royal Family itself. This prestige and promotion of sorts, eventually landed Badgemaster a Royal warrant of appointment under the directorship of Mr. John Bancroft.

Having been awarded a prestigious Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, (MBE) in 2013, John Bancroft was further privileged to form part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in June 2013.

The Bancroft Edge

Having begun his noted career trajectory in the corporate clothing industry, John Bancroft made a decisive call in determining that there was a need for high quality badges. Founding Badgemaster in 1992, with his wife Vicky and one employee, Bancroft also later immersed himself with a takeover of the Akorn Badge Company in 2014.

Needless to say, his efforts as the Managing Director of the U.K. based corporate entity in behalf of his community, employees and his country, continue to be recognized throughout the U.K. until this very day.

From Cubicle To Shared Office Space = From Prison To Freedom


A lot of people who experience the shift from the cubicle to freedom often find themselves experiencing a greater sense of freedom. For one thing, people with jobs are used to the boss looking over their shoulder and shouting threats at them. There are also office politics that tend to get in the way of the job. There are people that are overly ambitious for management or higher positions that tend to play games and manipulate others in the office so that they could look good enough for a promotion. These games often tire people out of the job. Fortunately, people do find an alternative.


Shared office spaces like Workville set themselves up to be the opposite of the workplace. For one thing, people are more relaxed and allowed to be who they are. They find that they are at a home away from home when they work their jobs at a shared office space. Workville allows people to start their business and bring it to success. While people could do that from almost anywhere with internet, there are certain advantages that shared office spaces have over these other avenues. There are plenty of people that are willing to connect with one another. This helps the worker feel a sense of belonging.


Given that other businesses in Manhattan are working in shared office spaces like Workville, people are more likely to help each other. There is a smaller sense of competition among others. They are instead willing to utilize each other’s skills in order to bring forth greater results for their businesses. People who work at co-working spaces often find themselves feeling part of the community. Workville is especially good about easing the feeling of loneliness that often occurs in the workplace. Given that fewer people are worried about losing their jobs, there is a more relaxed atmosphere at co-working spaces.  But do your own research too, on sites like Yelp where you can count on independent reviews.

Goldenberg on JustFab Success

Adam Goldenberg, co-founder of JustFab, feels like 2014 is going to be a major year for them. JustFab has gained success and momentum in a market that has seen many subscription services fold. In 2010, he started the company with Don Ressler. Since then, JustFab has acquired ShoeDazzle, raised 55 million in funding, and gained new celebrity brands like Fabletics on Crunchbase. They continue to expand and grow their brands and services.

Goldenberg attributes his success with JustFab to being driven by the numbers. Being an online business, they have to adapt quickly to the ever changing nature of the customers. The trends and styles are what keep them in business and studying the numbers is what helps them to stay on top of the trends. He shares the good and bad numbers with his team to let them know what is going on with their business. Customers and their feedback have been a huge part of the business plan on fabletics.com. Goldenberg said that many of their early issues were caught because of their feedback.

Adam Goldenberg hires people with a passion for what they do. People who have a flair and passion for what they do are the only ones who will be successful at JustFab. He also focuses his business on what he is selling. Customers will not return if they do not like the product. Great quality is what they look for in a product, so he can ensure the customers will return. They are a subscription based business and he wants to increase the subscriptions.

Adam Goldenberg started as a young entrepreneur. He started his first company at 15, Gamers Alliance. It was so successful he sold it to Intermix Media. He became the youngest COO at the age of 20. This job is where he met Don Ressler, his future partner for JustFab. They wanted to create a socially interactive fashion experience on Youtube. This market was fairly new and untapped, so they wanted to reach these customers. Goldenberg has used his smart business tactics and dedication to the customer service experience to create a unique shopping experience that continues to grow.

How to Choose Effective Keywords

When building an SEO strategy that will get your webpage the best exposure possible one of the most important elements is going to be the choice of keywords that you decide to use. The right keywords can put you on the front page of Google searches and bring a lot of traffic to your website which is good news for your product or service. There are many factors that impact a “good” keyword from a “bad” one, and it takes a bit of research to understand the difference.

In the early days of the internet, the algorithms of the search engines were much easier to manipulate to gain free traffic. Some people used a practice called keyword stuffing or other “black hat “practices. Black hat refers to something that may be less than ethical but effective in getting the desired final result. These techniques were effective for a short time but Google is a pretty smart company and they continually change what they are looking for in order to provide people with the best search results. Now it is far better to mention a keyword in the title, in the first sentence of a page and then a few times sparingly throughout the page. It is far more beneficial to produce unique content that provides real value to people who visit your website.

If understanding what makes a keyword attractive to a consumer it is a good choice to hire a professional SEO company like White Shark Media to help guide you. The professionals at White Shark will help guide you through the maze that is keyword choices. It can be difficult to understand how to determine the average searches for a keyword and the competition that keyword has. Those two factors really lead to finding a good keyword for the purposes of your website. Long tail keywords, or short phrases or combinations of words often used together can be something that White Shark professionals can help you with. White Shark does a great job of providing an account contact to each client so that you will always speak with someone who understands your business, budget and goals for your SEO.

Nobody thinks about keywords when they first start the online portion of their business, but the drive for success is going to make the importance of keyword research and use firmly in your view. Having the best product or service in the world will not help you if nobody can find it when searching. Keywords are the directional beacons that will bring interested visitors to your business online. If you are running an Adwords campaign the keywords that are most popular are also the most expensive and they can kill an advertising budget. A good keyword company can help find the bargain keywords that have high searches but low competition for the business or niche that you are shooting to attract.

Makari Skin Whitening Makes Life Simpler For Women Who Dislike Their Skin

It is hard for people to be sure if they can make their skin look great, but there is no way for someone to fix their skin unless they have taken the time to figure out how they will manage their skin. This means that they have issues with their skin that all have to do with their coloring, and they should use Makari skin whitening cream to make it as light as they can get it. The skin will get lighter, and people can keep using it for as long as they need to.

Adding Makari skin whitening cream to the daily routine is very easy, and it is simple to use because it goes on like any kind of lotion. People usually need to try this lotion every day so that they can see gradual results, and they also have to make sure that it works in a way that makes sense for them. That means they are watching their skin, and they also have to be sure that they have spent some time using it in gradual amounts until the skin looks perfect.

Some people get dark spots because they are out in the sun too long, and some people find out that they cannot get those spots to go away any other way. Anyone who wants to be sure that they can make their skin look better should start using the cream immediately, and they should be sure that Makari is used in all the spots where they need to show off their skin. They want to be able to show their skin when they hit the beach, or they might want to have something that makes their nice clothing look better. Anyone who wants to make a change to their skin can do it right now, and they will notice how much smoother it is.

A Venezuelan Recall Referendum Vote Will Not Happen In 2016 According To National Assemblyman José Manuel González

One of the largest protest marches in Venezuela’s history happened in September 2016. More than 1 million people swarmed the streets of Caracas to show their support for the opposition movement to remove Nicolas Maduro from power. The people want a recall referendum vote in 2016, but the government has decided to only allow voters three days in October to vote on the referendum, according to Deputy José Manuel González, a National Assemblyman from the state of Guárico. González has been working with other assemblymen to form a national agreement that would put an end to some of the undue sufferings in Venezuela. But Maduro has tried every trick in the book to keep his socialist regime in power.

José Manuel González is a well-known business person in Venezuela. He is a former president of the Chamber of Commerce, and he is one of the leading agriculture entrepreneurs in the country. He has been a candidate for governor in his state, and he highly respected by the banking industry. But in spite of his impressive resume, President Maduro has refused to consider changing his domestic policies. Maduro’s policies are watered-down versions of the policies Hugo Chavez put in place 13 years ago. Chavez picked Maduro as his successor, but Maduro has failed to produce economic stability or political cohesiveness, according to Mr. González.

Venezuela is on the verge of collapsing, according to González and the opposition leader, Henrique Capriles. Capriles and González want 20,000 voting machines available for the referendum vote in October, but Maduro is only giving them 5,400 machines. Capriles wants the voting machines to be available 24 hours a day, but Maduro will only keep them open for seven hours each day. The Maduro tactics are designed to give the beleaguered president time before the inevitable happens. But time is not going to help Maduro, according to Capriles. More than 80 percent of the people want to remove Maduro from office, and that figure will only go up in 2017.

Meanwhile, people are starving, and medicine is in short supply. Crime is at an all-time high, and those issues are setting the stage for a major rebellion.

Real Estate Property Management in New York

Five years down the lane, Town Residential has been able to gain recognition in the city of New York for their real estate practices. This is attributed to the fact the real estate firm offers exemplary services. The services offered are of top-notch quality. Thanks to the dedicated staff and team who are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction to their esteemed clients.

As real estate firm based in NYC real estate, a variety of services are offered. The firm offers to lease- sales and marketing, leasing of property both retail and commercial.

Due to certain quality service, the firm has been able to bring about some competitiveness in the real estate sector.

This NYC real estate company has several properties under their management. Regarding properties, there are seven huge project deals. As a tycoon, you may not want to turn a blind eye to these deals. The projects are:

1. EAST MIDTOWN REZONING. This is a proposal that is in the bid to give rise to taller and larger towers. The project is set to take place in the heart of Manhattan’s historic Commercial business district. The proposal has been put into play after two years of study and input by the Department of City Planning. The project is awaiting approval by the City Council and the mayor. Final approval will be done after a review process known as the ULURP.

2. ONE VANDERBILT. This is a 1500 foot tower in height. Regarding sq ft, a remarkable 1.6 million square feet measure is in place. So far, the building has the TD Bank as one of their tenants, and the bank occupies a 200,000 sq ft area. More leases are going to be signed. Courtesy of the NYC real estate luxury.

3. TWO WORLD TRADE CENTER. The world trade center is to come up courtesy of Larry Silverstein. He is set to build this tower in pursuit of establishing his legacy.

4. 28 LIBERTY ST. AND 550 MADISON AVE. This building is more of a landmark. It was brought up in 1961 and has a total area of 1 million square feet. It was sold for a total of 2.2 million through JLL, and it is currently under the ownership of the Saudi Arabia-based Olayan America. He has, in turn, sought clients to occupy the 850,000 square feet.

5. DURST’S HARLEM. Bruce Eichner sold his piece of land to the Durst incorporation. This move will prove to be of positive impact for East Harlem. Only a fully established developer can fulfill the required standards.

6. THE “MARSEILLAISE.” Companies that are related will bring forth a sculpture that will be monumental. The sculpture is by courtesy of Britain’s Thomas Heatherwick. It will be placed at the center of the large public plaza situated at the Hudson Yards. Neiman Marcus and some selected restaurants brought about by Thomas Keller will be included. The remarkable piece of art will be monumental to NYC Real Estate just as the Eiffel Tower is grand to Paris.

7. SECOND AVENUE SUBWAY. This is a $4.5 billion project that is set so as to allow expansion of the Q line to East 96th Street.