Brazil: A History of Brazilian Law

The people of Brazil are warm, friendly, and surprisingly litigious. With an abundance of law schools and the increased understanding of their 1988 Federal Constitution, Brazilians are taking advantage of their ability to seek resolution in their personal and professional lives. There are nearly 800,000 lawyers and over 1,200 law schools currently in Brazil, existing in all 26 states. The number of Brazilian lawyers per capita falls behind India, ranked first, and the United States second.
After 5 years of university coursework, a potential lawyer must pass the Bar exam then register with the Order of Attorneys of Brazil, established in 1930. Brazilian lawyers are able to live a comfortable life with a median annual salary of $9,700 USD, considering that the cost of living is nearly 48% lower than that of Los Angeles, California. With more than 181,000 laws, 12 judicial court systems, hundreds of judges and thousands of cases in progress, it is not difficult for a law firm to stay busy.
One of the largest firms in Brazil is Leite, Tosto e Barros Avogados Associados. Headquartered in Sao Paolo, with offices in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, the law firm of Leite, Tosto e Barros Avogados Associados consists of 27 partners, 167 lawyers and was established in 1991. Their specialties are diverse and include dispute resolution, banking, bankruptcy, international and criminal law.
One of the founding partners, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Mr. Tosto began his career in a small law office, and as his experience, knowledge and clientele increased, he, along with his partners, opened their own firm and was key to developing it into the prestigious law firm it is today. He is a high-profile, nationally known attorney and a sought after to give lectures. Mr. Tosto is a frequent author featured in newspapers and magazines. He co-authored the book O Processo de Tiradentes, or The Process of Tooth Puller, about a leader in the Brazilian revolutionary movement in the mid 1700’s. Mr. Tosto is a leader in his firm and has guided many of the firm’s interns and new lawyers towards a similar path of success.


Ricardo Guimares is the president of Banco BMG.It is one of Brazil’s most well-known Banks, and he has led it through one of the most incredible growth periods in its 80-year history. He joined BMG in 1980.He was promoted to the position of a Chief financial officer in 1989 and in 1996 became its vice president. He has from 2004 served as the boss of Banco BMG.
When Ricardo Guimares took over, the country was at taking off stage. The economy was growing very well, and the inflation rate was low. The country was ripe for consigned credit services. Banco BMG under his leadership was ripe for the revolution. It pioneered the use of Consigned credit in the large South American country targeting mostly average Brazilians. They wanted to sell cheap fast loans that could be repaid fast.
Initially, they had only 20% of the $ 6 billion market. Today they have 80 % of a $ 114 billion market. The company has under his leadership grown from $ 300 million in equity to $ 1.5 billion. It has today a client base of 5 million and growing very fast. It has managed to build one of the largest distribution networks in Brazil. It has 3000 points of sale terminals and 50000 agents across every municipality .Mr. Ricardo during an interview revealed that only 50 % of the market has been penetrated. The rest of the market is up for grabs by 62 banks fighting with BMG.
Banco BMG apart from the extensive distribution network has also been on an acquisition paths. It took over competitor banks, Banco GE and Banco Schain in 2010 and 2011 respectively. It also can develop and scale technologies in record time given its presence in virtually every village.
As a marketing and social responsibility strategy, the bank is the leading sponsor of the sports team in Brazil. It sponsors over 100 teams from all divisions in Brazil. It also has sponsored a TV station which has seen over 60 000 budding footballers get TV airplay. It is involved in building hospitals and schools in the Favelas of big cities like RIO and Sao Paolo.
Ricardo Guimares has worked hard to see his team achieve what it has achieved. He advises firms that seek to enter the Brazilian market to hire the best understand the Brazilian people and work very hard.

Contracting A Personal Injury Attorney Like Dan Newlin

Why do I require an attorney?
After you or even your beloved sustain an injury due to someone else’s action, maybe it appears normal that the individual would be willing to compensate you due to the damage, or their insurance firm will act accordingly and award a just settlement. Unluckily, that rarely occurs. Many individuals won’t take accountability for their deeds, plus insurance firms gain from underpaying injury victims. Insurance corporations alongside their attorneys similarly understand the governing statutes clearly, and they understand that majority of the non-lawyers lack the idea of what lawful rights as well as remedies possess.

A knowledgeable personal damage advocate knows the way a lawsuit is established, how to hold negotiations for your case with the insurance firm, and, if needed, how to present your lawsuit for litigation. Whilst it is probable to discuss your assertion with an assurance company yourself, these companies will characteristically do everything possible to profit from your case by ensuring the settlement is as minimal as possible, whilst trying to elicit claims from you which will destroy your status in case you finally resolve to sue.

An attorney is well suited to assist you acquire a favorable payment that, still with the lawyers fee deducted, considerably surpasses what you are able to get by yourself.

What are the costs of a personal injury lawyer?
Personal injury attorneys almost continuously accept lawsuits that have a contingent charge (or “contingency fee”) basis, implying that if the client wins the lawyer gets a portion of the settlement as their charge. In case they lose, they don’t receive a lawyer’s fee. (Please understand that lawyer fees differ with expenses, and you might be liable for particular expenses related to your lawsuit, like filing charge for your case, even if it’s lost. Whilst this is hardly an issue, as majority of civil cases settles without a trial, you might want to elucidate the issue of fees with your attorney.)

The sum of the contingency fee your attorney will charge is going to differ somehow from one state to another. In majority of states, the lawyer fee will fall within 1/3 and 40 percent of a personal damage settlement. Attorney costs for staff’s payment cases are controlled more tightly, and are normally lower compared to regular personal damage matters. If your lawsuit is potentially worth lots of cash, you can discuss a discount of the lawyer’s contingency fee-nevertheless; the greatest personal injury attorneys are normally not enthusiastic to discuss their fee. They understand that they’re frequently able to save substantially more resources for the clients than lawyers with lesser knowledge, leading to a better settlement for you despite of the portion deducted by the lawyer.

To get a professional and experienced personal injury advocate in Florida, go for Dan Newlin and his group of lawyers. Newlin offers the best legal services mostly related to personal injury cases.

Ricardo Guimarães Serves Brazil With Development Dollars

Development money is needed across Brazil as the country attempts a growth boom that will precede the Olympics. The Olympics are bringing billions of dollars to Brazil, but the development dollars must come from a reliable source. Ricardo Guimarães is a vice president at BMG Bank who helps approve loans that develop Brazil, and his financial choices have brought about brand new communities where once there was extreme blight. These communities have been taken over by crime and joblessness, but BMG Bank is paying for developments that will bring Brazil out of its economic slump.

#1: How Does Ricardo Help The Process?

Ricardo Guimarães occupies at office at BMG Bank that gives him access to financial products for businesses across Brazil. Brazilian companies that are in need of funding for new building projects may go to Ricardo for assistance, and the loans he approves will help work begin on-time. The work completed across Brazil is building up a new economy that will serve the middle class well, and the country has a much better chance of exceeding expectations if these projects are completed in a timely manner.

#2: How Large Are These Loans?

The loans offered by BMG Bank help companies in Brazil get their whole projects funded at one time. The projects that are completed range from very small projects to projects in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Large projects will create more income for the Brazilian economy, and the bank will use its extra funding to create new jobs. Brazil depends on the financial sector for jobs to this very day, but the loans offered by BMG Bank will help create more new jobs that the middle class needs to survive.

#3: The Timeline

Brazil is in the middle of a time crunch before the Olympics begin. Many projects must be completed before the Olympics can begin, and many more projects must be completed before the country can progress into a new economy. People who get new jobs need better places to live, and new businesses must expand to reach more Brazilians every day.

The help that Ricardo Guimarães and BMG Bank provides to the Brazilian economy will help produce new jobs and businesses. There is quite a bit of cash flowing into Brazil, and the cash that makes its way to the country is paying for more than the Olympic Games. These games are paying for a new Brazil.

How Innovative Is Darius Fisher?

Darius Fisher was named one of PR Week’s innovators for 2015, and he is truly an innovator in the industry. Darius runs Status Labs as if he were still an employee who must work 9-5 every day, and his approach to his own company is a new way of doing business in the 21st Century. This article briefly recaps how Darius runs his business as an innovator in public relations.

#1: The Status Labs Difference

Status Labs is quite different in the way that it approaches customer service. Customers could be served by Darius himself, and he works in tandem with his staff to provide the best customer service to each client. Clients who are in need of help with their online reputations come to Darius for help, and there are times when he handles accounts all on his own. It is rare to see the CEO of a company serving clients as if he/she still worked in the office at-large.

#2: Status Labs Provides Complete Customer Service

Status Labs offers complete customer service to each customer who walks through the door, and the company turns that customer service to people who have had poor experiences with Status Labs clients. Customer service will help change the opinions of people who were once very unhappy with a company, and customer service will prevent people from being put off by a client forever. Status Labs goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone is happy with their experience.

#3: Darius Fisher Remains Open To New Ideas

Status Labs is open to offering customer service that is completely new to certain customers. Someone who comes to the Status Labs office with a PR problem will receive customer service for their own company and dissatisfied customers. A client who comes to the office in need of help with their personal image can reclaim their image with the help of the Status Labs staff. A company of this kind is not common in the business world. There may be a multi-million dollar outfit working with one member of the staff, and there may be a private citizen working with another member of the staff at the same time.

Status Labs is a progressive company that allows people to change their public images in a snap. Companies are given impeccable customer service, and private individuals are given a chance to protect their good names from scrutiny.


Michael Jackson was born was an American singer born in 1958. He was also a songwriter and a publisher. Michael was the king of pop. His contribution to pop music and dance is renowned worldwide. He lived a flashy life had a high publicized personal life. Michael lifestyle made him a popular star that was famous for over four decades. Michael was from a family of musicians. Being the youngest in the family, his elder brothers were also musicians. Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon were all members of the Jackson 5. Michael died in 2005 in what was said to intoxication in June that year.
Michael’s death outpoured the worldwide grief of his fans. His memorial service was broadcasted worldwide. His death was a blow to all lovers of pop and Michael fans. Though Michael died, his memories didn’t. Individual started making a professional career out of his music and lifestyle. Several people had surgery and make-ups look like Michael Jackson the imposters have carried his memories around the world and thought his fans. Imposters have imitated his flashy lifestyles, choreography, dancing and music.
Several imposters have tried to imitate Michael Jackson. Among them, Mr. Sergio is the outstanding. Mr. Sergio was born in 1971 in Barcelona Spain. He was a fan of Michael Jackson from his childhood. His mother took him to the Jackson 5 show where he met Michael when he was a child. Cortes ever since grew fond of Michael and started imitating the life of the famous star. His childhood friend’s nicknamed him Jackson.
Sergio is a very inspiring man. His close friends say he likes inspiring others in what he does in his life. He has grown a huge fan base in Latin America and worldwide. Those who know Sergio or have seen his performance videos ascertain he is an accurate reflection of Michael. If Michael lived today, he would be very proud of Mr. Sergio Cortes. He is His greatest imposter.
The remarkable tribute to Michael Jackson brought Sergio to the limelight. His dancing styles, skin color tone and meets and greets were clearly those of Michel Jackson. He is a client of the Destiny project company. The company is the arts industry and specializes in artistic development. Mr. Sergio is good at what he does. His talent and fans are growing day by day all over the globe. It no doubt that Michael lives on, he just changed to Mr. Sergio Cortes, and his fans continue to enjoy his music.

The Professional Practice of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a cosmetic surgeon who has been recognized as one of the top plastic surgeons in the country. In fact, she has been mentioned in a wide variety of magazines including Harper’s Bazaar. She is a top surgeon in the country and is based in Austin, Texas. Many people from all over the country see Dr. Jennifer Walden because of her expertise and experience with plastic surgery. She has helped to transform people’s lives from the very simplest of procedures to the more complex.

Texas has recently named Dr. Jennifer Walden a super doctor because of her extensive knowledge and education in this particular industry. Many celebrities go to Dr. Jennifer Walden because of her skills, making her a top surgeon for people looking to change around the world. Dr. Jennifer Walden has also been featured and mentioned by Fox News, VH1, E! and even Dr. 90210. Because of this recognition, she is highly sought after by people who are looking for one of the best surgeons to perform their procedures.

Going for plastic surgery is a very personal choice for the individual involved. You may want something as simple as an eyebrow lift to make your face look younger or you may be looking for a total body sculpt to chisel off the years. It is vital that when you get the surgery done, you are seeking help from a licensed and highly professional surgeon. One of the best in the country would be Dr. Jennifer Walden because of the fact that she has done countless hours of surgeries for her patients for many years. The fact that Dr. Jennifer Walden has been featured in a variety of magazines and television shows just goes to show that she is a great professional to seek for these procedures.

Once you begin to make the decision that plastic surgery is right for you, it is important to get the procedure done by Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Jennifer Walden juggles a busy practice with family life for a truly enriching career and lifestyle. Her patients come to her from all walks of life and from all areas of the country. Dr. Jennifer Walden has also seen a variety of celebrities who have had fantastic experience with the procedure being done on them. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a great surgeon to trust when getting these procedures done, but you will need to contact her office in order to make a consultation appointment. Many health insurance companies do not cover the costs of plastic surgery, so this is something that you might want to consider for yourself if you are thinking of doing something that is going to change your life and self-esteem.

A Literary Genius: Jaime Garcia Dias

What are most people doing at the age of fifteen? Are they out solving the world’s problems? Are they developing nuclear engines, or facilitating new means of economic stability? Usually not unless they are of that “Alexander the Great” caliber history tends to remember. No, at the age of fifteen, most young individuals are discovering what it means to be physically mature, experimenting with a variety of illicit substances, and getting into varying degrees of trouble. They are like cats that aren’t quite full-grown, and aren’t quite kittens. Full of energy and in peak physical condition, most teenagers just don’t have the time available for thought in any capacity. But that’s not Jaime Garcia Dias.

While his friends were out making foolish decisions and wasting years of their lives, Jaime Garcia Dias was working on his first novel and producing his first Vimeo tutorial. Now, he wouldn’t be any unique kind of person for doing that. Thousands of authors start writing in their teens. No, what makes Jaime Garcia Dias unique is that within ten years of that writing and tweeting, he was teaching literature to kids out of high school looking to work professionally. Currently, Dias is forty-five years old and has some twenty different fictional novels under his belt. He is now president of the literary institution he began teaching at, and he continues to write, educate, and inspire on a daily basis.

Born in seventies Rio de Janeiro to educated parents, it’s both remarkable and unremarkable that Dias became successful. It is remarkable in that any success is remarkable; especially that which comes from Rio de Janeiro, one of the most diverse and downright tough cities on the planet. It’s unremarkable because Dias came from parents who were themselves very well educated. Dias father was already a prominent writer, and his mother was an architect who was well-regarded in the Rio community. And, while Dias has ascribed most of his interest in literature to his father, it doesn’t make sense to discount his mother’s influence. There is an architecture to a novel in the same way there is architecture to anything else.

Brazil has some literary masterpieces the rest of the world has yet to discover; but as time goes by, the influence of this country is steadily increasing. More and more people are recognizing the exceptional value its diversity brings artistically. There is a purity there many countries who are revered as more prominent simply cannot approach. When life is more raw, its portrayal has a greater brute honesty to it which communicates well. Dias is a fine purveyor of this kind of literature, and at the peak of his career, will likely produce a variety of works even greater than he already has.

About US Money Reserve


The US Money Reserve often times helps out clients when it comes to investing. The US Money Reserve knows who important it is to invest wisely, making sure that years from now you have some sort of safety net.

With this in mind, we recently sat down to talk with one of the reps from the US Money Reserve. He gave us some very important tips in securing a sound future, when it comes to financial investments.


This is one of the biggest mistakes clients make. They invest their money in just one company, hoping that it will turn a big profit. This is not a good idea. What happens if the investment goes south? This happened once to a friend of ours. He ended up losing in a big way.

The best option is for you to look into different portfolios. Grab the best from a few companies and invest. Invest in a wide range of things. Do not just do one thing. This way if something were to happen, you’ll still have the others to fall back on.


This is another mistake that many clients make. They invest a huge percentage of their bottom line. The trick is to invest small amounts over a long period of time. This way if something does go south, you will still have money in your portfolio.


This is the number one question every investor needs to ask himself. What are you looking to achieve? What are you looking to gain in the long run? Are you only looking for something to rake in some money in the short-term. If this is you, then there are some other options to consider for investing.

If you are not looking to take out any money till later on in life, then you might want to consider more of the longer range portfolio options.


This is the second question every person should be asking themselves. Not everyone is cut out for the investment wheel. Not everyone is going to make it. Emotions tend to run high for those who invest their money. Some people can hack it, others can not. Before you pick up the phone and make that call, be sure you can handle all of the potential risks involved.

Log onto the US Money Reserve site. They have tons of information about investing, including tips and stock options. When it comes to investing you money, these are the people you need to talk to.

Why Dan Newlin Is Your Best Personal Injury Attorney

Dan Newlin is a well-known attorney when all matters related to personal injury are concerned. Throughout his professional career, he has only been involved in matters related to maintaining law and order. At the tender age of only twenty, he began working for the Indiana Police and Fire Department in New Chicago. He would later get a position with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office where he rose through the ranks to become a Sheriff’s Detective. While on the job, he was assigned numerous police details ranging from auto theft to narcotics and was able to help apprehend hundreds of dangerous criminals at the time.

When he was working as a fugitive detective, he was awarded for his exemplary commitment to his job by the United States Marshalls Office. In 1997, he applied and got accepted into law school and graduated in 2000. Today, he has permits to provide legal services in both Chicago and Illnois and is well known for his fighting spirit in the courtroom. He is among the few personal injury attorneys who have always shown total commitment when matters related to ensuring that their clients get the most deserved compensation are concerned.

He has so far been able to win more than 150 million dollars for his injury and accident victims and has grown his office from just a desk and a secretary to one of the biggest and most respected in Florida and Illinois. The office has more than eighteen experienced attorneys in different specialties and not less than seventy-five employees in total. Together with his team, they practice auto accidents, medical negligence, construction accidents, auto accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death as well as people charged for crimes they did not commit.

His firm also opened a branch in Chicago as of August 2014 to serve the citizenry of the place as well. The best thing with Dan and his team is the fact that they do not charge any fees for consultation. Any money that the client is supposed to part with during the representation is in instances where official records might be needed, and they require money to be processed. He has always maintained a strong principle that all his clients should only pay for services after their cases have been won.

When matters involved with being technological and up to date are concerned, Dan and his team are not left behind. He recently entered into a deal with four major telecommunication companies so as to have his customized #Dan abbreviation accepted as a phone number. This is to enable easier access to his attorney services to a bigger number of the population. Different with other long phone numbers that one has to remember off-head, his abbreviation is simple and easy to remember.