Former Model Missing in Manhattan Blast

Yesterday an explosion in the basement of a building located in Manhattan rocked that East Village area. It was a seven-alarm fire that firefighters worked hard to get control of.

According to the story on the Associated Press website, the building that the explosion took place in collapsed. Officials say that the evidence suggests that there was a possible gas leak with the plumbing equipment in the basement of the trendy building. As of this morning, 19 people were injured and 2 are still missing.

One of those two who is missing is 23-year-old Nicholas Figueroa. Nicholas, a former model for the clothing brand Hollister, was on a second date with a co-worker at a the restaurant Sushi Park in the building when the explosion occurred. His bank records show that he paid his bill at the restaurant but there has been no sign of Nicholas yet. The girl he was on the date with made it out of the building and suffered from a broken nose. She made it out of the building when she lost consciousness and was taken to an area hospital. Reports are that she does not remember much else. Hopefully Nicholas is found safe.

The second unaccounted person has not been publicly identified yet according to Sultan Alhokair.

The Afghan President Visits Katz’s Deli In NYC

The new president of Afghanistan made a trip to New York City’s famous sandwich stop, Katz’s Deli and absolutely loved it. The Afghan leader, named Ashraf Ghani, has been trying extra hard to make a alliance with the United States in order to have better international relations. Jornadacriminosa said that he was visiting Congress to form this new bond between the two countries and commented that he loved eating at the local favorite eatery, Katz’s Deli, and he ordered a corned beef sandwich that was to die for.

According to an article on, Ghani went to school at Columbia where he earned his degree so he is somewhat familiar with the American culture here in the United States. In any case, it is really cool that a leader from such a large country that has been portrayed in the news as negative lately in the last few years can come over here and give a great presentation with a promising future. It is nice to see people of such importance take a step down to recognize the “average joes” of the world and remind us all that they are just regular people too. Without doubt Katz’s Deli must have loved the attention, and they are always very busy anyway from day to day. It won’t be long before they have a new line forming outside their door from people who want to follow suit after the foreign leader.

Sam Tabar Makes News With New Strategic Moves

Prominent attorney Sam Tabar, makes news with new strategic moves. First, a bit about his professionals background. Tabar is a leading capital strategist with a very interesting background that includes receiving his undergraduate degree at Oxford University and a law degree from Columbia where he also served as  Associate Editor for Columbia Law Review.  Tabar launched his career with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP as an Associate in 2001. Today, he is an expert in hedge funds and investing.

The latest about Tabar comes from PR News Wire about a recent investment  into the startup,  THINX. This has created a lot of buzz in investment circles across the world. Many investors are starting to take a second look at the new start-up company that strives to help women in America and Africa.

The start-up encourages bringing together world issues that affect women. THINX is actually a very uniquely designed company. Certainly, this is what led the strategist to invest in the company. The company provides a product that makes it possible for the women in Uganda to continue on with their daily lives. Sam certainly realizes the impact this will have on the lives of women in underdeveloped countries like Uganda.


The Dorchester Collection keeps luxury as its main goal

The Dorchester Collection has been working to expand its small, but growing number of hotels in recent years, the ten hotels the company owns and manages make the chain a leader in providing the most luxurious accommodation possible for its guests. Chief Executive Chris Cowdray is looking to expand The Dorchester Collection and has closed no door to the ultra luxurious locations the company has yet to reach in the World. Individuality is the key to maintaining the brand as a high quality option that guests looking for the most opulence and refinement can find in some of the most important and exciting locations in the World.

A good starting point for the many different options The Dorchester Collection is looking to expand into is the choice of partnering with another owner to manage Geneva’s Richemond Hotel. This hotel holds an important position for The Dorchester Collection as it sees the company embark on a management only position in the ownership of the hotel. Owned by the Brunei Investment Agency under the leadership of the country’s Sultan, The Dorchester Collection is in an enviable position as the vast wealth of its owner means an instant profit is not required as long as the goals of the company are being met on a regular basis.

Because of the unique ownership position of The Dorchester Collection, the company can afford to take its time to make sure each and every option is considered before a new location is chosen. There are a number of area the company is hoping to move into, including a number of areas in North America and Asia. The company is not scared of crating new hotel locations close to those it already owns, as it did with the addition of 45 Park Lane, which lies just feet from the flagship hotel, The Dorchester. As The Dorchester is known for its refined elegance, The Dorchester Collection transformed 45 Park Lane into a contemporary hotel that offered a completely different experience without sacrificing any of the opulence and luxury the chain is known for.

Rats In New York City Carry Bubonic Plague Fleas


While everyone is reeling from the measles epidemic and the debate about vaccinations, a more sinister bug is festering in New York City stated Marc Sparks. Most people have heard about the Bubonic plague or ‘Black Death’ through history books. But what few realize is that this highly fatal bacterial infection still occurs. According to the WHO or World Health Organization, this menace has reared its head in countries such as Algeria, India and Indonesia. Here is the real shocker, in America there almost a dozen confirmed cases annually.

Rats are the main source for the spread of the Bubonic Plague, although, prairie dogs that have fleas and even those cute ground squirrels can be culprits. So when researchers at Cornell and Columbia University teamed up, imagine their surprise in finding New York City rats with the fleas capable of dispensing death. The 133 rats used for the study carried over 500 varieties of rat fleas known as Oriental. If bitten by an infected rat, a human would have the bacteria coursing through their bloodstream. The good news is with a quick diagnosis and the administration of antibiotics chances of living increase from the abysmal 40% survival rate to 85%.

Read the details of an article on by following this link,, which states the rats live underground in the canals of the subway system. The researchers have reached out to the appropriate city officials urging them to monitor the activity of rats in the city. They also suggest that the public should not leave their food and drink unattended.

The Most Common Procedure Used To Diagnose and Remove Mild To Moderate Endometriosis

When a patient needs an Endometriosis, they undergo the most common procedure used to detect and treat any small or moderate case of endometriosis. What the doctors do is that instead of cutting through the stomach and working on treating the patient from there, or they can instead insert a small light instrument called a laparoscope through an incision. Not the entire job can be done with one laparoscope, so some doctors cut another extra incision or two to insert other surgical instruments.

Dr. Tamer Seckin, a New York based leader in Endometriosis care and surgery has gotten involved within the disease research by spreading the word and being the voice to all the victims suffering from endometriosis.

Needing an Endometriosis surgery will most likely be in order for a doctor to view your internal organs in search for any endometriosis signs or any other harmful diseases. The only way for an endometriosis to be detected is through the internal organs check up. It is never exact on whether the case symptoms are on point or not, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Another reason why a doctor may check you for endometriosis is to remove any scar tissue resulted from implants or cysts. Those end up bigger than normal cuts and never fully heal right.

Endometriosis care and surgery can be a lengthy process to prepare for, therefore it is always best to go through the right steps to ensure a safe surgery and recovery. You will be told not to eat or drink anything for 8 hours prior to the operation. You will go under anesthesia which will knock you out cold until the operation is done. You won’t feel like anything happened when you wake up and the entire surgery doesn’t take any longer than 30 to 45 minutes. The procedure is done by a surgeon or a gynecologist.

The whole process is to check out your internal organs, and that can only be done in a few ways. What the doctor will do is deliver some gas through a needle instrument which pushes the gas into the abdomen which causes it to expand showing the internal organs clearly for the surgeon. After cleaning up the internal organs from any scar tissue, there may be a follow in a lazer beam treatment that cuts off any excessive scar tissue. After the procedure is done, the surgeon will stitch up the wound and prepare it for healing to leave no scars.

After the surgery is done you will require a day of rest in the hospital before being allowed to safely go back home to make sure the stitches healed correctly and you have no other problems to worry about. It will take you around a week to fully recover and be able to go back to doing normal activities.

Endometriosis surgery is done to remove any scar tissue getting in the way of the internal organs. Without the proper medical treatment, severe pain can be felt in the abdominal area and the bowl or bladder. Seeking medical attention is important if the symptoms apply to you.

Igor Cornelsen investment tips

The stock market seems to be experiencing enormous gains following the Fed announcement about their commitment towards retaining the present lesser interest rates. That implies this moment is the appropriate time that one can involve themselves in serious investment.

In spite of the reality that they have not made many fresh securities obtainable, this is the ideal moment to invest. Fed’s devotion to reviving the economy, as well as assisting businesses proceed with investing and thriving safely.

Putting into consideration Igor Cornelsen’s record in investment, one likely wishes to take several of his opinion, on matters concerning investing. And keep in mind, one cannot begin too early.

Wise investing mainly involves making the appropriate choice at the appropriate time. Even though that might sound easy, it is a hard tactic to master. Nevertheless, there are lots of aspects that one is able to streamline themselves for accomplishment anywhere you keep they cash. It simply concerns making the appropriate brand of cautious investments that are assured to payout, and assist a person accomplish an entire new point of financial achievement.

For beginners, think about branching out your investments. This is among the most crucial factors that one is able to likely do using your cash. That is due to the fact a person really spreads their cash around, and raise their probabilities for success, although also limit the number of perils, which they have so as to adapt at one moment.

The most crucial part about investing is getting affordable stocks also. This is the point where spoiled stocks are able to be a person’s finest possible alternative for a venture. That is due to the fact that it lets people to be part of a great company, at a small portion of the price they would on average have met. Nevertheless, one has to be very careful, as you can see here. In some occasions the real corporation could be destroyed. In that instance, one is able to end up having a stock, which is fundamentally useless, thus it is vital to make distinctions.

It is important for investors to always keep an eye for companies that often change their Chief Executive Officer too. This is a great signal regarding whether a corporation is damaged or not. The moment a corporation is damaged, they often replace their CEO several times. This at all time implies that there is something extremely incorrect with the manner the corporation is being managed, and it is almost certainly something that should be avoided.


Dr. Rod Rohrich: Changing the Field of Changing Lives


Plenty of my friends have received plastic surgery and you need to go to a top medical professional. It takes a lot to be named a leader in the field of medicine: a strong, reliable background in the sciences, constant innovation with new techniques, and the compassion to treat each and every case that walks into one’s office with the dignity and care they deserve. Dr. Rod Rohrich, M.D., F.A.C.S., exemplifies this in both his practice and in education, and over the decades of his practice, he has shown that, to him, each patient has value and beauty throughout the process of plastic surgery.
Dr Rohrich’s background in medicine begins at the Baylor College of Medicine. He completed residency at the University of Michigan’s Medical Center, and pursued further training in pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford University. Dr. Rohrich helped to found the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern, before being appointed Chairman in 1991. His academic work has been published as a standard of modern medicine, featuring in textbooks, journals, and hundreds of symposia. He currently serves as editor-in-chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the foremost academic journal of reconstructive medicine, and as co-chair of the Dallas Rhinoplasty and Cosmetic Surgery Symposia, an annual conference attended by leading physicians from around the world.
Beyond his academic achievements, Dr. Rohrich is also recognized as a local leader and professional. He has earned repeated recognition in local D Magazine from his peers as a trusted and respected practitioner among hundreds in Dallas, been featured in national news media from the New York Times to the Today Show, and has twice received one of his profession’s most prestigious awards, the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation Distinguished Service Award. These recognitions and more serve as continuing testimony to his efforts.
The various achievements Dr. Rohrich has attained are also accompanied by his lengthy record of service to the human community. During his practice, Dr. Rohrich has traveled around the world, treating burn victims and conducting other forms of reconstructive surgery to aid those in need. His work developing programs worldwide has helped to strengthen the global community of medicine for years. His belief that his surgeries restore the normal, in reconstruction, and the natural, in cosmetics, has helped to shape his practice, touching the lives of thousands. In the future, his intent to continue to innovate and elevate the field of plastic surgery will continue to shine through in every aspect of his work.

Keith Mann and the Uncommon School

I took a new position  with a talent management software company here in New York and so have recently become really interested in learning more on the state of the workforce, college-readiness, and the skills gap. As part of my research I took a field trip to just right across town to visit Uncommon Schools, a non-profit education initiative that manages urban charter school projects that focus on closing the opportunities gap within low income communities.

Uncommon Schools relies on federal funding and the State of New York’s charter allocations for funding its program. However, sometimes there happens upon us rare occasions, presenting rare opportunities, inspired by rare individuals, like a certain New York businessman, Keith Mann.

The reason I wanted to visit Uncommon Schools in particular is because of the article I stumbled across on that announced that Uncommon Schools had recently received a $10,000 donation funded by Dynamic Search Partners, an assets management and human resources firm that specializes in hedge fund investment opportunities.

The understanding that all students have the ability to go to college is what inspired Keith Mann to initiate the new partnership between Uncommon Schools and Dynamics Search Partners It is their commitment to these students that helps drive them to something larger and greater. Through intellectual curiosity and grit, the school has been able to increase their successful rate of educating their students, which is also what makes it one of the most difficult charger schools to gain access to in the entire region, not only just the state.

Keith Mann sees the importance of the school system and exactly what it is able to do not only for the students but also for the local community, as the more top tier students that come out of the region, the more that are likely to stay and the better off the students are going to be. With the partnership between Keith Mann and the school system, it is going to help keep many of the students in the area after college.

Blizzard Juno Underwhelms New York, Hits New England Hard


The purported monstrous winter snow storm known on social media as #blizzardJuno that resulted in over 5,000 cancelled flights and practically shutdown New York City in anticipation of it’s arrival turned out to be rather underwhelming, for Manhattan, at least. Juno swept upwards towards the north east where it barraged New England states with powerful winds that averaged around 70 miles per hour, as well as up to 3 feet of snow in some parts of the region.

The massive blizzard was predicted to strike a 250-mile long stretch of coast that ranged from New Jersey to Maine, and New York City was on high alert early Sunday, as Juno’s arrival was estimated to be Monday and carry on into Tuesday night. Ultimately, the city was sparred the brunt of the storm as it moved “further east than expected”, according to the National Weather Service.  Lins Andrade reported that Massachusetts received the heaviest amount of snowfall, with Worcester receiving 33.5 inches, the most in the city’s history.

As much as 100 feet of Seawall collapsed in Marshfield, Massachusetts, which resulted in the flooding and damaging of nearby homes and properties. Floods also filled the streets in Scituate, Massachusetts. The National Guard spent Tuesday rescuing public safety personnel and residents from their inundated homes, according to the Boston Globe.

Although the worst of Juno is over, New England will be dealing with the massive snowfall and it’s repercussions for weeks. Schools and work places are expected to remain closed as streets are plowed and citizen safety is ensured.