The Career Accomplishments of Avi Weisfogel and His Philanthropic Undertakings

Avi Weisfogel is one of the top dentists in New Jersey, and he practices at his clinic, which is known as the Old Bridge Dental Care. He established the office in 1999, and he has been offering outstanding services to his patients. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been designed as the best dentist in New Jersey many times. He has a particular interest in the study of sleep disorders, and he opened Dental Sleep Masters in 2014 to educates doctors and other dentists on how to treat sleep defects through oral medication. Avi has majorly specialized in the treatment of sleep apnea. He is also the proprietor of other institutions such as the Healthy Heart Sleep, which he started in 2010. The organization primarily sets up laboratories in different parts of the world to research on sleep abnormalities. Another foundation that he owns is the Unlimited Sleep Patient, which also teaches about sleep defects and their treatments.

Avi is a well-known philanthropist. He has been a benefactor of the Operation Smile through his GoFundMe account. The doctor contributed 2000 dollars to facilitate the campaign and as a father, he has always been willing to give towards making the life of children across the world better. Operation Smile has been conducting many free oral surgeries for young adults and children who are affected by oral abnormalities such as sleep apnea and sleep palates. It is an international organization, and its services are offered in about 80 nations across the world. The founders of the charity are Dr. William and his Wife Kathleen. They started Operation Smile in 1982 to provide medical aid to disadvantaged children in Philippine. Its activities have currently increased, and it has conducted about 220,000 surgeries to correct oral disorders.

Dr. Weisfogel also owns social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, and he uses them to interact with people about his activities. He also spends most of his free time in the studio making music. He is a lover a lover of Hip-Hop music, which he makes with an inside inspiration. Avi Weisfogel uploads his music on his Soundcloud account, and therefore, it can be accessed by anyone.

Save For College Through College Savings Bank

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Dalrada Financial Corporation CEO Brian Bonar Named Executive of the Year

The Cambridge Who’s Who selection committee chose Brian Bonar as the 2010/2011 Executive of the Year in Finance.

The honor goes to two male and two female executives each year. Cambridge Who’s Who first recognize the best and brightest in business through inclusion in their registry. After careful consideration of this pool of accomplished members of the business community, they select their four top choices as exemplars of business acumen for special honors.

This honor is widely considered the professional networking community’s highest honor. The yearly Who’s Who registry is intended as a reference guide for business networking. The history and accomplishments of those chosen for the registry, as well as any specific honors such as this Financial Executive of the Year award. Read more: Brian Bonar’s Pics, Phone, Email, Address, Public Records

Cambridge Who’s Who personally interviews each potential member of the registry. Executives and entrepreneurs are invited for further interviews if they are considered for higher honors in the registry.

They chose 2010/2011 Finance pick Brian Bonar after considering his professional accomplishments, successful academic career, and examples of his sharp leadership abilities.

Mr. Bonar has 30 years of experience in the financial sector under his belt, alongside his Ph.D and affiliation with the American Finance Association. For over a decade, Bonar has primarily served as chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Dalrada is a Marketing Liason, that creates and supports employee programs with the goal of increasing efficiency. They leverage data to develop employee benefits plans, workers compensation, business liability insurance, promotional solutions, and general financial management.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar is responsible for overseeing all of these aspects of Dalrada, and managing the employees that specialize in each area. His success at Dalrada was key to his selection for Executive of the Year In Finance.

Mr. Brian Bonar also serves as chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc., and as President of Allegiant Professional Business Service, Inc.

Skin lightening with Makari


Makari de Suisse is an exclusive skincare product developed for ethnic skin. With over 100 different types of skincare lines on the market, Makari is proven to provide radiant skin and is the leader in skin lightening. Uneven skin tone, blotches, and sun patches are a thing of the past with this top selling line. Manufactured in Switzerland, Makari uses simple, natural ingredients such as argan oil, shea butter, carrot oil, and their patented Organiclarine. Safe and effective components aid in the best skincare for all skin types. Makari is able to reduce dark spots without the use of the harsh chemical hydroquinone; and with their clinically proven formula are able to fade acne scars, fight signs of aging, and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
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Utilize NutriMost To Get Rid Of Unnecessary Weight

If you’ve been packing on the pounds on looking for a great way to lose weight NutriMost is the safe solution. Those days of intense workout routines, diet pills, or plastic surgery is out the door NutriMost offers a prepackaged meal plan that promises to help you lose 40 pounds in up to 90 days. You can gain your confidence back after a bit to much eating over the holiday season or to fit in your favorite dress, but NutriMost also works well for men. It doesn’t involve a hard core training routine, but just a healthier way of eating.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video
Their rival company Healthy Living has decide to use theit promotional video without their consent and replacing any likeness of NutriMost with the slogan Can’t Lose Diet. They received a federal cease-and-desist order that they have failed to comply with. NutriMost founders have said in a recent article from Daily News that their rival company is attempting to sabotage their good faith reputation with their customers. However, NutriMost clients continue to be loyal to their doctor approved prepackaged meals. In facts, doctors have spoken out about their rivals brand saying unregulated additives can be harmful.

NutriMost is providing the best meat choices among their collection that includes chicken, beef, turkey, and salmon. You get mouth watering vegetables like zucchini and eggplants. There is no need to spend your money on pricey products that promise to help you lose weight, but don’t. NutriMost promises you’ll never have to go hungry because you have plenty of meal choices that will suppress your appetite and leave you full. Their condiments feature all natural ingredients without the additives. Discover the benefits of NutriMost to help them lose weight in a safe and all natural fashion. Visit the NutriMost website for more details right away.

Dick Devos, Diligent Man With A Golden Heart.

Elizabeth Betsy Devos is a reformer who has led party organizations, campaigns and has been a chairperson of Michigan Republican Party. She advocates for educational choice movement and is a member of many national and local boards. Her passion for education reform was sparked by witnessing the difficulties parents underwent to pay tuition for the students at Potter House Christian School. Betsy and her husband Dick Devos became committed to supporting parents from low-income families and later on started a foundation that gave scholarships to kids. The parents never got the scholarships they wanted which prompted her to be more involved in the educational choice movement. She has served in two national charities to expand education choices through tax credits and vouchers. Mrs Devos started Great Lake Education Project to expand charter schools in Michigan State. She describes success as when all parents will have an opportunity to educate their kids in schools of their choice, and the children will get a chance to fulfill their potential.

Dick Devos is a philanthropist, author, sailor, pilot, civic leader and an entrepreneur. He has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and has honorary doctorates from several institutions. His career began in Amway Corporation, a company co-founded by his father, Richard Devos. He later founded Windquest Group a company committed to economically sustainable energy alternatives. He then returned to Amway where he served as president and after leading major expansions of the company, he retired. He is the chairperson and founder of West Michigan Aviation Academy, Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan and a member of the board of directors of Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

His philanthropic acts are many and have touched many hearts and have earned him Art of Giving Award from Spectrum Health Foundation. Together with Betsy, they founded Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation which is involved in educational, religious and civic charities. Some of the foundations, movements and institutions he has helped include, Michigan Freedom Fund, Education Freedom Fund, Helen Devos Children’s Hospital, America Education Reform Council and Education Freedom Fund. He has also funded studies of water pollution that threatens public safety and health.

He is considered as one of the richest people in America and his book Rediscovering America was a New York Best Seller. The father of four was born in 1955 and has inspired many through charity works, his success in business and his activism in community initiatives. One can say that his life is all about making positive changes in the community.

Duda Melzer Leading RBS Group into a Heavyweight in the Brazilian Media Industry

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer known by many as Duda is a president of a Family owned RBS Group, which was established in 1957. He graduated from PUCRS with bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Next, he joined Harvard Business School and received his MBA. He obtained a job at RBS Group back in 2004 to serve in the position of a General Manager. He served in the managerial position for nearly a decade before ascending to the presidency in 2012. Melzer pursues business consolidation plans that focus on innovative strategy, investment in communication and journalism, and a special focus on managing people.

RBS Group

The RBS Group has about 6,500 employees and a cumulative experience of over 56 years of offering outstanding communication service. It is one of largest and fastest expanding media firms in Brazil. Melzer loves to call it “a professional family business.” The group has received numerous awards and prestigious industrial recognition since inception. For example, in 2014, it was acknowledged as one of the most innovative firms in Brazil. In 2015, Melzer was selected to be part of the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise’s entrepreneurial leaders. Each year, the association brings together 25 members of young entrepreneurs who are leading in business innovation.

Melzer believes that two aspects that define leadership include the area of specialization in business and people’s skills. He believes that a company can continue to expand and thrive if it has dedicated people working for it. It is the responsibility of the leader to identify the strengths and weakness of his people. Melzer encourages teamwork among employees and organizes conferences and education workshops for them.

On business management, Melzer believes that each company should focus on achieving excellence in delivering its services and executing its plans. Melzer says that a result-oriented plan has helped RBS Group to become a leader in the Brazilian media and communication industry.

Philp Diehl, President of U.S. Money Reserve’s Discussion On EPN’s Enterprise Radio

Philip Diehl, the present U.S Money Reserve President and Eric Dye, the host of EPN’s Enterprise Radio recently discussed about the gold market. The interview was one of the numerous appearances the former U.S. Mint director, Philip Diehl has made since the start of the year.

EPN’s Enterprise Radio provides a means for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives to share experiences and strategies. They also have the platform to share their products, services, and their latest creations. In the show, Eric Dye and Philip Diehl talked about numerous issues starting with the future of the gold market. They also discussed about the strong customer service provided by U.S. Money Reserve and Diehl’s Leadership.

He achieved several feats as the director of the U.S. Mint. He is responsible for the initial platinum coin supplied by the U.S. government as well as the 50 states Quarter Program. While on the show, Diehl Recalled the transformation the institution made when he worked as the director.

The U.S. Mint changed from a backward agency into an agency that was more entrepreneurial. One of the outstanding steps made was the six- year dedication to advance customer service. Due to that endeavor, they were finally able to be at par with superior American business in customer satisfaction. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Diehl is considered as one of the highly achieving U.S. Mint directors. Additionally, since taking over as president of U.S. Money Reserve, he has exceptionally applied the same entrepreneurial principles. That is in terms of the devotion to customer satisfaction. Because of that, he has made U.S. Money Reserve one of the leading suppliers of precious metals issued by government.

In early 2016, the company launched a precious metal IRA program, which is self-directed. Clients can posses physical gold as a way of protecting their wealth for retirement. Additionally, it is important for customers to buy U.S. minted platinum, gold, as well as silver coins.

They are not only a legal tender but they are also backed by the U.S. government. This Information was initially reported on PRNewswire as explained by this link

About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S Money Reserve is the leading private supplier of U.S. as well as foreign government issued silver, platinum, and gold legal tender products. It was formed in 2001 and is situated in Austin, Texas. U.S. Money Reserve has a professional team that consists of coin research along with numismatic experts that are highly knowledgeable.

They provide the highest profit potential to all types of precious metal buyers. The company goes a step further to offer superior customer service. Many precious metal buyers have come to rely on the firm in diversifying their assets. This information was obtained from U.S. Money Reserve’s LinkedIn Page as elaborated by this link

Nutrimost files a lawsuit over pirated video used by Healthy Living


Nutrimost has sent anyone who wants to use their videos without permission a specific message, “We’ll see you in court.” Nutrimost has taken Healthy Living to federal court to get some justice. They claim Healthy Living stole a video promoting a revolutionary weight loss system and placed it, with some modifications, to their own website.

The original content from the video was modified only slightly, keeping much of the original content the same. The only content that was changed was any references made to Nutrimost, and those were changed to references made to Healthy Living. Customer testimonials were kept the same.

Dr. Ray Wisniewski is the principal of the weight loss program for Nutrimost, and he says the system is “safe”, and each person using the program is monitored by qualified health personnel. The program uses no hormones, no harmful drugs, and no surgery is involved.

The weight loss system claims a person can lose up to 45 pounds in 40 days or less, and no exercise will be required. In addition, no one will ever feel hungry. This is a revolutionary weight loss program that is customized to each person in order to achieve maximum weight loss goals.

Nutrimost is seeking $300,000 in damages as a result of the theft. They are also seeking the court to put a ban in place so that Healthy Living will never show the video again. A cease-and-desist order has been received by Healthy Living, and the video has not been shown since.


What you need to know About Laidlaw & Company

The Relmada Therapeutics Lawsuit
US Federal Court issued a temporary restraining order against Laidlaw & Company in December of 2015. It was in response to a lawsuit filed by Relmada. The company wanted to protect its investors from experiencing lawsuits. The reason for this was that James Ahern and Matthew Eitner issued false and misleading information.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

It is not the first time these complaints have been lodged against Laidlaw. The company has a history of refusing to fulfill its obligations to customers. The company has broken many financial regulations in the past too. The court issued the injunction due to the likelihood of Relmada winning their lawsuit. The judge considered the merits of the case and decided that the evidence against Laidlaw was quite strong.
About Laidlaw & Company
Laidlaw offers investment banking and wealth management services. Some of their activities include capital raising and IPOs. The company is involved in many sectors; it does not deal in investments in any specific field.
Although Laidlaw has been sued many times in Federal court, they always bounce back. Also, they have a lot of success in recent years. As with any organization, as you grow, you will always step on a few toes. However, the firm seems to be genuinely interested in making a profit for their investors. Laidlaw is a business they will either make money off you or for you.
Are They Trustworthy?
In the business world, trust does not hold much weight. The best thing for a person to have is solid advice. If I wanted to deal with Laidlaw, I would ensure that I first get the best advice available. As a result, it will make sure that I do not end up losing my money due to any mistakes I make.
Matthew Eitner and James Ahern are two tough investors. If you must trust them with your money, make sure they understand the limits. Laidlaw can help you become quite wealthy. However, they also have an obligation to make money for themselves.