Brad Reifler Challenge SEC, Lends Hand to Non Accredited Investors

When it comes to making money in the world of investments it almost always seems like you already need to have cash to make a bunch more. This makes it seem like there is just a money churn at the top of the pyramid between the 1% investors as everyone else gets thrown to the wolves or left behind. Brad Reifler, CEO of Forefront Management Group, has seen first hand how the current investment model can do damage to people who could otherwise make a difference with their investments. As a result the CEO has made some decisions in order to try and help them out.

Accredited investors rule the world of investments. The definition for accredited investors comes straight from the Security Exchange Commissions (SEC). The SEC calls an accredited investor someone who meets the following two definitions: 1) an individual with a net worth, with a spouse or alone, of at least $1 million or 2) a person with an annual income of $200,000 either alone or with a spouse, exceeding $300,000 total. As a result of this definition, which IS routinely assessed by the SEC, many otherwise solid investors are not allowed to get in on the game. Accredited investors are given priority and many more perks while trying to move their money around.

Reifler was also given a taste first hand of what it is like to be left behind by the bigger market. When his father-in-law asked Brad to invest his life savings, Reifler ended up hitting many closed doors: his father was not an accredited investor. As a result he couldn’t optimize his own family’s investment and was thus given a first hand feeling for the struggles that the middle and lower income classes face. Rather than sit idly by, Reifler instead insisted on making a change by using his own company for progress.

Forefront Income Trust was established as a response to the lack of available options for the ‘99%’ of investors that are left behind by the SEC. The trust is a public fund whose only threshold is set at a paltry $2,500 beginning investment. Investors can rest assured knowing that the Trust is not tied to the stock market and is instead a slow growing, nuanced fund that promises a slow but steady increase. For those that can meet the low threshold, Forefront Income Trust could be a game changer.

Knowing the Law in Brazil

People in Brazil need legal protection. There are always chances that someone is going to be faced with a violation or may have to file a lawsuit in order to get fairness. Unfortunately, filing a lawsuit can be very costly depending on the lawyer. Fortunately, there are tons of lawyers in Brazil. There are different types of lawyers to choose from. Among the lawyers that are available are the no win no fee lawyers. These are the types of lawyers that do not require a fee until they win the case for the client. This saves the client a lot of money.

In looking for a lawyer, it is important to find one who is very experienced in Brazilian law and other factors that go into fighting a case. Along with the experience is the track record of the lawyer. One thing that can make a client very confident is the amount of cases that they lawyer has won prior to this client. Even with the experience, if the lawyer does not have a winning streak, then it is probably better to find another that could work the case. Even if the client is in the right, he could still lose the case without the right representative for the case being presented to him.

One lawyer that is very experienced has a winning streak is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He has taken on many cases and has a very good success record. He not only fights cases as a lawyer, but he also provides legal advice to his clients so that they can know how to stay within the bounds of the law. He teaches his clients how to understand the law and their rights. His aim is to make sure that he gains what is fair for his clients so that the client could be compensated. This also gets it to where the offense is less likely to occur. After all, if an offense goes unpunished or even unacknowledged, it is likely to be repeated. It is rare that a legal offense goes away due to it being ignored.

Lawyers in Brazil are very passionate about what they do for their clients. The best lawyers not only defend their clients, but they also teach their clients how to defend themselves in a legal dispute. Clients often learn new laws and new interpretations of the law with the right lawyers.

Keep All Of The Productions Coming

John Textor is very well not known name in entertainment industry because of his dedication to film and because of the quality of animation that his company produces. John Textor is a true entrepreneur and he’s made a name for himself by doing truly magnificent work when it comes to the field of entertainment and fimography. John Textor was previously the chairman and CEO of digital domain productions. John Textor is a man that has worked in entertainment in many different facets of the industry. He is a man that is best well-known for his use of digital humans that are photorealistic. He is also a producer of his own film. John Textor has worked with many different entertainment and companies in order to produce some of the most loved and well well known movies and films such as “2012,” The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons,” Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” and “Jack and the Giant Slayer.” All of these movies were made with the use of digital photorealistic humans. Not only had John Textor been involved in the making of these humans, but he together with his production company were in charge of the visual effects for more than 80 other large-scale feature films.

John Textor’s company has won many awards for the movies that they have had a hand in producing. In 2009 their company won the Academy award for achievement in the visual effects for the character Benjamin Button in the movie “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.” In this film there digitalized character grew from old to young, and they were able to totally and completely transform the actor into a character using the use of digital technology.

John Textor is also the creator of many digital performances such as the Virtual Tupac, the Virtual Michael and the Virtual Mets. John Textor is much acclaimed for his digital productions, even though he is no longer the CEO of Digital Domains, he has accomplished much in the career of entertainment, and it is evident that his talent in the industry will continue to be appreciated and loved.

Using the Right Combination of Advertising

An effective advertising campaign involves using the right combination of methods for advertising. From TV commercials, posters, and movie theater screens to the Internet, companies have tons of options when it comes to advertising the product. The company has to come up with a campaign that is wise and catchy. Everything from the type of ads needed to carry out the campaign to the amount of money needed to invest in the campaign. This can be done with the help of an advertising company. There are a couple of big and experienced advertising agents that will bring out the desired results.

There is Claudio Loureiro of Heads Propaganda. Claudio’s company deals with finding out what is needed to advertise the products and get the best results. Claudio sits with the company and the products, services, or promotions that and figures out a campaign that is going to bring out the best sales for the company. Heads Propaganda comes up with the imagery and story to bring out interest. They also figure out where to place the ads. Often times, the video ads are matched with banners and posters that have the same tone. This is to keep a consistent image.

When figuring out the right amount of advertising to do for each medium, it is important to know where the target audience goes. For instance, the target audience may spend a lot of time watching TV compared to reading magazines. In this case, while one can design ads for the TV set, it is better to pay for more television spots than advertising spots in magazine publications. This will prove to be an effective advertising campaign with that approach. It is best to go where the audience is. This will result in a huge conversion rate for the company.

A large part of selling through advertising is communicating an image to the customers. If the ad gives the company and the product a good image, then the customer is very likely to put forth his money to buy the product or service. The image in general has to be that of a trustworthy and honest company that not only offers reliable products, but brings something new to the customer that he or she hasn’t seen before. These could be innovative features that bring more convenience to the user. The easier the product makes things for the customer, the better the company is going to be able to sell its next product.

Staying In The Know In The Entertainment Business

Brian Mulligan is a man that has accomplished much in his career. Mulligan began his career studying at the University of Southern California where he attained his masters degree in business administration. Later on he went on to the University of California and he graduated from the John E Anderson graduate school of management. Brian began his career working as a senior manager in the entertainment practice unit PWC. He worked there from 1983 all the way to 1989. He was one of the founding members of the unit. Later in 1997 he became the CEO for universal television. He was in charge of that network for two years. Working as CEO he ran this world enterprise that employed over 5000 people. He was able to make $5 billion in revenue. Within the first year of him becoming the co-chairman of Universal Pictures he was able to improve the cash flow of the company by $1 billion. Apart from that Brian was also one of the founders when he came into focus features.

Brian went on with his career and went to be on the Board of Directors at Universal Orlando. He served there for four years and one month as an advisor. He truly is a man that has been very fortunate in his life. He always believed in working hard, studying hard, and achieving many goals. He quickly became CEO, COO, or CFO in the different positions all across many different entertainment and media platforms. He has a career of over 30 years, and he has been on the Board of Directors and been a board member for many other high-ranking entertainment positions such as USA networks, Universal cinema international, and Napster. Brian is a man that has had his hand in many facets of the entertainment business, and he has been able to be a collaborator in the business of making many well known and loved movies. Brian Mullingan is a man who has had a truly successful career and it is all because of his hard work and dedication.

Brad Reifler Surpasses His Competitors By Maintaining Great Financial Services

The education of Forefront Capital’s unprecedented and effective asset management
services is an essential component of Brad Reifler’s career. Currently
the primary director of this lucrative firm, Reifler strives to spread
the knowledge of their proven financial strategies with respected
professionals worldwide. Essentially, his educational training at
Bowdoin College as well as his former business pursuits, has greatly
influenced his profound success as the Founder, Chairman, and Chief
Executive Officer of Forefront Capital. As a serial entrepreneur, he
has gained ample insight into the investment industry by developing
Reifler Trading Company and Pali Capital. Most importantly, he truly
understands the value of sustaining significant relationships with his
clients in order to facilitate substantial capital increases with
proprietary advisory services.

Reifler’s main objective and mission is to promote outstanding and prominent customer service
among every Forefront Capital consultant as the bond between employee
and clients builds a genuine trust that will last a lifetime. After
this meaningful relationship is established, advisors may present a
diverse selection of financial products during the initial
consultation process. Because Forefront Capital specializes in
investment banking, alternative investment management, and capital
markets services, the firm is able to personalize their offerings to
the unique needs and expectations of every individual. Most
prominently, the company also strives to deploy their capital across
various potent financial strategies in order to generate impressive returns
for their clients.

As a long-standing client advocate, Reifler and his team at Forefront
Capital proudly present each investor with an extensive selection of
asset management services. By employing intensive research and market
trend analysis, the advisors are highly skilled in business approaches
related to public and private investments. Moreover, the firm’s
effective financial strategies are grounded in proven principles which
were created by a highly knowledgeable team of expert businessmen.


From an early age, Marc Sparks was destined for greatness. He grew up to be one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs. He is situated in Dallas, Texas. Marc Sparks truly realizes and understands that there is a great responsibility that comes with success. He is also a venture capitalist who currently holds multiple portfolio companies. He has prosperously owned and run a variety of businesses. He is majorly involved with Splash Media, Blue Jay Wireless, and Cardinal Telecom, which are all telecommunication companies. He has also worked in venture investing, business solutions, and real estate.
Marc Sparks is best known as the founder, owner and CEO of Timber Creek Capital. These is a private equity firm. It is the firm to turn to when it comes to specializing in turning the dreams of passionate entrepreneurs into revenue generating, sought after goods and services. Timber Creek Capital provides the needed capital, equipment, office space, legal aid, accounting, banking, merchant banking, web development, intellectual capital, graphic arts, networking, and marketing. All this is made possible by the capable team of support staff that is handpicked by Marc Sparks. His over thirty years of experience in navigating businesses helps in bringing companies from inception to fruition.
Among the many authors out there, Marc Sparks can qualify as one of the inspirational authors. He has written various books all detailing his life and successes. For a man who started as a C student and finally becoming a triumphant entrepreneur, we sure can learn a lot from him. In his recent book, titled, “They Can’t Eat You-My Unorthodox path To Outrageous Success.”, Marc expounds on his journey, the trials and struggles of making it to success. These is surely going to inspire many.
They say a hand that gives receives more. Marc Sparks is heavily involved in philanthropic endeavors especially in his hometown, Dallas. He is a subsidizer of the American Can! Academy. These is a high school magnet program providing education to 8,000 at-risk students each year. He also has his “Sparky’s Kids” Foundation that provides free new Dell computers to less fortunate, but well deserving kids. Since the late eighties, Marc Sparks has been involved with the Samaritan Inn of McKinney in providing shelter for the homeless in Collin County, Texas. The Samaritan Inn has provided millions of meals and has helped thousands of homeless people regain their independence via comprehensive programs.
Marc Sparks is a health enthusiast and outdoorsman. He enjoys hiking, hunting, working out, adventurous travel, fishing, golf, and biking.

Brian Bonar: An Experienced, Successful, Financial Services Professional

Finance is a science that deals with money management. It is commonly divided into the subcategories of personal finance, corporate finance, and public finance. The field focuses on how assets and liabilities are allocated over time with an eye on certainty and uncertainty. A currency’s purchasing power can vary over time. People involved in finance pay particular attention to the price or value of an asset and the risk level and potential rate of return associated with it. Having someone experienced in financial management can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your personal or business finance.

The financial position of an individual or business is determined by looking at net worth, assets and liabilities, and cash flow. Using this information a financial planner can help to determine whether or not particular goals can be met. A skilled financial planner can also determine the appropriate amount and type of insurance protection and tax planning that’s necessary to meet investment and accumulation goals. This information can then be used to create the budget or working capital of a person or business.

Proper financial risk management and investment management are crucial for attaining short and long-term financial goals. It informs the basis of the acquisition and use of funds and a business’ capital structure. It also helps to decide a company’s mix of debt and equity financing and other sources of capital. An experienced financial services expert can help a business to identify and utilize the appropriate financial methodologies and instruments to meet their goals. However, it is essential they base their recommendations on the correct financial economics.

Brian Bonar is an experienced financial specialist with a track record of success. He has worked with a wide range of companies including start-ups and established businesses and provided them with the financial guidance necessary to take their businesses to the next level. What makes Bonar special is the wide array of skills he possesses when it comes to finance. He is able to provide companies with connections to venture capital to get them started or assist them with corporate restructuring so they can take better advantage of the assets they already have. Brian Bonar is a hard working man.

What makes Brian Bonar so valuable to so many types of companies is that in addition to his MBA and PhD from England’s Stafford University in International Business Development, he has an incredible amount of real world experience. Bonar has worked with established multinational corporations like IBM, where he spent 16 years, to non-profits, founded several companies, and worked as COO, CFO, Chief Accounting Officer, and Principal Accounting Officer for companies in a variety of industries in the U.K, the Czech Republic, Mexico, and the United States. Brian Bonar was written about by PRNewsWire.

Art Collector Adam Sender Has No Regrets About Leaving Finance Behind

Adam Sender is devoting his time to a passion these days — art. The former hedge fund manager has ammassed quite an art collection over the past decade. He first began collecting art in the years before he opened his own company, Exis Capital. He now has over 400 contemporary art pieces worth well over $100 million.

Sender is about to mount his own art exhibition next week in Miami. It will be held at one of his empty propeties still on the selling block. “My wife and I love the area. Plus, we have plenty of friends and family we get to see,” says Sender. The “Home Alone” collection will feature over 100 pieces in the collection. Sender has the same discening eye for art that he has for hedge funds. The pieces chosen for exhibit — which were reasonably priced when he bought them — are now worth over $70 million. Adam Sender is a well known part-time art collector.

Some of Sender’s most significant collection pieces include Cindy Sherman’s “Untitled” #93 and John Baldessari’s “Commissioned Painting: A Painting By Edgar Transue.” He also has a few of Dan Flavin, John Curren and Kara Walker. Sender is having a good time with his art. He absolutely loves pop-up art exhibits and buying. He’s still collecting new art and has his eye on some very good emerging artists. Sender says he isn’t big on artists fresh out of school, but he is willing to give them a look after a few years in the business.

Now, Sender has commissioned Sotheby’s to sell a few hundred pieces of his art collection. This should easily fetch more than $70 million. The hedge fund’s closing definitely gives Sender more freedom to focus on his collections. Sender says he has no regrets about transitioning from hedge funds to art. He has his passion and will continue to follow it. Check out Adam Sender’s FB profile.

Mr.Dan Newlins Service To The Community

Mr.Dan Newlin is one of the top most respected attorneys who currently resides in the U.S. Mr. Dan has not always been a lawyer, however, he has always directed all his careers towards serving the public. According to Mr. Dan Newlin, improving the public service is the key to making our country a better place to live in.
He started nurturing his career at the tender age of eighteen. He took pride of his first job being different from other eighteen year old’s jobs. Instead of starting off as a paperboy or a fast food waiter, Mr. Dan Newlin ventured into the job market as an emergency medical technician (EMT). As an EMT, Dan had to be taught how to quickly respond to life-threatening-situations. Mr. Newlin recalls being in an ambulance with only six months experience on the job trying to assist a woman give birth to her unborn child. Dan Newlin is a well known personal injury attorney in the state of Florida.

At the age of twenty, Dan Newlin decided to switch his career from being an emergency medical technician to a policeman. As an officer, Dan Newlin worked with the department of police in Indiana. He really loved his job; more so, he also enjoyed the fact that he was serving the community which was his dream goal at any working post he got.
As an officer of the law, Mr. Dan Newlin solved many cases which ranged from fugitives, drug peddling and many more others. After several years of working with the Police force, Mr. Dan Newlin got a promotion which posted him to the Sheriff’s department in Florida. Check out Dan Newlin on

As a member of the Sheriff’s department, Mr. Dan worked and solved lots of important cases, but there was this one case which brought about a complete turnaround of to his career. This turn around came as a result of a visit to a hospital where he was doing a random interview of people who were involved in road accidents. There is one woman in particular who caught his attention. This woman had been involved in an accident where a reckless driver had rammed into her cars’ side. Although she was doing fine, her unborn child did not survive the accident. After a lengthy talk with the woman, Mr. Newlin discovered that she had not gotten compensated for her loss despite her numerous claims to her insurance company.

This experience shared by that woman led to Mr. Dans career in law. By the year 2001, Mr. Dan Newlin had completed law school, obtained a license and his own law firm. Currently, Mr. Dan Newlin owns two law-firms which have over seventy employees. Each employee has undergone vigorous training so as to fully assist compensation victims to receive their compensation from insurance companies which have refused or are trying to dodge accident injury claims.