Texting to Selfies While Driving

State governments have moved to prevent texting while driving. However, the bans on texting while driving have actually increased the number of auto accidents in the United States. This is because individuals move the phones further away from the steering wheel and line of sight in order to prevent police and others from the outside to see them texting. This takes a driver’s eyes off the road even further, causing more accidents. The epidemic has not stopped with just texting though. Selfies, the act of taking a picture of oneself, has started to explode onto the scene while driving, as now 17 percent of all drivers are taking selfies form behind the wheel. Those at Gravity4 avoid it as much as possible since it is such a hassle. Just in case the rest of the world forget what they look like while driving and posting on Facebook.

This is especially dangerous as it takes longer to take a photograph than to text as the photograph requires constant looking at the phone. In other mobile phone usage while driving, 61 percent say they text while driving and 31 percent say they email while driving. 28 percent say they check the Internet while behind the wheel and all of these are people within the 18 to 65 age range. Some laws banning all cell phone usage in vehicles have helped, such as those in California and New York, but the use of mobile devices while driving continues to increase throughout the majority of the United States

Anthropologie is Not Dressed For Success

Dresses and accessories were the downfall for Anthropology this past quarter, as their chief financial guru reports their selection did not include enough variety in pricing.

What does that mean? It means they were selling their stuff too high! The items were the usual adorable and desirable wares, but not to the tune of $315 for a silk frock. Causal customers, or customers who don’t have that kind of dough to spend on a frock, did not have the choices from Anthropology they normally have and were driven to spend what dough they do have elsewhere.

How will Anthropology correct this? What will they do with all of those cute dresses and bangles? Yes, this means it’s time for a sale. Anthropology is already advertising the sale on its Facebook page to move the inventory along from the rack to a body.

Lesson learned for them. We small, “casual” shoppers will not be ignored. That is something Mikal Watts is glad to hear. Now I have some shopping to do, like others on Business Wire.

Owner and Dog Reunited After 4 Years

It had been four years, and one move since Crystal Sullenger had seen her dog, Star. The dog, a pit bull, had vanished when she was just 11 months old from her fenced in yard.

According to Sullenger, she searched for the dog high and low. She placed flyers around her neighborhood for nearly 2 years before she gave up hope. Sullenger then moved from Portland to Pendleton, Oregon. Two more years passed, then suddenly, Sullenger received an e-mail from Mutnomah County Animal Services. .She received the e-mail because star had turned up, with her original collar still around her neck. It had been four years since the dog had disappeared.

Sam Tabar has learned that the e-mail stated that the dog had been seized in a drug raid. It appeared that she had been used for breeding purposes. A caravan of volunteers picked up star and took her across several counties into the waiting arms of Sullenger.
When Sullenger was reunited with Star the dog showed signs of neglect. She appeared to have a leg injury, and her nails had never been properly trimmed. Sullenger stated that Star is now on the mend. She is being pampered by her family, has been taken care of medical, and is now enjoying life with two k-9 siblings.

Khloe Kardashian Shops for Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner is a brave man, and he will soon be a brave female. On April 24th, 2015, Bruce Jenner came clean to the world, and he told everybody that he has felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body for his whole life according to Igor Cornelsen. Bruce Jenner shocked and surprised his entire family with the news, but many of the Kardashians were very accepting.

Bruce Jenner was always a great father to the Kardashian girls, and Khloe Kardashian seems to have the closest relationship with Bruce. Since the death of her real father, Khloe Kardashian has always sought out the approval and respect of Bruce Jenner. On an episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ Khloe Kardashian told Bruce Jenner that he is the only man that she can ever trust. However, Bruce Jenner revealed that Khloe Kardashian took the sex transformation news the hardest. But it seems that Khloe Kardashian and Bruce Jenner have patched things up.

Khloe Kardashian recently when shopping for Bruce Jenner, and she bought him a ton of new clothes. Khloe said that Bruce is the most important person in her life, and she will support him no matter what. However, Khloe Kardashian did say that she doesn’t know what type of clothes Bruce is going to like as a woman. So, Khloe Kardashian bought Bruce Jenner many different outfits, and it appears that the two have more in common now than ever. For more information on this story, visit E!

Elderly Man Begs 911 for Food

Elderly Clarence Blackmon weighed just 115 pounds when he returned from the hospital. He is battling cancer on top of his other health problems. When he got home he suffered in silence being hungry as long as he could. When the hunger pains became too much to bear, he did the only thing he knew out of desperation, he called 911. The 911 operator who answered the call was Marilyn Hinson. Instead of advising him to only call for emergency services as some 911 operators could have, she did an amazing thing. She kept him on the line long enough to ask what kind of food he liked, and also called local police according to my friends with Amen Clinic. She and other officers showed up at Clarence’s door step with a box full of food. Marilyn didn’t stop there though. She gave Clarence her phone number, and told him to call her if he needed anything else. Marilyn said that she knew what hunger felt like, and she wasn’t going to let this man starve. Her compassion is an example of how we all need to help others, even strangers.

LAPD Officer Indicted for Smuggling Mexican Across Border

Last week, an LA police officer and his girlfriend were caught attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexican border into San Diego with a smuggled passenger.

Carlos Curiel Quezada Jr., 34, an LAPD officer, and his girlfriend, Angelica Godinez, 31, drove across the Otay Mesa border, and provided their U.S. passports, all-the-while tucked away in his spare tire compartment was stowaway, Antanasio Perez Avalos, a Mexican citizen.

After having nothing to declare, apparently they roused the curiousity of US Border Customs Agent who didn’t believe Quezada and sent the vehicle to the inspection unit. Officers used a Z-Portal, a special x-ray device to examine the vehicle, and discovered an unusual object in the truck.

Officer Carlos Quezada and Angelica Godinez were arrested and charged with transporting an illegal alien across the U.S. border according to Marcio Alaor BMG.

A grand jury indicted them last week and Quezada is on $20,000 bail, as well as on leave from the LAPD, until the case is finalized.

No details have been released about Quezada’s relationship to Antanasio Perez Avalos.

The original charges were brought by the San Diego U.S. Attorney’s Office and were mysteriously dropped, leading many to scream conspiracy by the LAPD, but the case was dropped in order to make its way to a grand jury for indictment.

Georgia Church Believes Homosexuality Is Death Worthy

What happened to religion? The original message of peace, love and freedom has been distorted and reshaped into fragmented groups of self-serving hypocrites. The proof that religion doesn’t bring people together and treats them as equals is obvious these days. The discrimination that the gay and lesbian community is experiencing from religious groups defies the basic premise of Christ’s teachings. There is no love in bigotry and no peace in judgmental discrimination. The freedom to express the essence of being human has been buried in the narrow-minded teaching of fearful religious leaders. Fersen Lambranho finds this sort of divisiveness troubling.

A good example of that narrow-mindedness is a church in Milledgeville, Georgia. The pastor of the church believes homosexuals are an abomination, and they are death worthy. Pastor Robert Lee believes that the Bible says homosexuals should be put to death, and he stands by his interpretation of the Bible. Lee’s belief is not uncommon these days. Church pastors around the country are preaching the same message, and some people accept that ignorance as fact.

Pastor Lee and other church folks say marriage was created by God. Really? Marriage is a man-made institution. It is a ritual that is condoned by the states. Marriage has changed over the years, and it is still changing as humans change.

Russian Supply Spacecraft Out of Control

The astronauts aboard the International Space Station get a regular influx of supplies that are sent via rocket from the Earth. Everything from new space experiments to speciality food items are sent up on these supply ships, but one recent supply ship has gone awry. A Russian supply spaceship that was full of clothing for the astronauts, some spare parts for the space station and some pieces of hardware for future spacewalks has gone out of control of Russian engineers and is expected to fall back into the atmosphere according to Jason Halpern. Luckily, this rocket was unmanned, and it is expected to burn up once it enters the Earth’s atmosphere. Russian scientists have been unable to get a response from the rocket and are unsure about the nature of the problem that is causing the rocket to spin and to fall toward the Earth. The rocket is carrying more than 6,000 pounds of supplies.

New York Attracts a Curious and Cute Coyote

The cute coyote that was captivated by New York’s nightlife was taken into custody. The only crime that this coyote committed was that she could not resist the New York nightlife. This brown eyed beauty strolled through Battery Park City. This coyote was taken into police custody after she had her New York style adventure. Igor Cornelsen suggested that she seemed to enjoy stolling and running down and then up the Marina. She was also spotted frolicking in an adjacent park for quite some time. She did head to a café. This is how her adventure came to a halt when officials had to corner her and contain her. This curious and cute coyote is unharmed after her trip to the Big Apple. This adorable and stunning creature is now being well cared for after being taken to the ASPCA for observation.

Coyote Roaming NYC has been Captured

NYPD and Animal Control were tasked with a rather strange job this weekend in the city; they had to catch a coyote. Numerous sightings of a coyote taking in the sights in Manhattan’s upper west side flooded in all week, and on Saturday the police and Animal Control finally took the tourist into custody. The animal is being housed at the ASPCA and doing well. She was not harmed during her apprehension.

While Coyotes are regularly seen in upstate New York they have been spotted further and further south in recent years reports local NY researcher Sultan Alhokair. Yonkers, NY a city located just 15 miles north of midtown Manhattan have been dealing with sightings for the last three to five years. The sighting have been sporadic, and experts believe that further development in Upstate New York have pushed the creatures south into more residential territory.

While lower Westchester County has been experiencing sightings for years, this coyote is the first to head out of the suburbs and take on the big apple. This one may have been captured, but the ASPCA, NYPD and Animal control have warned city dwellers to be on the look out for more fury creatures. The coyote caused no damage or injuries during her visit to the city. There is no word on when or where the animal will be released. She is currently undergoing observation.