How Image Recognition Has Transformed Business Today

Image recognition is the state of the art technology that uses mobile devices to offer solutions to retailers in the business field. This technology has greatly reduced operational and customer support costs. Generally, this application has reduced the cost of operating a business drastically. Several providers have partnered with retailers to market their products using this technology.

Slyce is a company that specializes in providing this service to various brands and retailers in the market. Slyce is currently partnering with six out of twenty top retailers in North America. The company uses image recognition technology at various stages to search, and show exact or closely matching products. The company has a potential of using image recognition and creat solutions to a number of sectors.

People in the business field should consider incorporating image recognition technology to promote their products and also transform retail industry. For retailers to be able to compete, they must adopt and embrace the new technology. Mobile application for retail can get information on post product experience in order to assure the clients the products are the right one for them.

Retailers who use this technology are able to reduce cost of labor. Few employees are needed to operate the business because only a few customers can manage to visit the outlet physically. Only sales associates are needed to interact with customers who need answers to their complex questions.

Retailers using this app are able to pinpoint the taste and preferences of customers out there. You can be able to analyze the demand of your product in specific places using mobile apps. This technology can utilize existing digital resources to offer helpful techniques to their customers. Due to this, retailers are able to amplify the benefits of digital resources.

Using brand recognition will make your business stand out from the rest. To accomplish this, you must utilize the present day technology to brand your products through visual images and texts and make them very unique. Your brand must be designed in style and professionally. Depending on your line of business, it should be different from others.

Retailers should use this technology as a marketing tool for their products. It would be easily accomplished by using unique packaging and slogans. The service provider can integrate their visual technology to the existing application on your brand. Retailers are urged to fully embrace this technology since many people are in possession of mobile devices that can be used to shop around.

NYC Hosts 10 Questions from the City of Sydney

Sydney is an incredibly huge city with just over 4 million, but New York City has 8.5 million, so it’s only natural that the up-and-coming Sydney has some questions for the ever extravagant NYC. Here are 10 questions that everyone in Sydney has to know about New Yorkers, so they decided to ask from Handy.

1. Aren’t you worried that when you leave your apartment, you’ll get mugged?
2. How cynical can you get?
3. Is it noisy ALL the time; how can you ever sleep in a city that never sleeps?
4. We know without a doubt that Sydney is better than Melbourne. Is that how you feel about LA?
5. Does everyone in NYC see a therapist probably because of the stress?
6. Tourists take pictures of your yellow Taxi’s, but can you imagine having some green?
7. Is there always something fabulous to do in the City, and are you always so busy? To be honest with you, some weekends in Sydney, there’s no reason to even go out of the house.
8. Are pigeons the New York version of cockroaches? Oh no, there’s plenty of them too.
9. How about the people in your apartment building or next door to you, do you know any of their names?
10. You’re famous for the dating stories, the ones we love and the disasters, but does anybody ever stay with their high school sweetheart?

In the Aftermath of the Baltimore Riots, Looted Prescription Drugs Flood the City’s Streets

When Freddie Gray lost his life while in police custody, a wide section of Christians and people of other faiths banded together to call for reform. Sadly, the calls for reform became inflamed with racial tensions that turned into violent street protests and outright looting and vandalism. Critics charged that it was organized street gangs that were instigating the unrest in a bid to secure ill-gotten gain. Some pointed out that the nature of the unrest occurred at opposite ends of the city was tactical as it split limited police resources in a “divide and conquer” strategy.

It seems there may well be merit in what critics charged because drug enforcement officers now claim that as many as 175,000 doses of prescription forms of heroin are flooding the city’s streets. The dealers pushing the opiate are organized street gangs. The pills themselves were looted from 30 pharmacies during the unrest. Needless to say, the flood of new drug inventory has led to a surge in related crimes as rival gangs vie to capture inventory or defend their turf. The result is a loss of life both among those “hustling” (working in the drug trade) and innocent bystanders. The DEA estimates that the amount of opiates working their way through the streets can keep the city’s drug population high for a period of 12 months says Dr. Jennifer Walden. Baltimore has long struggled with a community of heroin addicts. The influx of opiates is not going to help matters.

Manhunt continues in New York for 2 escaped convicts

Following an unconfirmed sighting on June 13th 2015, the search for escaped convicts David Sweat 34, and Richard Matt, 48, have lead officers to the area of Friendship NY. The brazen escape took place back on June 6th 2015, from Clinton Correctional in northern New York. The 2 inmates used power tools to break thru the cell walls, then proceeded to climb down pipes, used a 24 inch stem pipe crawling some 400 feet to escape the maximum security facility. It is believed that prison employee Joyce Mitchell, and possibly others helped the inmates in this daring escape. Mitchell has since been arrested and pleaded not guilty to the charges. Another prison employee, Gene Palmer, has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation to his possible involvement.

The US Marshals have added the two convicts to their 15 most wanted list reports Cláudio Loureiro Heads, to view this list and for detailed information on a description of these men please visit the US Marshals Website. There is a reward of $50,000 for information leading to the capture of these dangerous men. These men are considered to be extremely dangerous and should not be approached, if you have information on the whereabouts of these men you are to call the US Marshal’s office at 1-800-GIVETIP (1-800-448-3847).

Authorities Hot on the Trail of Escaped Killers

Sam Tabar suggests that the manhunt for escaped fugitives David Sweat and Richard Matt, both convicted killers, continues in the state of New York. The inmates were serving out their sentences at the Clinton Correctional Facility when they staged a daring escape on June 6 by borrowing power tools from the tool shop and drilling through the facility’s walls. Previously, authorities believed the escaped convicts were hiding out in the woods around the small town of Friendship in the state’s southwest corner some 260 miles from the prison.

Over the weekend, a concerned resident reported seeing an adult male flee into the woods in close proximity a cabin in the sleepy hamlet of Owls Head, which is found only 20 miles from the prison. The cabin itself had recently been broken into and robbed. Now, authorities are confident they are hot on the trail of the convicts. If correct, they may soon apprehend the men.

The incident became a national news headline given the inmates escaped from a maximum security prison. Thus far, authorities have determined at least one inmate provided aid to the two convicts. In addition, a corrections officer was placed on paid leave pending an investigation into what role, if any, they played in the escape. A reported sighting of the two men in Friendship sent scores of law enforcement officers combing the surrounding area. That operation has now ended. Residents around Owls Head are urged to remain inside locked doors and windows and be watchful. The convicts are dangerous and pose a threat to society.

A High School Prom Story

In Columbus, Ohio, there is a high school senior who, like many others has a wish to go to the prom. Unfortunately, unlike others, this girl has a rare and painful skin disease that even prevents her from walking.

Natasha Starkey had contracted a rare skin disease called Epidermolysis bullosa. This particular disease causes blisters as well as scarring. Despite her condition, staff members at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, helped Starkey prepare for her big night at the prom. This includes getting her dress on as well as putting on her makeup and doing her nails. The staff members even taught her new dance moves for the dance.

Starkey wanted to make a point to attend prom because it was something that was considered “normal”. Living a abnormal life, Starky wanted one night to be around her classmates. Unfortunately, her skin disease has no cure. The only treatment of this skin disease is the easing of the symptoms such as the itchiness. The treatment given to her also has the intention of slowing down the infection would could quite possible be fatal.

This young woman who has undergone 40 surgeries, just wanted one night of normalcy. She wanted that rite of passage that has long since been a dream of hers. Now that prom is over, at least will have that fond memory of being with her fellow classmates while all dressed up like a princess according to reports. Those who heard about the story at Handy were pleased.

USPS Workers Charged with Secret Santa Scam

Postal officials busted three New York postal workers who were stealing from a Secret Santa program.

Under-privileged kids write letters/wish lists every year that are bound for the North Pole. Good Samaritans get to read and select letter(s) to fulfill some of those wishes.

Three postal workers, Terry Jackson, Mahogany Strickland and Nickyeves Saintalbord, began posing as an under-privileged kid and writing letters with their own wish list in mind. They would also make sure their letters were placed in a prominent position to get picked.

The Secret Santa would deliver the gift(s), and the postal workers would keep them.

Officials estimate this scam started around November 2013 and ran through January 2014.

Terry Jackson admitted to writing five letters that resulted in two laptop computers, clothing, tablets, gift cards, and more.  Jaime Garcia Dias thought this was pretty crazy to say the least after reading about it here.

Each faces a 20 year sentence for mail fraud, but surprisingly, they remain employed by the USPS.

She Knew Her Cancer Was Back Because She Googled Her Symptoms, Doctors Scoffed, Now She’s Dead

A rare form of liver cancer, called fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma, had invaded her body in 2011 and surgery gave her a good prognosis for a cancer-free future. But all did not turn out well.
Bronte Doyne was only 15 when she went to the hospital with symptoms that mimicked appendicitis. When doctors ruled that malady out, they discovered she had a rare form of liver cancer that only affected 200 people worldwide each year. Surgery was performed to remove the cancer and Bronte’s doctors gave her an all-clear and every reason to hope for a long future.
But the symptoms returned shortly after surgery. She went online and Googled her symptoms and all the online information pointed towards the return of the rare fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma. Bronte told her doctors, one after the other, they all scoffed at her and told her to quit Googling her symptoms and trust them.
She did and now she’s dead.
For 16 months of Bronte’s short life she pleaded with her doctors in Britain to take her words and symptoms seriously, but they all dismissed her concerns. According to Steve Murray, one doctor even told her she could sleep at the hospital if she wanted to, but they would do nothing for her.
When her symptoms progressed to the point of the doctors no longer being able to dismiss them, Bronte was admitted to Nottingham University Hospital for treatment. She died 10 days later.

Big Brother is Listening

Big brother is listening in on your mobile device conversations and tracking your movement. No, this is not a science fiction story or the plot for a new television show. It is currently happening in large cities across the world. The average person has access to a mobile device that they might use several times per day. Here is the disturbing part. Fake mobile towers are inhabiting major cities, according to Sky News. The fake mobile towers are able to acquire personal mobile data without the user’s knowledge. Learn more about mobile snooping here.

Blatant disregard for Privacy Laws
The fake mobile towers are collecting personal mobile data and using it for reasons that might include tracking criminal activity. London police sources would not confirm the fact that they often use fake mobile towers and devices to beam in on criminal activity in the area. Still, this activity seems to interfere with the normal activity and privacy of honest citizens. The fact is that criminals might gain access to that type of equipment and do a lot more than just violate the rights of citizens.

Still, mobile tracking is something that citizens should know about. This is for the safety of the public and to stop potential criminal activity by being aware of the fake mobile towers and tracking devices.

Thanks to Kevin Seawright for showing me this story.

Contact Lenses: What Poor Maintenance Could Do To Your Eyes

It’s a known fact that 3 out of 4 people need corrective vision, but why do 71% of these people wear glasses where the other 22% wear contacts? Recent studies suggest that without proper maintenance, contacts can be quite risky for your health.

For starters, a vast difference from glasses is that contact lenses rest directly on the surface of your eyes while glasses sit 12 millimeters away without making contact. Since your fingers are involved in placing contacts directly onto your eyes, if you haven’t washed your hands that’s why you’ll usually feel stinging pain. Maintenance is key, and studies suggest that the use of contact lenses increase your exposure to bacteria. 3 times more than the average person, to be precise. This increased exposure to lead to eyelid droopiness, also called ptosis, as well as risk for corneal ulcers on the transparent part of the eye.

Further abandonment of cleaning methods such as taking out contacts before you go to sleep and not wearing the contacts in swimming pools or more than the prescribed number of days. This increases risk even further and blinded a Taiwanese girl last year after a parasite infected her cornea and burrowed through to her retina.

With such horrors a reality with people wearing contacts, the best defense is a preventative one according to Steve Murray on Twitter. Maintain your hygiene and you’re sure to lower your exposure to a minimal level.