Georgia Church Believes Homosexuality Is Death Worthy

What happened to religion? The original message of peace, love and freedom has been distorted and reshaped into fragmented groups of self-serving hypocrites. The proof that religion doesn’t bring people together and treats them as equals is obvious these days. The discrimination that the gay and lesbian community is experiencing from religious groups defies the basic premise of Christ’s teachings. There is no love in bigotry and no peace in judgmental discrimination. The freedom to express the essence of being human has been buried in the narrow-minded teaching of fearful religious leaders. Fersen Lambranho finds this sort of divisiveness troubling.

A good example of that narrow-mindedness is a church in Milledgeville, Georgia. The pastor of the church believes homosexuals are an abomination, and they are death worthy. Pastor Robert Lee believes that the Bible says homosexuals should be put to death, and he stands by his interpretation of the Bible. Lee’s belief is not uncommon these days. Church pastors around the country are preaching the same message, and some people accept that ignorance as fact.

Pastor Lee and other church folks say marriage was created by God. Really? Marriage is a man-made institution. It is a ritual that is condoned by the states. Marriage has changed over the years, and it is still changing as humans change.

Russian Supply Spacecraft Out of Control

The astronauts aboard the International Space Station get a regular influx of supplies that are sent via rocket from the Earth. Everything from new space experiments to speciality food items are sent up on these supply ships, but one recent supply ship has gone awry. A Russian supply spaceship that was full of clothing for the astronauts, some spare parts for the space station and some pieces of hardware for future spacewalks has gone out of control of Russian engineers and is expected to fall back into the atmosphere according to Jason Halpern. Luckily, this rocket was unmanned, and it is expected to burn up once it enters the Earth’s atmosphere. Russian scientists have been unable to get a response from the rocket and are unsure about the nature of the problem that is causing the rocket to spin and to fall toward the Earth. The rocket is carrying more than 6,000 pounds of supplies.

New York Attracts a Curious and Cute Coyote

The cute coyote that was captivated by New York’s nightlife was taken into custody. The only crime that this coyote committed was that she could not resist the New York nightlife. This brown eyed beauty strolled through Battery Park City. This coyote was taken into police custody after she had her New York style adventure. Igor Cornelsen suggested that she seemed to enjoy stolling and running down and then up the Marina. She was also spotted frolicking in an adjacent park for quite some time. She did head to a café. This is how her adventure came to a halt when officials had to corner her and contain her. This curious and cute coyote is unharmed after her trip to the Big Apple. This adorable and stunning creature is now being well cared for after being taken to the ASPCA for observation.

Coyote Roaming NYC has been Captured

NYPD and Animal Control were tasked with a rather strange job this weekend in the city; they had to catch a coyote. Numerous sightings of a coyote taking in the sights in Manhattan’s upper west side flooded in all week, and on Saturday the police and Animal Control finally took the tourist into custody. The animal is being housed at the ASPCA and doing well. She was not harmed during her apprehension.

While Coyotes are regularly seen in upstate New York they have been spotted further and further south in recent years reports local NY researcher Sultan Alhokair. Yonkers, NY a city located just 15 miles north of midtown Manhattan have been dealing with sightings for the last three to five years. The sighting have been sporadic, and experts believe that further development in Upstate New York have pushed the creatures south into more residential territory.

While lower Westchester County has been experiencing sightings for years, this coyote is the first to head out of the suburbs and take on the big apple. This one may have been captured, but the ASPCA, NYPD and Animal control have warned city dwellers to be on the look out for more fury creatures. The coyote caused no damage or injuries during her visit to the city. There is no word on when or where the animal will be released. She is currently undergoing observation.

Princess Di Beanie

Beanie Babies were all the talk in the 1990s. There are some people who still collect them, but it’s getting harder to find the small stuffed animals unless you look at auction sites online, flea markets or yard sales. One couple seems to have found one of the rarest Beanie Babies that has been made. They found the animal at a flea market, and they only paid $15 for the animal. The bear that they found is the Princess Diana Bear. This bear was made after Princess Di was killed. This is a bear that could be sold for thousands of dollars to the right buyer.


When you find something that is this rare that the market wants, it’s best to take your time in selling the item. Kevin Seawright knows about this all too well. This is one of those finds that you pay very little money for only to find that the item is worth so much more, and it’s often worth more sentimentally than monetarily for some people.

Is the Advent of the E-Cigarette a Good or a Bad Thing?

A recent article on the plusses and minuses of e-cigarettes vs conventional cigarettes covered the subject reasonably well and seemed unbiased. E-cigarettes eliminate tar, carbon monoxide, and other combustion-related carcinogens and toxins but e-cigarette vapor usually contains nicotine and propylene glycol. While nicotine is not generally considered a carcinogen, it simultaneously increases blood pressure and heart rate while damaging blood vessels. This is not a good combination.

Regulation of e-cigarettes varies greatly. In some states in the US, it is legal for minors to buy them.

As the article states, e-cigarettes have at least some health advantages due to elimination of combustion products. They also have the potential to increase the overall rate of nicotine use due to their appeal as being a safer product.

I think that the benefits or risks of this relatively new product depend on any net positive impact it could have on public health without egregious impact on personal freedoms. While social disapproval and current legal regulations are not sufficient to diminish smoking in more than a slow and gradual way, maybe the option of e-cigarettes will move many to a somewhat healthier practice.

I personally wonder if the recruitment of new smokers is not partly dependent on some primal attraction to fire. Ricardo Tosto believes that as well. If so, and a large portion of current smokers switch to a flameless alternative, maybe fewer people in coming generations will be drawn to nicotine use.

Putin Reveals About A Secret Meeting When Russia Decided To Seize Crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed in an interview that he had launched an operation in substance to the annexation of the Crimea since the fall of the pro-Russian president of Ukraine February 22, 2014, according to interview excerpts released on Sunday by state television. “I came to the Kremlin with the leaders of our secret services and had entrusted their mission to save the life of the Ukrainian President. He would have been massacred, “says Vladimir Putin in an interview broadcast on Sunday by the channel Rossia 1. It is worth mentioning that on February 22, 2014, the pro-Western President Viktor Yanukovych was impeached by Parliament in Kiev and after a wave of protests, he ran away in the east.

“It was the night of February 22; we ended up at 7 am. I said to my colleagues: we are forced to start work to bring the Crimean Russian territory,” says the president, interviewed in his office. It is noteworthy that on February 27 heavily armed commandos had seized the regional parliament of Crimea. On February, 28 Ukraine denounced an “invasion” by Russia and the arrival of 2,000 troops in the Crimea who took control of strategic sites. Ray Lane is going to follow the current events, even if it means checking out Aquion Energy.

Is Being Sacred Enough To Save Mauna Kea?

Indigenous Hawaiians are protesting the construction of a thirty meter telescope that is slated to be built on one of their most sacred mountains, Mauna Kea. The University of Hawaii was given 11,000 acres of the land as a science reserve in 1968 by Hawaii’s Board of Land and Natural Resources. And, at that time, Mauna Kea already had 141 ancient shrines on it. However, because the land is an astronomy hot spot the University has subleased parts of the land to other scientific research institutions who have built telescopes. There are currently 13 individual telescopes that don the landscape of Mauna Kea.

I took an astronomy class in college as an elective course, much like Bruce Karatz. It was interesting at the time, but I was not interested in the subject matter. It has been twenty-three years since I took that class and I now live in a house that has an AMAZING view of the stars. So, I can appreciate the fact that astronomers would love to be able to see thirty light years away, but they also have three other sites that they can build their thirty meter telescope. And as a descendant of slaves, I also understand the long term effects that European influences can have on the indigenous culture and people. They lose who they are with every foreign structure that is built on a place that they consider to be sacred.

New York City’s Most Wanted Addresses

740 Park Road, The Square, The Dakota, The Ansonia, The Apthorp. These are notable, point of interest structures that contain the absolute most sumptuous condo in New York City, phenomenally well off and acclaimed inhabitants — and a few contentions to boot. The fortunate few who can make good millions (and awe the broadly strict center sheets) appreciate broad, intricate condo (at times even the storage rooms are bigger the common New York studio). Inquisitive about what’s inside? So were we, which is the reason we burrowed through general society chronicles to see what we could discover about everything from the inhabitants to the outrages to exactly the amount of cash it expenses to live in one of these royal residences. Here are the greater parts of the succulent points of interest…

740 Park Road, Lenox Slope

740 Park Road, an extravagance center developed in 1929, is one of the city’s most unbelievable structures, with huge condo that are the stature of richness — 13-foot roofs, two or additionally lounge areas (one for formal occasions, and another for more easygoing issues), up to six patios with perspectives of Focal Stop et cetera. In 2005, writer Michael Gross discharged a book about the building, 740 Park: The Account of the World’s Wealthiest Loft Building, chronicling the long history of riches here. What’s more, a narrative, Park Parkway: Cash, Power & the American Dream, was distributed in 2012, when the most noteworthy centralization of the nation’s extremely rich people lived in the building. John D. Rockefeller Jr. was one of the soonest inhabitants of 740 Park; he involved a triplex condo that is still viewed as the “Crown Gem” of NYC flats. In 2014, a 18-room duplex in the building sold for $71.3 million, making it New York’s most costly community deal ever.

The Ansonia, Upper West Side

This Upper West Side townhouse was initially fabricated as an inn — however an extraordinary inn. In 1899, copper beneficiary William Earle Avoid Stirs dispatched a planner to assemble “the most terrific lodging in Manhattan.” And he did: The Ansonia had sprawling and glorious rooms, Turkish showers, a housetop homestead and an anteroom wellspring with live seals. (A lodging attendant conveyed crisp eggs from the homestead to occupants consistently.) In the ’50s and ’60s, a significant number of the terrific inn rooms were reconfigured as studio or one-room units, and the building turned into a specialists’ safe house. It wasn’t until the 1990s that The Ansonia went condominium.

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O’s way, the right way

In spite of fear, resistance and underhand tactics by conservatives in both America and Israel, it appears an agreement to halts Iran’s nuclear proliferation has been brokered by several countries with the Obama administration in the lead. The only sticking point seems to be in reference to how much of the deal’s details will be released to the public. However, the outline has been set. The Netanyahu regime that just retained power in Israel by espousing a racist message, seeks to move the world toward war with Iran. The conservatives in America’s congress have also engaged in unprecedented practices in order to undermine a peaceful resolution to Iran’s nuclear problem. They too also seek to place America in a position to war with the Middle Eastern country.

John McCain famously sang a song in jest about bombing Iran, and sees any peaceful resolution as inadequate if you check his LinkedIn page. However, in spite of the concerted efforts of the conservatives in both countries, another great legacy for the Obama administration is being formed today according to Sergio Cortes. The talks went passed the self-imposed deadline but ultimately have been fruitful. The details have yet been released, but this is a testament also to the effectiveness of John Kerry as Secretary of State.