James Dondero Makes A Career Out Of Alternative Investments

James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management as a house of alternative investments that he believes will make all his clients more money. He knows that there are many people who will benefit from the work that he has done. He wishes to ensure that all the clients he keeps at Highland Capital will have better returns, and he is willing to use many alternative investments to make that happen. This article explains how James has been at the forefront of investments while using differing methods.


#1: International Bonds


James has invested quite a lot in international bonds, and he believes that every bond he buys has a high rate of success. He has invested in Argentina more than once, and he has spread his capital around many parts of the world where it is needed. His company keeps much of their money overseas as there are too many good opportunities to pass up.


#2: The Company Is Massive


HCM is so large that it has started its own bank, and it has expanded more than once. The company is searching for ways to ensure that it may expand responsibly, and they have built their empire on a foundation of basic investment goals. They wish to find the highest return, but they will to use the most-traditional means to do so. There are quite a few investors who come to HCM because the wish to see their money multiplied, and they trust the company to do so.


#3: James Gives Back


James has given back to the city of Dallas many times over, and he gives to charities that benefit the city in the most-basic of ways. He has partnered with those who work in the charity field, and he wishes to give his money where it will have the greatest impact on people.


James Dondero has established himself as one f the finest investors in the world, and his Highland Capital Management firm has built a billion-dollar business on the strength of his alternative ideas. Each new step he takes will ensure that his clients are making more money every quarter.



Greg Finch: Choosing An Orthopedic Surgery Specialist

Gregory Finch is a reputable and experienced Australian based orthopedic surgery specialist. Gregory treat spinal defects and related issues. Greg Finch attended the University of Auckland and completed his medical studies in 1991.

Dr. Finch has worked as as an orthopedic surgeon in several spine facilities, including Sunshine Coast Hospital.

Orthopedic specialties include spinal surgery, joint replacement, foot-and-ankle problems, hand injuries, and sports medicine. Orthopedic doctors commonly treat individuals with joint problems, such as soft tissue injuries, arthritic conditions and broken bones, and other ailments that involve the spine or knees.

A variety of treatments are used by orthopedic doctors to improve or restore proper functioning of the muscoskeletal system. These professionals usually use customized treatments to address the patient’s specific condition. Treatments may involve the use of prescription medications, orthotics, immobilization or surgery.

Orthopedic surgeons use surgical procedures to repair soft tissue or broken bones. Total joint replacement can be performed on some patients with severe arthritis and who are seeking pain relief and improvement in range of motion.

Some patients may require total shoulder replacement, and this is usually performed to provide relief to patients, reduce the pain they may be dealing with they use the shoulder.

Spine Surgery is another type of orthopedic surgery to relieve pain. Patients may seek surgical treatment to help diminish the back pain that they are feeling. Back pain can be excruciating and impair day-to-day life of the individual.

In many situations, physical therapy is prescribed to help the individual recover from injury or surgery and improve or restore muscular strength, balance and endurance.

Gregory Finch provides top rated services and surgical treatment for problems affecting the spine. He has provided services for years and is knowledgeable about various issues that affect the muscoskeletal system.


The Unique Approach Of Anthony Toma And Nine9

Anthony Toma is the founder and CEO of Nine9. The company specializes in talent services and has revolutionized how models and actors are represented. Mr. Toma is quite successful as both an entrepreneur and a businessman. He works with the leaders in the entertainment industry and gives individuals the opportunities required for success.

Mr. Toma began Nine9 Talent Agency  while he was in the grocery business. He wanted to find franchise opportunities within the food industry. He found a franchise related to modeling and acting in Florida instead. He purchased the franchise and although he learned the business it did go under. This was when he used the idea to create his own company he called Coral Reef Productions. In 2003 the company was renamed Nine9. Click Here for Nine9 reviews.

Mr. Toma spends his average day getting his children ready for school than listening to motivational audio books while on the way to work. He answers emails, handles his social media and often has meetings with the corporate brass for his company. He gives them all the resources and tools necessary for them to deliver the best possible product in his industry.

Nine9 has a mission to provide the 99 percent of actors and models who do not have an agency to represent them the opportunity to be a part of the entertainment industry. They provide the support, tools, and opportunities needed to help them advance in their chosen careers. Nine9 at LinkedIn.

For the last twelve years, Nine9 has been a leader in casting throughout the nation. They used modern technology, an amazing staff and ten years of experience in their advice, relationships, and bookings. They take pride in treating individuals with kindness and respect. They strive to find opportunities and castings for their talent and have a large database of contacts within the industry. They provide opportunities in music videos, television, promotional castings, film, runway and print.

https://www.ziprecruiter.com/jobs/nine9-d96f2301 for more.


José Henrique Borghi: How To Advertise Your Business

José Henrique Borghi is a prominent advertising professional, and co-founder of Brazilian popular ad agency Mullen Lowe.

Effective advertising program can be beneficial to your company because it can help you build a brand and enhance your reputation in the market. It can also help you attract a large audience and get repeat business. Increase sales and profits by utilizing the services of a reputable and experienced ad agency.

The ultimate goal of any company or business person is to generate a steady stream of sales and make more profits. No matter the type of products or services you offer, if you do not have a proven advertising system in place, you’ll have a tough time achieving success. José Henrique Borghi, a reputable advertising professional in Brazil , can help you.

Once your advertising plan is in place and your message is ready to go out to your target audience, your advertising and marketing consultant or accounts manager will keep track of the performance of your campaign .

At Mullen Lowe, José Henrique Borghi and his team stay in touch with clients to let them know how their campaign is doing. They will let you know what advertising or marketing strategies are working properly, and which ones are not working as expected. With this information, they will work closely with you to fine-tune their strategies and tactics so you can obtain the outcome you desire.

Advertising can sometimes be expensive, depending on what you are offering and the advertising vehicle you’re using, but if you run a successful advertising campaign it will boost revenues. With expert guidance provided by José Henrique Borghi and his qualified team of advertising specialists, you can rest assured that your ad campaign will yield higher profits for your business.

Overweight And Underweight Regulation With Beneful Healthy Weight Formulas

A trait of healthy dogs is a love for food. This includes every breed and size of canine. Whether it signals a reward for great behavior, or triggers a positive energy response, meal time for dogs is a highlight of their lives.Without of sense of self-consciousness however, no dog truly understands the health implications of being overweight, or underweight. The instinct is purely to eat. Some dogs must be coaxed to eat on regular schedules, other dogs try to eat anything they see and smell. They always need the oversight of caring owners to provide food that is just right for their particular body compositions and appetites.

Wonderfully formulated dog food like Beneful Healthy Weight is ideal food for dogs that experience a non-typical weight regulation cycle. Basic instincts for eating naturally coincide with a healthy dog’s system to balance body weight with energy needs. Growing, senior, other-abled, and rescue dogs develop conditions that can disrupt normal weight gain and loss. Voracious youth appetites, chronic upset stomachs, inactivity, and past biological traumas require food monitoring.

Beneful Healthy Weight varieties are made from pure protein sources, yet are infused with other ingredients that regulate a dog’s appetite and digestion. Real chicken is a mostly universal pure protein that the vast majority of dogs find tasty and delightful. Additions like carrots, green beans, and apples provide extra sensory triggers, medicinal chlorophyll, and gentle fibers.Overweight dogs will feel more satiated quicker with quality ingredients, and underweight dogs will be persuaded to eat more regularly. In short, Beneful Healthy Weight dry and wet formulas naturally work to help a dog rediscover the positive feeling of living within a correct weight range. This food is also an easy switch-over formula from other brands in emergency weight management cases.

Lime Crime Cosmetics Matte Velvetines

Lime Crime is a very popular cosmetic brand that offers a variety of unique and interesting beauty products. They were originally released back in 2008 and since then have been one of the most popular companies on the market. One of their most popular products to date is there matte velvetine lipstick collection.


The matte velvetine lipstick collection is a unique liquid lipstick that goes on glossy yet dries to a soft velvet finish. They are available in a wide range of fun shades. Some of the top shades include Riot which is a red brown shade as well as Red Velvet which is a true red shade.


The matte velvetine lipsticks are also available in many other fun and unique colors. Moonstone is a gorgeous warm gray shade while Cement is a gorgeous cool grey shade. Black Velvet is a gorgeous true black shade while Pink Velvet is a beautiful true pink color. Matte velvetine liquid lipsticks are also available in other fun colors such as periwinkle, green and even orange.


Lime Crime liquid lipstick is touch proof as well as kiss proof meaning it will never bleed or fade. They are waterproof and typically require a waterproof makeup remover to remove it. Each liquid lipstick is a deep bold pigment that offers a french vanilla infused scent.


Due to the amazing array of fun colors as well as the long lasting power the matte velvetine liquid lipsticks are one of the most popular products that Lime Crime has to offer. They also offer other fun products such as iridescent lipglosses as well as matte moisturizing lipsticks such as their unicorn lipstick collection. All of Lime Crimes products can be purchased through limecrime.com as well as amazon.com. They can also be purchased in a few select retail locations around the world including Urban Outfitters. Lime Crimes products are vegan friendly as well as cruelty free. Since the beginning they have been backed by Peta as well as Leaping Bunny who work to ensure the health and safety of animals.

How Avi Weisfogel’s Passion of Treating Sleep Disorders is helping Masses.

Avi Weisfogel is an entrepreneur and a dentist by profession who owns Dental sleep Masters, a professional firm that trains and consults on sleep matters. They have a program that incorporates the best education with an innovative business model that promises to transform sleep treatment for the better. The majority of the people who suffer from sleep apnea remain undiagnosed, yet the condition is linked to serious diseases like stroke and diabetes. Failure of previously developed mechanical treatments for sleep apnea has created the urgency for Dental Sleep Masters to come up with new models that will treat it effectively. Avi Weisfogel has combined efforts with other medical professionals so as to create models that will work for them and also improve the lives of the sleep patients.

Albeit Dr. Weisfogel is a trained dentist, he had always had this particular interest in treating sleep patients. He had already begun treating them in his dental practice, Old Bridge Dental Care, before he had founded Dental Sleep Masters. It is during this tenure of dental practice that he earned several awards for his exceptional work for the community including Best Dentist for some years. Dr. Weisfogel then decided to conduct his research on how sleep patients can be helped by exploring new treatment methods. Armed with the new knowledge he founded Healthy Heart Sleep, a company that consulted with other physicians on the management of sleep labs. He later established Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient where he gave lectures to fellow practitioners on how to improve sleep disorders treatment. Avi Weisfogel at facebook .

After consulting and teaching his system that helped many, Dr. Weisfogel entered a partnership that enabled him to found Dental Sleep Masters. This move has increased his audience to more dentists and physicians who are keen on perfecting their sleep treatment through the use of oral appliances. With more than 15 years of experience in dentistry, Dr. Weisfogel draws from experience and knowledge to help him assist sleep patients to get the right treatment. He holds a BA in Biology and Psychology and a Doctorate, Doctor of Dental Science from New York University School of Medicine.

https://www.crunchbase.com/person/avi-weisfogel#/entity for more.

A Review Of The Economic Consequences Of Brexit

The recent departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU) had immediate effects on different markets across the globe. In Europe, stocks fell by as much as 12 percent. Devaluation of the Sterling Pound saw the currency hits its lowest value since 1985. Although the issues of devaluation and inflation are temporary, Flavio Maluf believes that the Brexit will have lasting economic impacts.

Flavio posited that the major reason for Britons to vote in favor of the exit was that the country was spending over $11.3 billion annually on EU membership. Maluf believes that the country’s exist will have a significant impact on the economic trading bloc. The end to free transit of goods and people will make it harder for different countries to do business with the EU block. In addition, Britons will be required to have visas to visit the rest of Europe. This information was originally reported on Exame.com as explicated in this link http://exame.abril.com.br/negocios/dino/empresario-flavio-maluf-noticia-sobre-as-consequencias-economicas-da-saida-do-reino-unido-da-ue-dino890102932131/

Maluf says that the exit has both negative and positive effects on foreign trade. The country will now access foreign goods at higher costs due to increased tariffs. This means that the citizens of the country will have to pay more money to purchase different products. On the other hand, Britain is now at liberty to enter into private business deals with other countries that are not members of the EU bloc. To this end, many countries will establish long-term trading relationships with Britain. Maluf hopes that Brazil will seize this opportunity and make trading deals with the United Kingdom.

The departure of United Kingdom from the EU will enable Brazil to export different products to the nation at competitive prices. The previous bilateral agreements were difficult to implement, considering that the deals were based on strict EU standards. These standards did not favor Brazil.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf has been serving as the president of Eucatex Group for over a decade. The Brazilian-based Corporation has been providing world-class products to its consumers since 1987. Flavio is a proud alumnus of the renowned Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) based in Sao Paulo. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Later, he flew to the United States. Here, he joined the New York University where he pursued a Business Administration degree.

When he joined Eucatex Group, he was posted to the trading department. Over the years, he has been able to enhance Eucatex’s products and services besides expanding its operations to different regions. For many decades, this corporation has been designing and making different products using eucalyptus. The company has been planting trees with the objective of conserving the environment. Flavio is a strong supporter of community activities. 


Top EOS Lip Balms for your Everyday Needs

A dash of tint will give you that perfect lip that you have been looking for! Lip balm, such as EOS lip balm, is a wax-like substance that is used to help soothe lips that are dry and chapped. Lip balm offers your lips protection and can even give a bit of color without that annoying, sticky feeling that lip gloss leaves you with! The egg-shaped balm has an easy grip and it has a globe-like surface that is able to cover both your top and bottom lip in just one easy swipe. EOS includes shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil to help keep your lips hydrated and smooth.

EOS comes in many different varieties – all organic, spheres, sticks, colored, and many more! Sweet Mint is one of the most popular and will always be one of the fan favorites. This minty goodness gives your lips a little bit of a tingly sensation and smells and feels amazing the the cold winter months!   Useful reference here.

If you are looking for more of a summer flavor, Strawberry Sorbet has you covered! Making you feel as though you just stuck your lips in a strawberry field, this sweet and tasty flavor is one that is sure to make your summer better! After a long day in the sun at the beach, your lips are sure to feel dry and cracked. Strawberry Sorbet will help re-hydrate your lips while giving you the sweet scent of summer! Head over to Walmart.ca for this.

When looking for the perfect year round flavor, Vanilla Bean has you covered! Giving you the warmth you so desire in the winter while also giving you the sweet smell in the summer, this flavor will be a favorite year round!

Whatever flavor you decide to go with, your lips will be thanking you! Follow them at their facebook.com page.Giving them that hydration that they so desperately want, you will feel like a brand new person!

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Diversification Of Investment Portfolio Is Essential For Wealth Creation

Many top business and investment analysts are of the opinion that hedge funds are becoming an expensive investment option, and S&P 500 passive index fund has the potential to provide better profits. Warren Buffet recently wagered $1 million on the same, saying that he can get better returns from the passive index funds than from expensive hedge funds out there. However, technically, both the funds as well as the index funds have provided significant returns to the customers in the long-term. It is hard to figure out good, better and best, as it all depends on the market trends and situation. It is why; business analysts always suggest that people should do a careful analysis of the investment option they are considering before making an investment.

Investment analysts say that Americans should start taking retirement planning seriously and focus on savings. Any and all investor must focus on gaining from the sluggish market and must take it as a challenge. Carefully analyzing various investment factors can help in reaping the benefits from even the most bearish market.

Read more: Timothy Armour, Capital Group CEO, Says Post Trumo Change in Markets ‘Is Real’

Tim Armour, one of the most successful and reputed financial and investment analyst, and the CEO and Chairman of Capital Group, says that people should diversify their investments to achieve their wealth creation goals. Tim Armour did his studies in Economics from the Middlebury College and joined Capital Group in an associate program.

Tim Armour never looked back after joining Capital Group and is with the company since 34 years. His opinions and analysis are considered benchmark in the industry. Under his leadership, Capital Group has expanded globally at a rapid pace and manages $1.4 Trillion in assets globally.

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